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11 Things No US President Can Ever Do (but You Can)

Photo by amadeustx from Shutterstock

Weirdly common things U.S. Presidents aren’t allowed to do at the White House! 

“The most powerful man in the world”—but with limitations! Can you imagine that a president isn’t allowed to have a video call during his time at the White House?

Well, this one, among other common things like going out for dinner, having a social media account, and freely posting everything he wants, is completely forbidden for a president. Curious about other stuff an American president isn’t allowed to do? This is precisely what this post will cover.

We contacted a few specialists who provided us with secret information on this topic because we like to be at the top of the list when it comes to offering outstanding material. Get ready to be amazed. To begin, let’s look at number 1 right on the next page!

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