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7 US Companies That Are Chinese Owned

Photo by vkilikov at Shutterstock

Foreign investment has long been a welcome factor that helps boost the U.S. economy. Many entrepreneurs, companies, or governments have been greeted with open arms by American markets, companies, banks, and real estate developers, hoping to shake the considerable loose change from their overflowing pockets.

Dealing with foreign individuals, companies, or governments might not be seen as much of a problem in today’s global marketplace. However, many Americans are unaware that one of those investors just happens to be one of our biggest rivals, not just in business but on the international stage. We are currently engaged in a trade war with China.

Whether you’re going to the movies to see the latest blockbuster, washing your unmentionables, or just preparing a delicious dinner for the family, there’s a high probability that some of your hard-earned dollars are making their way to the coffers of the Chinese Communist Party.

So here we take a look at some of the iconic U.S. companies that have their slices of pie slightly painted red.

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  1. Back in the early 1970’s I was working for a local variety store chain as a receiving clerk in Tacoma Washington. At that time we were getting coupon book ad shipments from China in shipping containers. I know from personal experience that China has been using the United States for many years now. (November 2021)

    1. There are many companies that operate in the US From Russia to Germany to Sweden to the UK, Canada, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy and more. Who cares? This article only serves to inflame hatred and fuel the ignorant’s emotions – remember these companies are contributing to our economy and keeping Americans employed!

      1. Others countries they just do business. BUT CHINESE is a BIG DIFFERENCE.THEY WANT TO USE ECONOMIC TO CONTROL THE WHOLE WORLD. That’s all the communists ( democrats) have wanted. Please wake up before it’s too late. American always help countries occupied by other countries, that’s why they always want to take US down by using economy

      2. It also opens the eyes of the consumers. Education helps us to spend our money wisely. Do we have the same ownership rights in other countries? And when you look at the adverse political climate between China and the US and China and Russia should Americans continue to patronize or invest in theses companies? What percentage of the money they make staying in the US? Food for thought.

      3. Who cares? Say that in about five years. Ask the former youths of our nation, where is your money going and why.

    2. The Republican Party sold our industry to Chinese industry in the eighties, stop ✋️ the BS, everything is made in China because of that.


    3. China i am sure owns a lot more then we know we will wake up one day when their flag is flying over the white house they own that now also

  2. This is crazy, China will just walk right into America and take over without a shot. We have a lame brain President who is in bed with China. He and his son owe china BIG TIME. We are in a country that is on the downslide, thanks to Biden. People need to get back to church and God and start standing up against this regime that is destroying out wonderful nation. The press gives Biden a pass every time he messes up, what a joke. Trump was a ten times better President. Our Republicans better start standing up for the American people or we will definitely be a Communist Nation. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC, etc. all have to go, including the idiot Cheyney and Romney, both of them are communists.

    1. You are a Republican shill. You only care about your Orange Dictator. He spews lies and you repeat them. Get lost. We are alive and well and coming after him! He will have a jump suit to match his hair color.

      1. Why don’t you grow up and admit you are nothing more than a democrat who loves to use old and lame excuses . It’s ridiculous to believe that Biden is going to do anything more than to invite the Chinese to walk in and take over every bloody area of commerce …. from toothpicks to transportation to toilet paper. But if that is what and how you want to live please feel free to take a slow boat to China. Brandon hasn’t done one thing to prove he can handle flushing his own shit away. And we all know that Obubu is the one who is manipulating the puppet strings.

        1. Sammy how old are you 10years old you are so ignorant!
          All the losers who watch RUMP ‘S ANTI AMERICAN LIES ARE PAID BY RUMP ASK THEM!

      2. Hey I don’t support neither one but that guy is correct! During the 8 years of Bill Clinton we sold our soul to China if you do your research this country use to control the pharmaceutical business it was based in Puerto Rico me made everything for big pharma from face mask to hospital beds linen respiratory machines and more it was called THE 936 Bill Clinton and democrats closed it down and sold the contracts to China leaving 200,000 Americans unemployed and Puerto Rico never recovered from that slaughter so you took the 936 project of $2.00 per hour and paid China .25 cents per hour! Don’t look at this in a political view look at it how we sell out to the devil who has more human rights violation than any nation but because of money it’s ok now

        1. Danriver moved to middle east
          M. Romney sold out KB TOYS and Toy R US and they in return made the toys with lead base paint

        1. Open borders, free ride for 5 million illegals, mutilation of children, drag queens in elementary schools dema suck so bad. Dem party created by slave owners to keep them slaves President Lincoln was a republican. Our party freed slaves! You make them.

      3. Why are some “men” so threatened by Trump? What has he ever done wrong for this country – why are you so personally offended by him- does he emasculate liberal men? He doesn’t mean to do that – he simply believe in America first and in capitalism and freedom for ALL Why would ANY “MAN” not want that ? How do you support liberalism as a man? Intrigues me


      4. It shows your arrogance. The democratic party in history runs on believing in slavery and abortion. Check your history. Those of itself are evil.

        1. Exactly! On top of that the Democrats were virtually the originators of KKK! Even one was on the Supreme court! Biden spoke for one at his funeral…and don’t forget David Duke! A grand member of the KKK and a member of Congress! And these ignorant screamers of ‘ racism are the perpetrators themselves

        2. I can’t believe there are people that are so blinded by devotion to a party that they cannot see what’s in front of there face. Just look at inflation, gas prices, the border crisis and now trying to turn control of our country to the health organization “WHO” and then tell me how it’s Trump’s fault that all of these disasters have come about under Biden’s administration. Take off the blinders and search for the true cause of our tragedy. It might help to also help to seek the only “Truth” that has stood the test of time and many wicked rulers throughout history. Good thing is it has opened many eyes, including mine.

        3. Your totally wrong, republicans are the modern benefactors of the KKK. Trumps family has had leadership roles in the KKK. With their southern initiative, republicans are the modern slavers.

          1. The KKK is an offspring of the family DEMOCRATES Not republican and not off the street corner. Democrat party gave birth to the KKK and supports it today.

          2. You’re just throwing feces against the wall. Did you look at the new economic indicators just released today? It cost the average Amercan family $11,500 annually to buy the same goods and services they bought 1 year ago. And it’s going so well at the border.

          3. That is insane. The “modern slave state” is propagated by the perpetual welfare state initiated by the LEFT, not the right.

          4. Which party refuses to allow school choice? Democrats. In which states are there huge problems with minority crime? Democrat cities and states. These are two tenets of slavery, keep people ignorant, poor, and divided which have been and are long-standing practices of democrats.

            “The White liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the Black man.”

            “A White American who identifies as a liberal is the most dangerous and deceitful thing in the Western Hemisphere.”

            “The white liberal differs from the white conservative in one way. The liberal is more deceitful and hypocritical than conservatives. Both want power, but the white liberal has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s (sic) friend and benefactor.”

            “The American Negro is nothing more than a political football and the white liberals control this ball through tricks, tokenism, and false promises of integration and civil rights.”

            –Malcom X

          5. Joe Biden, Killary and her rapist spouse, Bill Clinton’s idols and mentors are actual racists such as deceased Senator Robert Byrd who was a Grand Kleagle of the KKK; or William Fulbright, who filibustered against the Civil Right Act of 1964 and voted against it. He voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the 1968 Open Housing Act; or Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood, who wanted to ‘eliminate undesirables’. Sanger stated, “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

            Shouldn’t more Americans know that Democrats opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, banning slavery, guaranteeing due process and equal protection to former slaves, and granting black Americans the right to vote, respectively? Or that Democrats provided the lion’s share of the opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, including a filibuster led by Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), a former KKK member, Kleagle (recruiter), and Exalted Cyclops.

          6. You do realize that it’s was REPUBLICANS THAT ABOLISHED SLAVERY RIGHT?! Do YOUR RESEARCH! You are part of the problem you spreading lies and NON FACTS! Trump has been long standing for people of all color! Show me the facts or SIT DOWN!

          7. Biden never won the 2020 election, it was rigged by the CCP. You don’t win an election by hiding in your basement.
            Melt down all electronic voting machines and go back to paper ballots world wide! This will stop voting fails. This will save our nation and countries.
            The criminal Biden family collect money from china. They can care less about anyone but themselfs.
            All Americans must stand together to demand paper ballots!!!!!! And no illegal voters!!!!!
            A real President doesn’t turn his back on America, lie , cheat and steal off tax payers backs!
            President Trump is a real President
            Donald Trump won the 2020 election
            Get Rid of these dam electronic voting machines for voter I D, paper ballots ONLY

          8. You do realize that Trump was a Democrat until he ran for President? Do a little Google search. Him and Hillary use to be tight.

          9. Southern Democrats went ‘Over’ to the Republican party because they deemed the modern Democrats were for Blacks having ‘Equal’ rights. Therefore the modern Republican party became full of southern Ex-democrats who did not think that Blacks should have rights equal to Whites, and they brought ‘Over’ their bias. That said, I also think the democrat party of today take Blacks and other ‘Minorities’ for granted. As they say the great democratic ‘Plantation’…

        4. The two parties have switched platforms due to trends from the Civil War Reconstruction period and the Great Depression and the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s. After the Civil War both parties needed to realign for voter block strength. The GOP went for Big Business and banking; the Dems for labor unions and other worker rights–also, immigration since workers were needed (like now) and they could eventually vote.
          In the 60’s, the south turned republican when LBJ pushed forward his civil rights legislation. Former racist dems became racist republicans and it’s still the same 60 years later.
          Abortion is a tragedy, but it’s going to happen en masse no matter what laws are passed (just like how prohibition failed).

          1. Democrats are like blind sheep lead to a slaughter. They are enablers, with no accountability, like the great Governor of California. who has run California to the ground, and only hear what they want to hear, because they are too lazy, to do their own research for the truth. They are the most gullible people I know.

        5. Study the history of the political parties in US. History will tell you that the southern Democrats supported slavery and the KKK. When the national demoratic party become controlled by the north and supported equal rights and freedom the southern Democrats move and took over the Republican party. That is where we are today.

        6. Who were those democrats. The white southerners who jumped to republican when civil rights was passed . These demons are in your party. You got every crazy white nuts there is . Its shows you don’t know your own history. You idiot .

        7. Sorry to say but Connie you are talking about the Republican Party and not the Democrats…What rocks have you neen living under lately? Stop looking at Fox 5 News and get the real News for a change because you way out in left field.

      5. Lol, and your president loves to give away money my hard-earned money, along with other people who actually work and pay our own bills.
        Giving money to couples who make up to $150,000 a year, paying rent for many others, and let them live in a rental, which is held hostage by dead beat tenants, rent free for months and months. How about the money couples get just for having kids no matter what their income is? Total BS, and now a lot of people have no incentive to work to pay their own bills.

      6. Biden is supporting a one-world governance with global policies, and not America first policies. Unless you want unelected world corporations controlling every country and every human on the planet, with no personal rights, you might want to rethink who you would rather have in charge. Biden with global intentions taking away our freedoms or Trump who is not afraid to call out their corruption and restore the rights God gave us.

        1. The only good thing that Biden has done is create high inflation which has caused my Social Security check to increase about 7%-10% a year. I like Biden-flation, it helps me pay the bills.

          1. BUT if you had even a basic understanding of economics you would know that you are still worse off than you where before the inflation occurred because you have been paying the higher costs for a year before your social security caught up. Inflation is never a positive thing.

        2. While that is true China is definitely on board the US tried to Americanized the Chinese and they took just by going along with our enterprenearing the only thing that saves us is our technology while China does reverse tach we know the insides so we are far ahead of China in technology go figure tech for sale right

        3. I tried to think of ONE thing good that Biden has done and I am at a loss, I can NOT think of one thing good that he has done.

        4. lowered prescription drug costs for seniors, allowed hearing aid purchase over the counter, given some relief to those with student debt. I could continue

          1. Infrastructure,lowered diabetes meds,continues obamacare that many trumpers are on,including some of my friends.theres more,just haven’t had my coffee yet.

        5. Oh I just responded to Mr shill Joe gave us corruption Drag queens at libraries Highest gas and food prices Selling our farm land to China , selling our reserve oil to them Letting them balloon hover , open the border to 8 million new voters living off of us who pose a security risk and their jab free and I was fired Dippy seems to b a lamb He wants to be locked down, masked with no wall or gun while elites will have power , estates , guns and food Poor lamb is not ready Big gov censors us and now wants your lands water rights and city zoning power so u can’t own land just a China stamp size shack Look at ny’s gov new proposal Affordable shaks

        1. There isn’t any reason to. Trump is a criminal con and has been all his life. He will finally be held accountable for what he has done!

        2. It’s difficult to show any respect towards DUMP the Lump named trump. In the late 60’s or early 70’s he chose to avoid the draft by buying & lying about his shin splints! He has committed adulteries on ALL his wives and the lies he told to avoid divorce (ask Stormy Daniels and others), numerous small businesses failed because he avoided paying them, the thousands upon thousand of lies he told Americans in just 4 year’s. America doesn’t need 4 more years of lies! Let’s find a leader who won’t lie to us, January 6th 2021 was caused by the lies he told, the lives and families he destroyed. NEVER AGAIN!

      7. I second that motion. Why are Christians (not all) so ready to be authoritarian? They don’t care as long as it is all in the name of God, well it’s my God too and I think he crys over our choice of inhumanity to man! WWJD, certainly not this.

      8. Under Trump, we had lower gas, lower taxes, best economy in many years. energy independence


          2. If all the positives under Trump are to Obama‘s credit, then when Biden ascended to top executive that prosperity would have continued and it is not. Everything is the exact opposite; prices for everything going up, shelves being empty, people flying across the border in unprecedented rates and overflowing the southern border states while stretching all their infrastructure.
            Now we are finding out that the shortage on baby formula in American supermarkets is a result of the pallets upon pallets being appropriated for the illegals flooding across and being housed along the border.

          3. Not quite, if you are referring to Obama. Obama did more damage internally to this country than any other President. He is a true Socialist and always has been. He trashed our healthcare systems, made billions of dollars off the backs of American with all the back door deals of foreign trade and starting the pathway to turning this country to Socialism.

          4. It was the prior president to Trump that set the USA up for destruction you mean. He put the plan together as a revenge against the us from his father. Read all about his cold calculated plan. He wanted Hillary to carry it through. Now he has the puppet Joe who has no mental ability if he can’t get his daily infusions to keep vertical for a few hours a day. O Biden is the front man and it’s as clear as day. Wake up America. The Dems are killing babies every second of every day. Killing elderly with the plandemic and now tainted vax and next it’s our small children. Nancy Pelosi is the most evil and vile person who has hated our Black community for years. She encourages the homeless to Jill themselves with drug abuse. And people believe she is real?? A monster in a plastic face! Honestly Trump or no Trump we all must wake up and ask God to show his wrath in these evil people. It’s sad to think people thought Trump was racist when Biden was more racist over the 50 years he’s been in office. Go back and listen you’ll be shocked how he felt he was better than our black families.

          5. If you are referring to Obama as the previous president that launched the great things Trump accomplished, well, that is probably just one more thing you have been wrong about. Just an observation.

          6. No, he paved the way for what we have right now. Are you happy with the economy now? If you are not counting your Pennie’s, you must be in a good financial position. Good for you. But not everyone is as financially comfortable as you. But even for the average person, the supply change is fractured, what about baby formula, gas prices, plus the assaults and deaths at our border. Do you believe in this administration with all the evidence out to tell you how inept they are?

          7. Funny how Democrats run up taxes and spending creating financial chaos and then blame the former President or pass credit backward, you don’t have to like President Trump to know he deserves credit for lowering taxes, gas prices, and creating a booming economy and if Obama was responsible for that then we wouldn’t now have near super inflation.

          8. OMG! Another one. You’re actually crediting Trumps economy with that Divider in Chief Obama? Child please!!

          9. Not. Under Obama our gnp was 1.3 percent and we had the highest unemployment rate until now. Obama didn’t do anything for anybody unless you were Muslim. I dare you to prove me wrong.

          10. Do you prefer Socialism or Communism? Those are the choices you leave for yourself and everyone else, think about it.

          11. That was not based on the previous president. He had a horrible economic plan. He had to keep printing money to keep the economy afloat or it would have crashed. Which buy the way devalued the dollar.

          12. If you are saying everything is based on the previous president, you are PARTIALLY correct.
            But our current state of affairs clearly lay in the lap of The Big Guy, Uncle Joe.
            His performance as President is a disgrace, maybe border line treasonous.
            The Orange Man was impeached for far less…why does JB get a pass?

          13. Lol, the past 8 miserable years? Gotta stop voting on gender and race just to prove a point. We all suffer! Not even putting them on your coat-tails to gain an edge.

        1. Amen! We were so much better off when Trump was president! Biden is determined to make us a complete lackey to China!

        2. Trump had nothing to do with that. Thank the outgoing president for that. (Obama) Trump just came into office at the right time to reap the rewards.

        3. Trump was blessed to inherit a thriving economy from Obama that was steadily rising. The ineptness of trump sent us back to the dark ages. Biden inherited the mess of trump. By the way president actually do not determine gas prices good or bad.

        4. And we didn’t have millions of immigrants walking into our country daily. Look at the crime statistics since the OLD man took control. Look at inflation, look at energy independence which we had under trump. Look at Afghanistan leaving almost 100 billion in eqpt behind. Look at the spy balloon, just let it get all the spy pictures before us shoot it down and don’t shoot it down over land because then we can retrieve it make sure it’s over the ocean because otherwise the chinesecwillbspillmthe beans on me and hunter

        5. If Trump went into office today, by tomorrow gas prices, interest rates for homes, inflation, food prices etc., would go down.

      9. Thank you… How do these people really believe in trump???? He’s a con man, a liar, lacks intelligence, a cheater, dishonest, and a danger to humaity!

      10. Why are you making this personal I’m not a republican and agree with them. China is our biggest threat to personal liberty.

      11. Really…how do you like him now? Biden is destroying OUR Country or are you a brainwashed sheepole liberal who can’t admit to being WRONG, like so many of your cohorts!

      12. You still are sleeping, this is not about Trump, it’s about our Nation! You really need to do research. Look around you. In my opinion we have been dealing with this problem for many years; but the s*** hit the fan immediately with the Biddens, Soros Obama’s and Clinton’s and so many others. In my opinion they sold us out to Russia, China and Ukraine to start this war! We all fell for it along with Covid. Hopefully they will be judged soon!!!

        1. Judged by who? God? Why would God bless a country that stole, kidnapped, murdered and waged war on others? Did not God creat ALL men?

      13. If you truly believe that the current administration has a lick of common sense, you need a very talented Psychiatrist.

      14. Wake the hell up! It’s the deep state that’s lying about everything. President Trump has done nothing but try to save this country and the American people, unlike the resident Biden who has done nothing but sell our country out. The Biden’s, Obama’s and Clinton’s just to name a few are criminals. Stop listening to CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC or any of the other channels on tvvand start doing your own research. They are all lying to you.

        1. One thing, if the ‘Deep State’ is really in control, why do anyone think Trump or anyone can deter them? I laugh at the saying that Trump is fighting the deep state…if the deep state is so powerful why have they not eliminated any threat to them? In totality?

      15. You can not just say get lost to someone we all have the right to raise our voices give an opinion ask questions I cannot agree with you , my wife was killed by hospital that refused to give her medicine we have requested if she would be in Poland they would give it to her she was not admitted to the hospital for six days they allow the infection to spread usa is a evil empire that have allow certain groups to cash in by doing evil things like experimenting with poisonous medicine including vaccines I call genocide under usa corporate umbrella including usa military testing biowarfare but the rest of the corporate world behind those corporate hyenas are people like you and I
        What is happening now is worst then genocide worst then Holocaust in the whole human history
        You both democrats and some republicans are sold their posts to corporate establishment they create law that benefits them they are in bed with China since maybe end of 70s all are crooks they deserve to stand before a firing squadron
        If they will look for volunteers I am here ready
        There are certain things I do no like trump but for certain moves I respect him but this clown with his son is a disgrace to usa together with Pelosi that whore oversee markets and tells her husband where to invest that’s inside trading she went to Ukraine to get herself a suitcase filled with money she does business dealings in China together with her family members I hope mid term elections will stop this nonsense
        I hope logic hard working Americans will go and vote logic
        America can create good jobs in marijuana industry hot dogs and burgers the rest they outsourced to China and the rest
        And usa growing population on welfare and or unemployed
        I am sick and tired of this nonsens it must end

      16. How’s that Gas price doing now the war the interest rates the cost of food and everything has gone up I’m neither a democrat nor a Republican but I do understand high prices and war which neither of these things were happening during Trumps Presidency. Just the Facts Please!!!

      17. Well, he’s still standing strong despite years of Democrat-manufactured lies, and decades of Democrat corruption. True American patriots love our country and although it might take a “Pearl Harbor” to wake the sleeping giant, once the giant is awake, watch out. We don’t take kindly to anyone treading on us or our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms.

      18. Wow…just wow!! Read a book. Educate yourself. Stop believing everything the media tells you. Think for yourself and stop letting the media do your thinking. The average dimocrat would poke themselves in the eye with a toothpick if their media told them it would be good for them. Are you enjoying the highest gas prices in history and the worst inflation in 40 years?

      19. And our country will still be owned by China while Biden’s family laughs all the way to the bank. But that’s ok, you’ll get your pound of flesh.

      20. The entire political establishment was afraid of Trump. He was obligated to no one and that scared them ALL! By the way show me a politician who doesn’t/hasn’t lied? What scared them ALL was that he kept his promises and that would set an unheard of president. How dare he keep campaign promises! They could never be held to those standards.

      21. Are you happy with state of our economy, the international standing of the US, the degradation of our educational systems, and the department of injustice that sleepy Joe has brought to us? If you are, you are in the minority, lying Joe is doing his best to ruin our country. Your condemnation of Trump is based on ignorance and hatred. Get a life!

      22. This someone who refuses to think for himself. The sheeple dont like to think, read, engage in real discussions. It is these cowardly non thinking, greedy, apathetic humans that keep it screwed up for thre rest of us.

      23. You need to stop 🛑 listening to CNN and MSNBC. If they told you the 🐮 moon was made of green cheese and inhabited by mice you would believe them. Ask your self when President Donald Trump was in office the price of a gallon of gas was $2:05/gal. Now under your Demented president Joe Biden the average price is $6:75/gal. When President Donald Trump left office inflation was 1.75% and now under Biden inflation is at 8%. High gas, high food prices, high home prices, high cost of living. And you think 🤔 BIDEN is doing a greater job than TRUMP? What planet are you living on?

      24. You are full of crap, Trump imposed stricter sanctions, against Putin than any previous POTUS in US history. Putin did absolutely nothing while Trump was in office. German Chancellor Andrea Merkel balked when Trump expanded US sanctions to include our German ally’s industries that were involved in helping Putin build his Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Trump responded by sending a white surrender flag to Andrea Merkel, when asked; What’s this for? Trump responded; It’s a gift for you surrendering to Russia, and signing the Nord Stream 2 agreement!

        Putin did absolutely nothing while Trump was in office, Trump was the only POTUS that Putin did not invade some country… Then, but only after Biden showed week, and feckless leadership during the Afghan withdrawal did Putin invade Ukraine for the second (2nd) time he held office. It wasn’t Trump’s fault Biden chose to delay the agreed upon pullout date and offend the Taliban by delaying the withdrawal from May 1st till Sept. 11th, as a slap in their face for 911. Then after offending the Taliban Biden foolishly removed all of America’s air strike capabilities before the ground troops, thus assuring that we could not cover our own ground troops safe withdrawal. Trump even warned Biden NOT to do that. But did Biden listen? Of course not… You can’t fix stupid, and Biden has that market COVERED in spades!

        1. Lorne it is a perfect example, thanks!!!!
          You have a nice post. It sounds good but I will disect it for you

          Trump lies, that is his sport. He is a mediocre used car salesman
          He says he did all of that and you believe him
          Then you come in here repeating the lies
          Putin did not do anything because trump is in it .
          Worst president in history. Without a doubt! The fact that you are thinking the way you are just proves my point

      25. You liberals are a joke. You are always calling Trump a racist yet you are the first to talk about a persons skin color. I also couldn’t help but notice how quickly the liberals got rid of illegal immigrants in haughty taughty Marthas Vineyard. Liberals are the biggest haters I have ever seen.

      26. Can’t fix stupid Dwyer! I can’t believe you think we are better off now than we were under Trump! Remember what you’ve wrote here and when Asshole Biden and his druggy son finally are outed for the scumbags they are, I can only hope you can scrub the egg off your face! Lets go Brandon!

        1. Not thinking about the context of your debate, the following is a well know fact. When you get to the point to where you are calling the opponent names, you have lost the debate. No one will consider your opinion as valid. They will ignore you as being ill educated.

      27. What would you say are the best accomplishments of the democrats over the last two years?
        Would it be the humiliating and defeat of Afghanistan?
        Would it be the over 2 million people that I’ve invaded our country and that the taxpayer is funding?
        Would it be the rampant crime?
        Would it be the sky high inflation ( all self induced)?
        Would it be the dumbing down of our school children?
        Would it be begging our enemies for oil?
        Would it be depleting our oil reserves in very uncertain times?
        Would it be the intelligence of both our president and Vice President ( they both seem to have razor sharp minds and laser focus?
        Would it be cancel culture?
        Would it be weaponizing all the government agencies against your political opponents?
        Would it be the record drugs pouring into our country ( over 160,000 people will die from illegal drugs alone?
        Would it be allowing men into women locker rooms and playing woman sports?
        Would it be allowing teenagers to have irreversible sex Changes without their parents being informed?

        I could add a lot more….but you get the drift….

        Please let the whole world know which of these policies you prefer the most🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      28. So Dwyer, are you better off today than 2 years ago? I guess you’re ok with our open southern border, where the Mexican cartel sneaks thousands of their mules with Fentanyl in at an alarming rate. I assume you don’t have children, or tranny’s doing strip teases and reading stories to our kindergarteners are just fine! If you couple that with runaway crime, inflation, gas, grocery prices, empty shelves, and a lot of other issues Biden and his thugs are creating daily, then you shouldn’t be name calling. I won’t sink to name calling, but I heard a quote that fits with your ideology. “It is better to remain silent and let people assume you’re an idiot, than to open it and prove it” Take Care.

      29. You must be a communist you won’t admit that Biden is selling this country to China. Look around you see what’s happening open your eyes this country is turning into a third world country and you’re going to support the person doing it.

      30. It is sad that whenever someone is talking about country many folks like you jump to Orange Dictator. Many things that Trump said or did were correct. He was blamed for Covid unpreparedness. He was ridiculed for MAGA. He was not responsible for US unpreparedness. It was net result of de industrialization of USA. All previous administrations and greedy businesses were responsible. We are purposefully selling our technology, know how and skills. We have just become lazy We just hardly make anything and buy from overseas. So when Covid hits, we start crying because overseas people are worried about themselves and we look like beggars and unprepared fools. Looking from this angle is not MAGA the right policy. I was not born in USA, but I feel sad that once great country of ours has fallen to such days. Only because of bad policies and lack of interest in our own country.

      31. Sure sure, cupcake. Tide’s turning now. We are coming after the corrupt Dems in Washington now. Don’t melt down too much when they get arrested 😂
        ‘We the People’ are awake, kicking a** & taking names.

      32. DWYER,

      33. I have ONE QUESTION for you when Trump was the President what did he do to HURT you and your family when he was PRESIDENT . YOU did not like lower gas prices, lower FOOD prices , lower Utilities , lower RENT, lower crime, lower Heath care , Lower unemployment at 3.8 the lowest since 1938 , and NO war of any type , And a Border Wall being built . And if it was not for the CHINESE Biological Virus that China attack the world with he would have done a lot more . SO you like WHAT you President is Doing to this Country . I think you should read the Book [ The NAKED COMMUNIST 45 steps to Destroy America ] look them up .One of the steps get CONTROL of one or Both Parties well CHINA owns THE DEMOCRATE Party .

      34. Orange guy put America first So you’re ok with an open border? 8 million came in under Joe Living on your taxes Your national security at risk Schools, housing and healthcare now theirs for free I was jabbed or fired them nothing Amend 1 and 2 under attack drag queens at school libraries replacing books Math and roads r racist Highest inflation food and gas China buying our farm land, spying on us and Joe have Russia oil Have you been mentally checked out lately?

      35. You are a Democrat moron, when the Chinese launch a missile, aimed at the United States,
        hope you and feeble minded Biden are directly in its path!

      36. I would rather have Orange hair and a country that is safe than a senile old man. Biden gives away our hard earned tax dollars as if it was his. A week leader who has placed America on the chopping block for China to cut up and devour! Cry baby young people who have no clue about history and the possibility of what is taking place! Grow up and protect your country until you are old enough to make Rational decisions. Mad Mike

      37. Yea, how long have you been after “the Orange man”. Some idiots never learn, they don’t call him “Teflon Don “for nothing. Evidently you are a democrat shill. You can’t even tell when you are doing well and when you are not doing well.

      38. AND YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!! Take a long hard look at your party!! The PAID FOR THE FAKE STEELE DOSSIER then lied about it. What about Kabul?? What about weapons of mass destruction being given to the Middle East by Obama? All the Bidens connections to Ukraine and Russia? What about Hunter’s laptop? What about BIDENS top secret files found at his residence?? For every shitty thing you say about Republicans we can say 10 shifty things about the DIRTY DEMS!! Go TOUCH GRASS

      39. Oh, stop with the name calling, please. Tell us all, please, of the wonderful and productive things President Biden has done for America.

      40. She is correct that China will eventually take us over. They are buying up farmland and we owe them trillions of dollars. You’re blind if you think this administration is making us safer. I’m not a Trump supporter or a Republican but you cannot deny the dangerous state our country is in. Crime is rampant, the border is flowing, fentanyl as coming in by the pounds from China to Mexico then across our borders. It’s bioterrorism and it’s not slowing down.

      41. So you vote for people for there hair color. Wow. First of all it is not orange. Second of all I would not accuse anyone of lying bc no on has told more lies than Joe Biden. And I get you can not name one lie told by President Trump. And you want to tell me that with all the investigations into President Trump by the DOJ and FBI and they can find nothing wrong you still think they might one of these day come up with something in his past. WRONG! That is why they have to make up stories. Do you know how much tax payer money has been spent on false allegations that the Dems have made up. Just remember the one thing about this man that you know nothing about or this whole political fiasco would be over is that President Trump can not be bought and they are all afraid of him exposing the deep state. So you may be doing ok but most Americans are not. We can’t afford gas for our cars so we can get to work so we can provide some food for our families. It is easier to get fentanyl than it is baby formulas. Most crime in history. The absolute worst economy. We can not even afford groceries or clothes. Let me make this perfectly clear….Joe OBiden is the worst president in our history. He can not carry out a sentence and he is an embarrassment to our country.

    2. We already are becoming a communist nation since the last 30 of more years ago, the people are a sleep by time every one wake up checkmate what you think this so call viruse is about down sizing the global population they using viruses to murder and get richer without no one being hold accountable go figure ha. What you think going to be is not going to be it is all a smoke screen with dangerous Consequences.

    3. Well, it certainly seems as though you “Christians” are hard at work, blaming everything on Biden, and totally ignoring the relationship Trump had with China, and China Companies. I know, “Don’t confuse you with facts, because your mind is already made up.” Typical. Oh, and the “Christians” remark? Simple. You espouse Christianity, then go and do the exact opposite. Taking Trump as a prime example. He has broken almost ALL of the Ten Commandments, yet you still adore him. FOR SHAME !! Blame all Democrats, yet Republicans are as pure as the driven snow? You really have had quite a bit of the Kool-Aid!

      1. Well said Ken, Trump might have had some good policies, (even I liked some) but he has broken every one of the ‘Ten Commandents, very ‘Un- Christian, yet this just shows the ‘Hypocristy, of some American christians.

    4. Absolutely Barbara! Thank you for standing up for the wonderfully successful President Trump was for the U.S. Democrats are corrupt, evil lying traitors who are determined to destroy the U.S. and turn it into a communist country😡 This is why they schemed, lies & destroyed Trump-but, we, the people will Never let it happen 👊🏻🇺🇸

    5. I cannot believe what has happened to our country. With the administration we have in place I think we are among one of the most corrupt countries. It must be a way to get them out. I feel better this is enough of an emergency to hold a presidential election even if it is only one year into Biden‘s term. Just look at what he has screwed up in one year. I cannot possibly imagine another three years with this administration in charge. There has to beA way out of this.

      1. And you think this just happened in the last 3 years then you’ve been hoodwinked! It started before that for sure, don’t be blind

    6. It is not the Chinese who are bring us down. Look at the Supreme Court decisions that have been made to turn God away from this country and deny Him, encouraging the nation to turn their backs on Him and reject HIS decrees so they can live their own ways. Ways which will lead to destruction as God removes His power and protection from this country.
      There are honest, hard working people who are going to be hurt by the life styles and decisions of the many.
      I weep for the way we are going and the punishment we are going to receive.

      1. Why no punishment from God was ever done to this country for the Kidnaping, enslavement, stealing and murderof non-European people? I guess God was ok with that.

    7. Please don’t. You don’t know who to hold accountable. Companies are “free to do business the way that they see fit” including selling their business to China. Republicans hold that near and dear to their hearts. I do too!! Trump was not a great president, and if you want to talk about being in bed with the Chinese, please. He also incited an insurrection! Going to church is important but you can’t go to church and then support decisiveness. What I think all Americans need to do is read more and find out what this country has been doing for a long time. It is far more important for our democracy than pointing fingers at another political party. Let’s all try to be civil, thoughtful, and respectful citizens! Jesus would like that from all of us.

      Just hoping this will cause you to think,

      1. Too many people are too lazy to think for themselves or haven’t the ability to detect BS when spoken. Remember/study history to hopefully not repeat the bad parts again. Avoid “charismatic” politicians because their charm is hiding their lack of honesty, caring, empathy, patriotism, ability, etc. Let’s all call for term limits. No more career politicians just like the framers envisioned. Aren’t we all fed up with long term politicos getting really wealthy from fat backroom deals and illegal stock trades that we would go to prison for? Biden and his family and the rest of the DemonRats are destroying my America for their own enrichment, power and status. They have to be stopped. Our votes this November for a change of leadership will do that. I am voting for TRUMP.

    8. dear barbara, dont let the demo POS get you down. its all true! if Americans dont wake up we will be speaking Russian or Chinese. look at what’s going on now. God please bless America and give us the strength to stand up for YOU!
      Friends in Washington State
      Bobbi Collett

    9. You said a mouthful and people need to hear simple factual truths concerning our once great nation. Fact many of our young folks just don’t understand freedom and how great our Constitution actually supports their right to whine and complain.
      Socialism has NEVER succeeded anywhere in the world yet they somehow believe it is such a wonderful form of government. Thanks

    10. Why does a patriot who loves our country need to be republican? I think that based on civics class in the late 60’s. we should many true Americans standing up for the Constitution. Love of our country should not be Dev vs Rep issue. If it is, then we are in big trouble. I’m anxious to see how this hand plays out.

    11. Lady, your comments are solely based on feelings and opinions and not facts. My first thought was to ridicule you, but that’s not productive. China is a power because Americans and others love cheap goods. Americans pay a living wage for manufactured products, China does not. If a Chinese made product was manufactured in America, it would cost at least ten times more (A rough gustimate on my part). America’s desire for cheap goods made China the global economic power it is. Think about what you are saying when you criticize a president for ruining a country. An American president is not a dictator. Cheyney and Romney are not I hope you don’t believe that. You have got to think for yourself, and not follow what the party says. Beware of an entire group of people who all share the exact same ideas…it’s called a cult. The founding fathers had a similar concept, that’s why conventions had to be established in order to come up with the Constitution. The same way that KJU of North Korea has his people blindly following him, is the same way in which politicians (On both sides) have the American people blindly following ideas and ideals that are sinister and evil in nature. You must read history and know facts in order to see through the fluff. I hope you do see through the fluff one day. I agree about what you said about God 100%.

      1. Thanks Ron. For reminding me about the basics. Very educational I bet at least half of democrats 35 and under don’t know that.

      2. I remember in the late 70s when Corporate America started off-shore investment H.Ross Perot advised against it , bad for American workers.
        Wall Street profits Big time from off-shore investment.

      3. Your also speaking on feeling and assumptions. What exactly can China truly make 10xs cheaper. This verbiage is tossed around a lot with zero fact base. It’s liberal hippie feel good trash spewed.

      4. What price will Americans really pay for that cheap Chinese products in the coming future ? America should manufacture their own products, government could help do it cheaper if they chose to. Biden could make U S a Communist country,. Most of the Democrats in office today ARE COMMUNIST , SOCIALIST. They don’t give a damn about America people or America, only filling their own pockets!!!

      5. The goods aren’t cheap when your appliances breakdown after five to seven years instead of lasting for 30. Politicians on both sides of the aisle thought that if they could get China to participate in a market economy there would be some magical transformation through prosperity to democracy. The real greed was American businesses led by Kissinger and Nixon and related think-tank fantasies that American firms would be allowed to export American-made goods to monopolize an enormous consumer market in China after they built that country up into a consumer society with a market economy.

        The other contribution to hollowing out the United States as a manufacturing center was C-suite corporate executives so concerned about being rewarded when they retired –via their stock options from years of excess corporate earnings, quarter by quarter, from cheap foreign labor and exchange rate gymnastics — that they shipped our technology to the other side of the world to amplify the productivity of cheap labor there under exploitive conditions, and to get reverse engineered.

        I won’t even go into the migration of capital but it had something to do with wiping out defined benefit pension plans and getting workers to reduce incomes and defer taxes into mutual funds — and mutual-fund-like clones– wrapped in IRA, 401?(k), and 403(b) retirement accounts and variable annuities — often invested in emerging markets. Typically left out was any opportunity for direct investment in U.S. Treauries over a long period where holders of these debt securities could benefit from massive price appreciation in a long declining interest rate trend, if sold before maturity, coupled with guaranteed interest and guaranteed repayment of principal when held to maturity. Instead, savings of otherwise risk adverse workers was funneled to asset managers who in turn funneled them overseas into markets that were “emerging” after being buoyed up those inflows and by companies whose valuations were bid up in a variety of exchanges.
        American companies domiciled in Delaware became international companies, at times paying applicable taxes in countries where they were doing business. Then they started moving their headquarters – at least on paper- to countries giving them tax breaks.

        Meanwhile the economy was financialized under the idea of a “service economy” in part by way of the hedge fund investments domeciled off shore. As someone had said, ” If we are a service economy, why are we pumping our own gas? Answer: We are a distribution economy, even more so in an increasingly online world.

        Let’s not forget unfettered immigration from a growing percent of the 8 billion people in the world who want a better life in the U.S. and don’t mind benefiting from social safety net programs and a dozen years per child of windfall educational benefits financed not just by income tax but sales taxes and by property taxes and school facilities built by generations of local taxpayers. Big city residents often have zero understanding of the burden of sudden population bulges from immigration on small cities and smaller towns who participate in small and relatively direct democracy via local referendums. Finally we have politicians selling off our sovereignty bit by bit to supranational bodies endorsed by the UN and other globalist organizations which, absent instances of UN veto power, necessarily transform our country and our population into a massively outnumbered minority. Since WWII we arguably have gone from the world’s largest creditor nation to the world’s largest debtor nation — and the bill is coming due.

        There is plenty of blame to go around. But Americans were not “left behind”, they were sold out by fellow Americsns in a position to do so, including politicians.

        Do you begrudge immigrants the cheap goods and minimum wage jobs in the dollar stores — or just those people you see and malign as greedy Americans? The Fed never vanquished inflation. Our lawmakers and corporations promoted the buildup of competing societies overseas — financed by their revenue from exports to us — who in effect exported deflation to us. America exports intangibles like entertainment which is electronically scalable and commodities produced by our farmers, and imports finished goods which range from cut-rate consumer products all the way to European luxury goods, and even vegetables.

        Decades ago The Atlantic magazine called attention to this transformation in a cover page feature article with the title, ” America, Colony to the World”. The U.S., for all of its military adventurism and clandestine interference in the affairs of other nation states, which earn complaints from many quarters, increasingly seems to be most accurately defined by a type of reverse imperialism that is now blossoming into a culture of victimhood and self-hate at home. The proof of the pudding involving the cultural self-immolation within the US is the widely known refusal of political opponents to allow a president who was duly elected in 2016 to implement policies with which they did not agree, then label his efforts as divisive, and pretend to be able to read his mind and reinterpret his motives to caricature him and turn people against him, in no small part by relentlessly disparaging narratives featuring guilt by association, and by associating language he used with historically abhorent figures and ideological movements, mostly in Europe and to some degree incomprehensible to idealistic Americans protected by two oceans and also by with just two countries which are among the many benefiting from doing business with the U.S., as well as by the latent protections of our Monroe Doctrine still afforded to to countries in the so-called Western Hemisphere.

      6. Very well stated and to bad our school systems of teaching are not allowed your truths to be taught .

      7. First of all you say that her feelings and emotions are not viable because? Opinions and facts are just that as are emotions and feelings! As for cheap goods China has produced a people of conformity which is what the agenda of this government is about. If you call a President a communist or dictator and his government a regime all you have to do is study some history to understand the process and what they are trying to accomplish here, I agree with her! This country is falling apart at the seams and the seams start at the hill! Must we always think that everyone is part of a cult and don’t think for themselves because they are Republican, we may then share that all democrats are part of a cultist society because they all agree and parrot the words of the Democratic Party, I think “you” should think before you speak! I do agree that Gods will is present here and it will be done to wake up the lazy conformed people we have become! Also the cheap goods are what most people that do not make much money or are a single parent rely on which is very sad indeed, but the truth of the matter is “they” want us just like the worker bees of China, lower wages, higher prices so we will conform to their agenda to feed ourselves and our families at any cost, which is also sad!

      8. The democrats are the party of lies and blame others for their failed policies. Biden destroyed American energy and created the worst inflation since Carter.

      9. Cheney and Romney may not be communist but they certainly lean that way with their voting, that is what is important. The facts are that China is stealing our product information and then producing cheap knockoffs, stealing money from the companies that own the product. I have never been in favor of letting any of our prioducts being made in China or any other country in the world. I also think your number of ten times the price is way off. There is supply and demand that regulates the price. I guess you didn’t listen to well in economics class in school.
        This country is at a fork in the road and it can be great or a third world country. The education system is the problem with our country. The indoctrination of our children by communist leaning organizations has ruined what was the best education in the world.

      10. lots of noise here, let me add some factual content . am an American who lived and worked as a senior executive in China for 25 years ,and yes i also speak fluent mandarin Chinese. its a fact that the playing field is NOT level .
        US companies cannot make the sorts of purchases of companies in China, that we freely allow. And the restrictions on companies who try to operate there , each year get increasingly restricted . visa restrictions, repatriation of legitimate profits, protection of intellectual property, —- the list goes on and on . i worked twenty five years exporting US made equipment and services. NOT buying cheap consumer goods . what we need is parity or equality. if a Chinese company wants to invest or buy a company in the US, the reverse needs to be available on the same terms and conditions. reciprocity, fairness , equality, — that is what the US government needs to focus on .

      11. Quick questions – have you ever been a citizen of a country where you had the freedom to engage in whatever you wanted, a country that at one time their currency value exceeded the American Dollar, due to the vast export resources providing revenue to the country? Then one day, at a wink of an eye, you are no longer able to do what you wish. The exporting becomes extinct because now all the manufacturing is government controlled. You were misled all along, given empty promises and if you countered those actions, you were imprisoned and sometimes executed. Have you ever experienced loss of everything you own because it now belongs to the government to do whatever they wish? Ever experienced being forced to work at a job that the government chooses whether you like or not? Ever lived in a country that the government dictates everything regardless of your beliefs. Ever live in a country where your freedom of religion is nonexistent. I can go on – but I think, the answer to my questions is no. This and other reasons that are too lengthy to explain – are the major concerns that our citizens should be on alert. This can happen to the USA. Slowly – our country is losing our Independence and becoming dependent on other countries to survive. We have vast resources and stop the importing and begin to export, Financially – the country and its citizens will benefit greater. Economics 101.

      12. Unfortunately, you are correct about China making goods that can be sold cheaply in the US. Again because China does not pay their workers well. We could make manufacturing prominent here again and without astronomical price hikes IF (and it is a big if) corporate CEO’s and shareholders could rein in their greed and lower their own personal profit. When we were a manufacturing nation, the CEO’s were not making thousands of times what their employees made. It’s a lot of greed from corporations to politicians!

    12. I totally agree with you! Biden and his liberal cohorts are destroying America! They sidle up to the Chinese simply to line their own pockets with ill-gotten gains! They are traitors!

    13. This is so amazing!! How can you blame this whole thing on Biden??? When did Chinese companies begin operating in the US? Since January 2021 when Biden became President? It’s such a silly charge. I guess Biden is also.responsible for Chinese companies invading European countries, African countries and Australia for many years now just like the US!! Why not try to be rational and try to think for yourself instead of writing rubbish and lies you learned from your lying, twice-impeached dictators-loving one-term hyper-litigated president. Try to start reading first and getting informed with facts before writing comments in forums like this. Very annoying!!!

    14. It has been much more than the Biden’s and their corruption. Look at the Clinton’s. They gave China some of our top technology for money into their campaign. Obama sent a high % of our manufacturing to China. Our pharmaceutical companies rely on 75% or more on China’s ingredients for our generic medicines. I’m sure the Bush’s have their dirty corrupt hands in China. Don’t forgot Henry Kissinger strength his relations with the CCP. He helped usher in communism. Yes throw in Biden. Probably add Trump somewhere in there. So all of past presidents.

    15. Not to mention someone in our Country are allowing China to purchase land . Just look at the recent purchase of land in Oklahoma. Who is behind this deal. We the people need to know what is China going to this land. Lastly just home much land have they already purchased and it’s use.

    16. It took many administrations and decades to sell us out to China! Our enemy makes most of our pharmaceuticals, so if we ever go to war with them……

    17. It will and is ever growing a totalitarian 1984 “the book and film” it’s not just on the political stage it’s a meshing of economic (power), social control, technological,food (tax subsidies to gain marketplace) since 1930’s and water control, also USPTO control since 2011 according to independent inventor’s. Fairinventing.Org and USInventor.Org separate entities. Get control of food,you control the people.Get control of Education,Control the future. Control of progress,inventing. Time to make an independent system that is open source and the ability to be watched by the public.
      The Amish are the only ones that are un-dependent on the systems,lesser are the Mennonite.

    18. I have always thought China had a lot of US business in our country and we can not seem to stop it because of our so called government do not care about our own people

    19. Totally agree except for Romney and Cheney being communists. Radical nevertrumpers who are more vocal than the rest of the RINOS

    20. Barbara,
      The Chinese have been buying America since the 70’s or before! The problem can’t be laid at Biden’s feet!

    21. This is the first one that Hates the United States and all he wants is to sell it off to the highest bidder He already has more than he needs but with a mind that dose not function, his only issue is getting money

    22. No Barbara, we don’t live in a monarchy and presidents have limited power. The China issue was created back in the early seventies and ever since continued throughout different administrations. Money as you very well know doesn’t have a political affiliation nor religion.
      The oligarchs of this country have corrupted our political system which by the way is nothing new.

    23. The US has to take back our property by Eminent Domain. The Chinese should OWN nothing based in the US. Not our Land, Buildings, Food, nothing that is attached to our soil. If GE wants to permanently disgrace themselves then so be it! Buy NOTHING made by GE.

    24. I disagree but I agree about the downslide only it was started by Trump & his promotion of hate for anyone with a different opnion., Putin’s war & Covid.Trump is in bed with Putin & will be him if he gets back in. It will be a rude awakening to those that think he is wonderful & it will be the end of democracy. I hope that doesn’t happen to any of us. Have a nice day.

    25. Lol, it’s Trump and family with deep business with China. Trump secured 19 patents in China for his daughter to get her merchandise made there. You 🐑 and 🤡s calling Biden, China Joe better wake up. All the republicans you mentioned don’t give a crap about Americans or America

    26. We have been on the slippery slope prior to Obama and he as president steepened the slide noticeably. He now is behind the scenes still doing all he can to destroy our freedoms. How did he get to be a multi millionaire and richer every day .? He stole trillions of dollars of cash.

    27. Oh… would be much better to have our former president giving away or selling nuclear secrets to China, or selling arms to Russia to annihilate Ukrainians, right? You know best buds, love letters and all, FEED HIS GOLDEN EGO A BIT, AND he’d be eating out of their hands. Lord only knows what else he did or would do while in office. He doesn’t give a crap about anyone but himself. Hell he buried is wife on his golf course to get a tax break! He has half of you rebels brainwashed and the other half in fear of losing their own personal gains. Sickening…truly sickening!

    28. Nikita proclaimed it in a speech during the 60’s: Communists will take over America from within, without firing a single shot. They are doing it right now: they are trying to eliminate the US Constitution, they will erode our rights a little at a time. This country will be in a Civil War within 5 years, and if the communists win, it will become the USSA

    29. China, India and every other country who buys made in America” are saying the same thing about America. Perhaps THEY need to stop buying our products and save money and decrease the Chance of America invading their countries, by buying only what they make. The knife cuts both ways

    30. Trump had a few few good ideas. While in office with both parties he still couldn’t get nothing done. As far as Biden, he’s achieved more only in 2 years.
      China should not be aloud to buy crap from US.

    31. We have lame brain people voting as well.
      In California they kept voting on projects and programs that ca didn’t have money for. So they kept voting on bonds to pay for it.
      Like bonds are free money the people were thinking I guess because they kept passing. You can’t keep buying on credit! Same with the feds !

    32. The Great Patriot Trump paid more in Taxes to China than to his beloved USA, Ivanka received how many patents and licenses from China, and most of Trump merchandise is made in China, but assembled in America. Also, I’m looking for a new church, can you please tell me which one Trump goes to? It must be the Greatest Church Ever,

    33. Cogent analysis that resists the binary entrapment. Well done!
      Personal mythologies are rewarding when reinforcement is so available with our fellow MAGA cultist

    34. All this happened since the 70’s and beyond. STOP blaming others, that’s the problem we us, we are not working together but point finger to others.
      Instead of blaming others, open you own business and be niece with everybody.
      Im also don’t like China take over or open Frontier for illegally entry especially when those peoples never contribute to USA. I’m a veteran and I will defend our country anytime under any president !

    35. YOU ARE SPEAKING THE TRUTH! These companies only care about the $$ and are selling not only their souls, but eventually our freedom.

    36. It is hardly Biden’s fault. Our manufacturers and corporations wanted cheaper labor so sold and sent all of our manufacturing to China. Many years ago. First they tried Mexico. Don’t you remember?

    37. Absolutely agree with you Barbra. Can not believe we don’t term limit these politicians out. We term limit the president, why not the Senate , Congress and I would even say the Supreme Court. Eight years and that’s it. We the people need to start holding one another accountable,including the media. I do not believe that this country is as bad as the media portrays. We keep allowing these clowns to decide ( politicians and media ). People who hateTrump need to learn there history about the man. How many politicians went to him for money when they were running for office, on both sides of the isle? Oprah even asked if he would ever consider a run at office many years ago. The politicians don’t like him because he is not one of them. The media don’t like him because they could never control him. I liked him because he did what he said he would do and not promise,not deliver and then run on it again the next time. I consider myself independent, I voted for Obama the first time, when he did nothing about hope and change, l was done with politicians. We can’t even get fair elections anymore. Shame on us for allowing this and giving this to future generations.

    38. You are right Barbara, they don’t have to go to war with us. They’re so well entrenched financially and politically, it’s a done deal. We have the Democrats and rinos to thank for it.

    39. That you think this is a Biden thing is hilarious. This has been going on since Carter and no president since has done anything to change it. In fact Reagan sold America to China like no other president.

    40. You appear tobe suffering from the same malaise infecting the right wing dumb-dumbs and the manipulative politicians with R’s behind their names. If you keep spouting misinformation many more will get confused and we will lose our democracy, and ultimately our freedom. You have no proof to support your assertions, or at least you haven’t provided any. Take a mental break. You need it.

    41. Im guessing that you forget good ole uncle donald is heavily invested in china, just as much if not more so than that bumbling idiot in office now. Real Americans that care about this country need to wake up and stop the stupid fighting over BS ! The politicians do not care for us uncle donald does not care for us he and his family care about the money they can make off of the American people ! WAKE THE “F” UP ! We need real Americans in office , regular people get rid of life time politicians !OMG wake up Please , Before its too late !!!!

    42. You should seriously consider not spreading misinformation—your probably a republican, and a trump backer, who by the way, was a Putin lover, and probably wanted to be just like him, judging by what happened on Jan. 6th—calling people a communist without proof is slandering their reputation—who is more communist than Putin, whose ass trump kissed on a regular basis

    43. I just read this email, I have been behind in catching up and I saw your reply. I agree with you 100% and it has gotten even worse since September. We must all stand strong against what is happening and send our dislike to each and every company owned by China that is based in America. If a person who owns the company is of Chinese descent, but is an American Citizen, then I wonder if that would hold true for this as well.

      Let me know what you think. I ask this because I have a friend who lives in Georgia, but she was formerly a Chinese Citizen and then gave up that Citizenship and became an American Citizen several years ago. We have been friends for several years, so I know personally she does not like the Chinese Government and what it does to their own citizens. She also still has family living there but unable to visit them because once she returns, the Chinese Government will not let her leave, even though she is an American Citizen. Apparently, once a Chinese Citizen, always a Chinese Citizen, no matter what country they move to or become a citizen in.

    44. Stop blaming Church & God…..its all levels of International trade…. Stop Blaming Biden!!!
      Corporate Republicans control Trade. Everything is made in China by Chinese American Manufacturers

    45. It’s interesting you blame our current President for this “China” mess when it’s been happening since the early 1900’s. He may not have intervened in his 3 1/2 years but there have been SEVERAL President’s in office prior to Biden.

    46. Barb: You need to listen unbiased news media (NOT Fox)! Try a major network or CNN. How many times does your criminal blonde be indicted before you accept the fact he is all about himself and he is using people like you to line his pockets

    47. You guys have no idea what your talking about other than what you are spoon fed !!!! Stop spreading ignorance, anger and hate !!!! Thats whats ruining our country !!!!!

    48. Yet it’s ok for our past president who think Russias president is a really good guy? We’ve been working/trading with China as far back as I can remember (and I’m 70+ yo), (so yes, we have a relationship with China) But you can’t say we have that kind of relationship with Russia now can you? You talk like we’ve never been doing business with China before. Check some of those items you own in your home. Check those car parts while you’re at it. Funny how nothing we owns comes from Russia and there’s a reason for that. Well unless tRump has anything to say about it as he wraps his Orange arms around him and huggs him!


  3. More stupidity by greed driven U.S. Corporations who sell their souls, & ours, to our enemies for a few pieces of silver. The U.S. politicians also, who approve this treason, think ahead two to five years whereas the Chinese plan one hundred to five hundred years ahead to achieve their world domination.

    1. It is sad that when someone from the right speaks, the left shouts them down as blind followers, cultists, and the like! I believe this country is going in the wrong direction. I believe that we should be using our own resources of oil and natural gas where ever it is in our country. I believe that we should build oil refineries in our own country. I believe then and only then when we are truly energy independent should we work on productive alternatives . I believe that our values have shifted to far left and should be brought back more center and time is needed to work out the hostilities! I believe we should work on keeping our school children safe and look at all options without just saying it is guns fault! I believe there should be restrictions on who and how much many can be used for campaigns! I believe there should be term limits on the house and senate! I suggest a maximum of 12yrs each! I think we should take a good hard look at our spending and cut it by 10% and 1% each year after! That what I believe! And I don’t care if you are a Democrat or republican I just think this is what we need!!!!

    2. Yes and Biden has money appropriated to bring things like chip manufacturing back to the US. I don’t get the misdirection of some here.

  4. Add to this, companies who are influenced by China. Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

    1. CHRISTIAN?? Wolf!
      Rump is so far away from TRUTH?

  5. Downside because of Biden ? The whole country went down in 10 months ?
    Donny Bonespurs loves these authoritarian leaders.
    If Bunkerboy or somebody like him (Desantis) gets elected you’ll never have another presidential election again.

  6. This is very scary. We as a country are being “hoist on our own petard” as they used to say. It meant blown up by our own bomb. Pretty close to what’s happening in they rest of our “currently” free country. Our open society and first Amendment have permitted this to happen. If we do not change our policy at the highest level it will continue and the United States will no longer exist as we know it.

    1. Regulation by what they whoever they is is neither communist nor socialist it is authoritarian. The people we have in office have lost the concept of our countries intentions. These people are not by any means representatives they some how decided to be leaders and we the people are not to be led it is our job to lead ourselves within the confines of the laws of your god the founding documents of the country you occupy as well as the state and municipality. They have tricked you and many others into being ignorant to the constitution and how a constitutional republic works. The liberals are the worst but republicans are no shining star. Anyone with an ounce of civics knowledge should understand that abortion is not a right whatsoever and can be taken as swiftly as it was offered. The preamble and bill of rights are what you are guaranteed but people say it’s our constitutional right, no after our guarantees comes the rest of the constitution which is added to taken away from amended and manipulated as things are made legal, illegal or regulated; thus the purpose of the constitutional republic the bill of rights is the only thing guaranteed unless they can get 2/3 vote in all chambers unanimous agreement from the president and Vice President and only then will the Supreme Court allow the changes to be made pending the constitutionality of the amendment to be stricken or modified. It os set up that way so that our guarantees remain indefinitely and the day they try to screw with any amendment in the bill of rights the country will fall into civil war. Look people can’t even handle a cop doing his job or the Supreme Court cleaning it book because abortion is not a federal law obviously that’s why they are trying to codify it, it remains a state law and fucking liberal morons don’t even see that which is usually the case they just can’t see the forest for the trees. Do you understand that this may thrust us into a civil war, politicians are encouraging that if the bot doesn’t go there way that it is time to take up arms, that is well beyond Jan 6 taking up arms is to go to war, arms you know the second amendment are guns and when masses take up arms that is an insurrection at the highest order because to parrot the left guns are for killing so the ignorance of even the people occupying the whitehouse is astounding to try and put forth the notion that just doing some legal paperwork and not even changing the law because technically there isn’t one you would consult your state for those laws and it is certainly not a right that urban combat should take place and people die because of a woman’s irresponsibility to use contraception after her one night stand. Bullshit you people have lost your fucking minds, get an iud and fuck off it’s cheaper than an abortion . Also have you considered parents right as in that blob of cells has two sets of dna and that other set the father may want the child. Again lost your fucking minds. And the notion that freedom of speech should be controlled, once more have you lost your fucking minds, how can that even be done it can’t it shouldn’t and the second amendment will be used to protect the first, that is why it is there. You have become so complacent and lazy that you can’t or won’t investigate information on your own you need a bunch of fucking talking suits that can’t control the facts they spew to give you factual information. You have lost your fucking mind. I do know that I do not want our American experiment to fall apart and will sue my part but learn to read learn comprehension because I can drill a golf ball at 300 yards so your fuckin twig boy army of commie assholes that are nothing more than spoiled college shit living on their parents ammerican express studying communist philosophy gets in my area they will just start falling and no one will know why and no one will care but your great leader, and fortunately he doesn’t mean shit to my state anyway. You see you and your kind are just afraid of real freedom because lies get told feelings don’t matter and all the responsibility for you and your family lies squarely on your shoulders , you are responsible for doctors medicine food transportation societal response to you changing genders, it is just ass lazy to think politicians are responsible for that. None of that is in the bill of rights life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a narrow road and you are responsible to make those things happen if you aren’t happy drink use drugs have sex but don’t expect anyone else to steer clear of you because they are on the same mission. Take responsibility for yourself and yours and don’t worry what other people due and certainly don’t try and tell me that murder is a right but my ability to tell you that you have lost your fucking mind isn’t.

      1. Your comment gets a standing ovation from me! You took the words right outa my mouth, except for the state thing. I’m in “Indigo oregon illegalistan” hell. There’s more rainbows and headrags in my now ghetto neighborhood than I can stand. Though hilarious in a way because muzzys don’t like rainbows, in fact rainbows are illegal in muzzyland! Funny the government stuck them and blacks in one area [MINE for one!] On purpose obviously. I hope they do descend into war here after I move though the muzzys will win, war is in their blood. Which sucks because they’re gonna be harder pests to get rid of than roaches the more of em that come here makes a hell of an infestation! Golf balls, i guess I’ll have to dust off my driver & head to the range down the street you’ve given me a lovely idea. Thanks for the comment, we need more guys like you. You didn’t rattle that lady’s cage but made an informative comment instead, a gentleman. I like that. It’s how I’ve raised my sons and how I hope they would comment.

      2. Why are getting so mad? If you have a better way to run the government you must run for office. and help solving the problem. What I see is that with your attitude you won’t get too far in the running. So, let those who can keep sane under stress to do the hard word work. Noticed? my response to you did not carried any vile statement. Thank you!

    2. What do mean by our “open society” and our first Amendment being a problem? Since when has free speech been a problem, until Obama/Biden came onto the scene? You must be confused.

  7. If you remember, the last thing done by president Richard Nixon before he quit in order to avoid impeachment, was to fly to China to sign a trade agreement
    Our country has been on the sorry end of that agreement ever since. This was done to destroy the American worker unions and enhance corporate profits by using cheap Chinese labor. I avoid buying anything made in China, which in many cases is difficult to do.

    1. I’m curious WHAT? can you buy that is NOT MADE IN CHINA? I have a hard time finding even 10% of everything and anything that’s not made in China

    2. That’s a lie the Demonrats was out for Nixon just because he stopped the war because they didn’t care that all of our young boys was getting killed they just wanted to get richer off the war just like they always do t because they have always been evil.

    3. I quit buying things made in China years ago.
      I made this choice because l did not want to support the slave labor conditions in which the Chinese people are forced to work.

    4. Think your right Glenn, and think U S been spending lot of money in China for years, helped strengthen China, just giving Communist China more money to build bombs and other weapons to attack U.S. later on.

    5. Glenn, Carter is the one who started sending jobs to China. That opened the door. This is not exclusive to either party. Both have done their deeds.

  8. IT’S AMAZING After the 1 percenters Been Selling Off this Country And Moving American Companies Over Seas for Cheap Labor! NOW Everyone want to Cry About Chinese Companies over here REALLY??? Look at NY How soon Before China will be Owning the ( Empire State Building)

  9. This is nothing new. I was first “offshored” out of a job in December 15th of 1966. The manufacturing company that I was working for in North Hollywood, California shut it’s plant, with no notice to the employees. The equipment was shipped to their new plant in Singapore and the company in the US was simply a sales office in Century City. They increased their profit margin by shifting the production to lower cost labor in Singapore. However, Singapore was improving its technical prowess with the knowledge gained from all the US companies moving their production there. Eventually, the whole operation was bought by a group in Singapore that decided that the manufacturing operation was too “low tech” for Singapore and moved it to China.

    A few year ago, I had breakfast on a train with the owner of a machine shop in Mexico. He told me that the US automobile manufacturers were making an effort to source parts in the United States. However, the subcontractors supposedly making the parts really did not make them in the US but sub-subcontracted the jobs to machine shops, like his, in Mexico. So much of this was going on that it caused a shortage of skilled machinists in Mexico and much of the work was sub-sub-subcontracted to China. Chinese industrial capacity was being stretched to it’s limits and the Chinese were in turn subcontracting much of this work to machine shops in India and Pakistan!

    The fact that everyone but the American worker seems to be making money out of this (or making any products to sell domestically or elsewhere) has nothing to do with whether the administration is Democratic or Republican but simply because of greed. Stockholders of corporations want to make money on their investments, PERIOD. If the directors of a corporation have the opportunity to cash out by a sale to anyone, Chinese or otherwise, and they don’t take it the stockholders will sue them. Many people who start a company have the goal of getting big enough to be attractive to a larger company so they can cash out in a pricey buyout. The don’t care who the purchaser is. American law allows this and our Congress is not about to change it. As one Middle Eastern businessman once told me, “You Americans are stupid, you let us buy you…We own you!”

    1. It’s called free market capitalism and should not be regulated. Sorry, the corporation is built but you and partners for profit not god and country; this is where peoples idea of freedom falls apart, it is built to be big enough to get an IPO then real shareholders then like you said bought by a larger conglomerate that you are taking a noticeable market share from then I believe the stock temporarily loses value because it the split and bounces back providing the parent company doesn’t just dissolve the company and keep the intellectual property and re label it under their brand. The problem is people are under the impression that IPOs stocks shareholders short sells hostile takeovers are remotely a patriotic affair. No it is capitalism and has no buisiness in the capital building it was your taxed income that started the business you pay corporate taxes and don’t say they don’t and the sell to a company built the same way the only thing related to the government is tax revenue so far as they operate under epa and so on guidelines. So now they pay out the ass in capital gains tax and start another corporation or retire whatever; the republicans always say this and no one gets it, the economy of the country is its industry mining, oil, gas, and main street USA because those giant corporations in order to be profitable franchise thus making your neighbor the owner of one or two McDonald’s restaurants or ace hardware stores. It really is Main Street but people are to worried about satan capitalists and un holy profit. Are you not owed profit isn’t that the reason you got three mortgages to open your first McDonald’s, you took the risk and live with all the liabilities of not just your location but the brand so if it goes away you loose the mansion and the Mercedes’ and one again it’s harder for them to go from 6000sq to 800sq and a German car to a bicycle, is in the middle lose it all qnd mor or less are right back in the middle collecting paychecks from people we claim to hate that take us on as a liability. That is how countries prosper, small s-corporations owned by Main Street USA and what we as a country can offer the rest of the country and the world not global conglomerates but they are what provides, Reaganomics trickle down economics, or the system went the other way trickle up it can’t happen because our pay trickles down.

    2. Thank you, Howard, for your insightful commentary here. I think you summed up the overall situation with American business very well. It’s all about the money, and how or where products get made in order to maximize corporate profits matters little.
      Honestly, the fact that so much is “sub-sub-subcontracted” out to low wage countries like China, India and Vietnam, amounts to an endorsement of modern day slavery…something Americans like to ignore and pretend isn’t happening. I love my Apple products but do not love how Foxconn workers are housed in huge barebones dormitories, on call day and night at all hours, to fill new orders as they come in. Apple doesn’t like to talk about this. See:

      My wife and I, like many Americans, enjoy vacationing in the Caribbean. But talk about poverty! The poor folks there are what amounts to our vacation slaves. I know that this sounds extreme but as she points out, if we were not there, spending out big American dollars in nice resorts, what would they have for income they get from waiting on us and making our beds, etc.? On one bus tour there, I forget which island, we saw some men roasting a goat over a campfire; our guide told us that they rely on roadkill like this to eat.

  10. If all of you would just stop for a few minutes and pay attention to history, you would realize that China has been sliding in under the radar for many many years, with nothing being done to stop them. Now we are faced with the situation that we may not be able to stop them and their American take over no matter how hard we try. Stop buying their products, stop buying the cheap junk that they send us and we run out to buy because it is cheap. Made in America is a mantra that we all should be shouting from the roof tops and anywhere else we can get the message across.
    Time is short, don’t blink twice or it will be nonexistent.

  11. The tyranny that the Biden administration is forcing on the American people by manipulating the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. We hold truths, that all men are created equal endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights these areLife, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government , laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form. When long train of abuse and usurpations,pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism ,it is their right, their duty to throw off such government and provide new guards. …The no voting fraud throughout the entire United States “my rear what a lie”. Can somebody tell me why , if schools audit by grades , our taxes are audited every year by the IRS , then why can’t elections be the same way and forensic audits be preformed no matter what the out come. If this type of integrity of voting continues our Life , Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is going to be gone forever and what did our forefathers fight for ?

  12. If frightens me that many things are made outside the US and that we are now seen as a service economy dependent somewhat on outside sources for items like “chips”.
    Why couldn’t our leaders see this awhile back, or was it corporate business made the push so convincing that is was overlooked.

  13. Sounds like China pretty much owns most of the American businesses. Maybe a little help from the republicans and democrats.

    1. The Chinese communist part a fundamentally capitalist but the structure of their politics separate the citizens from the capitalism for example China technically has no none zero army the one mentioned as an adversary is the communist parties and that is it, if the leadership bought an island in the pacific to move to the army would go and not stay at the country except they wouldn’t abandon the real estate totally because of their fundamental capitalist ideology, they just see their citizens as another cog in their machine of cheap tennis shoes and are disposable.

    2. Having looked this reply over I realize it is too lengthy. If all the writers wish to do is waste their time cussing and spewing venom which does not change any minds just ignore this and continue to have “fun?).

      Thank you. Finally an unbiased opinion, which is actually a fact.
      Nixon opened China but I don’t think the D’s or the R’s opposed the move since all the rich folks who support both parties stood to get richer in the short run and the long run.
      It is ridiculous to try to blame a current or past President for what Congress has allowed to happen.

      Long before Trump or Biden became POTUS the Chinese had bought Smithfield’s so we make the Chinese richer by eats that
      “other white meat “.

      Most on here have more fun bashing the other party , which is what the rich want you to do, while they even steal your shorts.

      There seems to be no concerted effort to keep us from being owned by the Chinese folks cause those profiting the most are just gonna die richer and leave us (well not me cause this takes time) to pick up the pieces.

      The rich are quite happy with the selling of America. Doesn’t seem to really bother those of us who are getting screwed cause we still have more $$$ in our pockets than ever in the history of America.

      A huge number of Americans are being hurt badly by inflation, but I am honest enough to tell you that I am not one of them. I am better off than I have ever been and every one of my offspring is doing better than I did except for the two who did not take control of their life years ago.

      In general, most of my retired neighbors are much better off than ever. Their big complaint over the past few years is that low interest rates (which resulted in home buying by many of my friends and relatives) was killing their income from their CDs. The higher the rates go the better off they are as individuals. We are not affected by higher rent (rent? what is that?), don’t drive much, so don’t buy as much gas and don’t need to trade cars as often unless we just get a wild hair and do it. So a new car will cost me an extra $3,000.00. If I can afford a $40,000 car what is another $3,000? If I keep it 5 yrs that is $50 monthly. Where is the pain? On the lower and middle income for sure. Big time.

      Buick is now building cars in China and selling them here. This did happen on Trump’s watch while he was jostling with Mary Barra about GM moving some production to Mexico. If this sneaky experiment works, how long before a lot of car/truck production gradually moves in that direction. How many reading this are aware of the Buicks that you see in the parking lots do not have a VIN begin with 1,4,or 5? The next big giveaway of American $$$.

    3. They do own us. The Democrats and rinos have sold America out. It is tragic, because the result is, we are no longer a free America and it will only become worse as time goes on. Donald Trump is the only president who understood what a threat China is to America and the will to do something about it. But the ones who are in bed with China saw to it, that he wouldn’t get the chance to stop them.

  14. Communism in China is a passing thing. The Chinese were the first capitalists and still are. Look what they spend to purchase American corporations!

    1. China has always been Communist and will continue to be. You have no idea how cruel a nation China is. Their history to this day is one of total control over the people. Those who speak out, either disappear or are openly killed, like the uprising in Tiananman Square not so very long ago.

  15. It just saddens me to know that there are businesses here in the US that use China just as much as China uses the US. I KNOW!…the bottom line is the dollar, but DAMN! People!…use your brain! ( I’m not sure of any concrete figures, but ) EVERY DOLLAR that you send to China, DOESN’T come back here…it stays in China and is used, in the long run, to bury us! Those dollars might return as bombs!
    You think those madmen in the Middle East want to blow us up!?…China wants total domination of the World! Wake up people, and defend what is (y)ours.

    1. you are for sure…correct/…I have lived long know early in my life…..say 40’s and 50’s the Democrats….were honest…and worked with the people…as soon as Obama took charge our whole country changed…He divided us…So sad was hoping he’d bring us closet together…but he belittled the US…and its people…I blame him for everything…

  16. Donny bonespurs was by far the worst president EVER. History will prove that. He is corrupt to the core and even denied his own nephew medical care. Who
    does that? I agree that the country went down hill from 2016-2020, but now we are coming back. Biden has united the world against Putin. Dumpy would have given him Ukraine and all of NATO for a hotel in Moscow. It is too bad that so much of the country still believes the BIG LIE…no the 2020 election was not stolen HE lost fair and square. Wake up from your stupor and smell the roses. Biden gave you free vaccines and medical care for Covid and still will. Trump may have
    started the ball rolling in creating a vaccine with no plane to distribute it other than maybe have Jared set up a company to make money from it for him and the family. The Rethuglicans are blocking extending any medical aid for Covid relief so remember that when you have to pay your own hospital bill and they take your house because you were too afraid to get vaccinated….

  17. The thing is we are all being manipulated by main stream media. What we have to do is sort all that out in our judgement of what is real and how much of the propaganda we believe from left or right. Right now we have a president that is old & weak and our adversaries are taking advantage; he has made all the wrong decisions with respect to the southern border, economy, environmental issues (green new deal, oil, pipelines, natural gas, coal, etc., etc.) Afghanistan pull out and now Ukraine. Gas is over $4.00 a gallon and inflation is eating away at everything we have saved at the rate of 7+% a year. Those are all factual occurrences. What did we expect different from what he was saying during the run up to the election…You cannot believe the media, they are advancing their own agenda for reasons we should all question.

  18. Re: GE appliances made in China, and for that matter, anything made in China…. is a piece of crap. Notice all the fancy electronics embedded in your stove, washing machine, dryer, refridgerstor…all programmed to crap out soon after the warranty expires. So you call the repairman and he tells you how expensive it will be to fix it, “might as well buy a new one”. What a scam !!!!!

  19. What do you mean by we are alive and well, we are in debt and Democrats want to have us teach our children everything but what they need to know, Biden got in and closed a pipeline and gas has skyrocketed up, we have shortages of food for babies and other items we need, he is shown to be weak to other countries and he let terrorists take over Afghanistan, leaving our American people and billions of military equipment for the Taliban and a Way to find our American people and our allies that helped us, instead of getting them out before withdrawal of our military! People are still there dying at Biden hands! Including 13 America soldiers killed by the Taliban! This country was energy independent but now it’s energy dependent on other countries because the Dems wanting control of us for their bank and they are have us unsecured from terrorists and border that is so full of holes that the criminal illegal immigrants are killing our children and bringing drugs across and our children are dying from opiate addiction!! So no we are much worse off than when Trump was in office! Dems have also made race relations worse than before the 60’s and have allowed the criminal s to kill, riot, vandalize our country without impunity! If you want a communist country that takes from hardworking people to give to those who don’t or won’t work hard for their own needs , then go to Venezuela or Russia and then see how you like it!!

  20. No Trisha, that is based of facts.
    This administration is by far the worse this country has ever seen.

  21. So to address Americans,”like cheap things”, in our society there are many more poor and fatherless people than others realize, and they have become reliant on those “cheap products”, which is sad, to live paycheck to paycheck to somehow get ahead or to keep up with others is the norm in our society! When we get back to the simpleness of life which is liberty, love, taking care of the land and create an environment of growing some of our own food and not rely on a government and fast food we may be much healthier, but that is not the agenda of the government is it? We have become lazy sitting behind a desk as the politicians do, that has never worked a real job or understood what it is to run a company, we have to get our hands in the ground and build a food source for ourselves and our family, we have to have a skill set to benefit our said family and communities, the government in a whole do not care about “you”, they care about their lobbyists and how much it will benefit them and pass laws accordingly, China is one said lobbyist! I agree Americans have become complacent and lazy, we have sold our country to the highest bidder and we can make history agree with any situation that we agree or disagree with, but to study history is a right and we must understand the importance of it as long as it is not changed for an agenda, if you look at any communist regime you will see the exact same agenda going on today in America! When we come together as Americans maybe just maybe we can stop this insanity! This division of race and orientations is what they want and when we finally see that we are all Americans and not identify with their agenda of dividing us maybe we can become a better, stronger community as a whole and put a stop to this, because we are all ultimately responsible for our country and ourselves and communities!

  22. WOW!!! How freaking SAD!!! This is exactly what China wants to infiltrate our country and our country keeps allowing it!!! They already have SPIES HERE SENDING OUR TECH BACK TO CHINA! Soon they will be knocking on our doors using us as slaves! They will demolish our military they will own our country and will be calling the shots. Hope GOD’s here before that happens, because we ALL KNOW OUR GOV WILL NOT STOP CHINA!

  23. George Wallace called it right in the 1968 campaign, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.” And it can be seen here, Republicans fuming at the Democrats for being “Left,” Democrats in turn referring to Republicans as “authoritarians” at best, “fascist” at worst. In the end both parties are equally corrupt and bereft of interest in the “We, the People,” of whom the government is to be of, by, and for, according to Lincoln. Against all this backdrop of concern over Chinese acquisition of American companies is the recent news that the Chinese economy may itself be imploding with the Evergrande fiasco just being the tip of their iceberg. So in all likelihood the average Chinese, ad the average American will both be left holding the respective bags of debt and failure, whilst the rich in both countries seek to escape elsewhere ( one Chinese fellow in a banking scandal made off with $6 billion or so of regular people’s money, good luck getting that back), so the suffering will be shared due to the corrupt and inept leadership in both countries.

    What’s the answer? Term limits to keep those in Washington to keep from accruing so much power which also accrues corruption and perhaps a Third Way Party that isn’t as far to the left as some of the Dems, nor as far to the Right as some of the Republicans, but the middle ground of what used to be called old fashioned common sense. We may hope.

  24. Democrats and Republicans bicker mindlessly about what? They argue about who does the best job of maintaining the status quo. Change and improvement are possible only if America’s political system opens its doors to more than two political parties (which is really just one authoritarian party).

  25. Americans need to vote with their wallets. We could easily return China to the stone age by disengaging with them economically. Totally avoid anything made in, made by, owned by, controlled by Communist China. Also stop doing business with our global corporations who have moved manufacturing to China. Demand that they move manufacturing for the American market back to the USA. If they’re selling product in Asia or South America or wherever else… that’s fine they can (and should) have manufacturing there as well… but NOT at the expense of our manufacturing base here. We should also demand that they pay US minimum wage regardless of where they manufacture, or lose the ability to include labor as a direct cost of production, which would be devastating from a tax standpoint.

  26. Hairer bought the 5 billion dollar appliance division it of the company that’s worth 95 billion and the home of the appliance division is still in Kentucky. Google kept the rights to all of Motorola’s patents that you’re worried about, and I don’t know why their technology has to be out of date. Shall I go on?

    Anyways if it wasn’t for Nixon’s(R) visit that helped accelerate the process and made engagement with the West not only possible, but a central feature of the country’s astonishing development since the 1970s.

  27. Howard,
    You are a very intelligent man. This is ABSOLUTELY correct; it’s all about making a profit whether Democrat or Republican. PERIOD!!! If folks would understand this, maybe the US can finally come together as the Great Nation it’s suppose to be!!!

  28. This is total propaganda by the ultra conservative group of the Republican party. Do we want to be like hungry. Yes that’s the example that there are setting they want to be like hungry it starts out with values and ends up with dictatorship.

  29. Whoa! The topic is: American businesses, owned by foreigners. I didnt read all posts, but I hope somewhere in there, the “finger” is pointing back AT US!!!
    1) WE are the ones that demanded cheaper products, remember the “WallyWorld” junk??? While our Mom & Pop stores, WITH BETTER, HIGHER PRICED PRODUCTS, were struggling to compete! They WERE our Neighbors, our Family worked for these M&P stores!!!
    2) WE ALLOWED, even FORCED our politicians/government to PERMIT a foreign, cheaper cost trade!!!
    Case in point: the automobile industry!!! I remember the first time I saw, sat in, a piece of cheap crap asian import!!! Sitting beside my American Muscle Car! LOL!
    So, just like us Parents, teaching our Kids “the stove is hot, dont touch!”, Maybe this is our burnt hands, lessons not soon forgotten, is it too late to turn back? Assert American Made?
    Would the “political parties” matter? Are they able to effect a change? Sold out?
    BIG QUESTION: What are we leaving our future generations??? Who will THEY work for? A communist leader/boss? Scary, hunh!!!

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