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6 Weird and Outdated Laws That Are Still Enforced!

Yes, these weird and outdated laws still exist!

It may sound a bit out there to call these weird and outdated laws but believe us when we say that some parts of our legal system just haven’t gotten around to the times.

Sure, maybe at one point some of these laws made quite a lot of sense, but in the long run, they have become obsolete. Yet, not only has no one stopped to ponder over them, but they have also been let to their own bearings.

These weird laws still exist in most of the states in which they are enforced (and, oh boy, some states have some silly laws), and some people are still getting arrested and fined over some of them to this day!

If you are curious to see some of the weird and outdated laws that could still get you in trouble with the law in particular states, make sure you keep on reading.

We have gathered some of the most interesting and bizarre ones, and while it is good to be in the know if you ever cross through these states, they also bring about a bit of a chuckle!

Were you aware of these before? Which one was the most surprising to you? Are there any other laws you believe to be weird or outdated? Let us know in the comments!

weird and outdated laws
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Watch your mouth!

Mississippi has a myriad of weird and outdated laws, and one of them used to be that it was illegal to swear in public settings!

Yes, that is true. Up until modern days, you could not use foul or obscene language where anyone else could hear you or in any public setting, but this is one of those laws that has been modified.

However, you still have to watch your mouth! Or, to be more precise, your writing!

People can still get into trouble if they have stickers, decals, paintings, or emblems considered obsessive or offensive. This also includes the likes of clothing and motor vehicles, as well as anything that is deemed to be in public.

So if your jacket has an emblem with a swear word on it, do not be surprised when you get into trouble in this state!

Cannibalism is generally illegal, but not always.

While common sense tells us that cannibalism is not something to partake in, Idaho law considers it to be only usually illegal.

While it is the case for a lot of US states to not actually say it is illegal to be and partake in this action, Idaho makes a point to name it as an acceptable practice in certain cases.

The law specifically mentions that “under life-threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival,” it would be okay to do it.

We have a hard time imagining when this would happen, so this is probably why the law never thought to change it.

What’s more, and definitely a bit bizarre, is that the law defines cannibalism as the “nonconsensual eating” of another person

So if your friends are up for it, you can nibble on their arm, and it would technically not be illegal or cannibalism in this state.

Despite this, Idaho still definitely frowns upon this “practice.” Still weird!

No Dominoes On Sunday

Sweet Home, Alabama, has some weird laws that you need to be on the lookout for.

One of them is that you cannot pretend to be a religious figure. And here we do not mean just that you cannot dress up as a priest for Halloween, but generally pretending to be any religious figure is going to get you in trouble.

So no dressing up as nuns, priests, ministers, or even Rabbis. We figure that even very specific figures, such as those cheap party city Halloween costumes, count.

Speaking of religiously related laws, on Sunday, you cannot play dominoes. And while that is pretty specific, know that it is also illegal to hunt, play cards, shoot, and even race!

weird and outdated laws
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Not allowed to drink in a bar.

This statute from Alaska says in black and white that any person who is intoxicated cannot “knowingly enter or camp out where alcohol is sold.”

This literally means that you cannot get drunk in a bar or stay once you have started to get tipsy.

But if you are the only one who is intoxicated and you have to leave, then you cannot drive home. We hope Alaska has enough Uber drivers at night since you will have to get a lift home!

And before you say that this law is not enforced, think twice! Even bartenders and patrons of bars have been arrested due to this law, and you can bet that it is still enforced!

We wonder if the cold weather has anything to do with this weird law!

No “Dwarf Tossing”.

Yes, we know it sounds weird, but apparently, there is such a thing as “dwarf tossing” in Florida. There’s always something new with Florida!

Not only that, but there is a law that prevents people who own any sort of venue that sells alcohol, including restaurants and vars, from participating, organizing, or permitting any sort of “Dwarf tossing” on their premises.

What’s even more surprising is that people have been working on getting this law repealed!

And before you think this law is about garden gnomes, know that it is about little people. As wild as it sounds, people used to throw them around in bars as some sort of sick sport as late as 1988, and frankly, we are happy this law got enacted.

The outdated and weird part about this law is that it had to be made in the first place!

But what can we expect from a state that has made it illegal to sell alcohol during hurricanes because people were throwing parties during such a high-alert situation?

weird and outdated laws
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Zero ads allowed

Hawaii has long decided to make their state one that is peaceful and idyllic, and the way they ultimately did it was by enacting the 1927 “Urban Beautification Initiative.”

This law has since made sure that no billboards can be enacted on the islands, with a couple of exceptions. If you’ve been here and wondered where all the billboards were, this is your answer; they’re illegal!

Some of the exceptions are public offices and anywhere goods are sold. Otherwise, you should expect to never see any outdoor ads since they are unlawful. And it seems like it’s here to stay.

While some think this law is outdated, what is your opinion on it?

Jail time for fortune-telling

If you ever thought Maryland may be a funny state, know that if you’ve ever attended a fair there where you could get your fortune read, then you may have had a slight chance of being arrested.

Yes, the Old Line State has made it illegal to tell the future through the use of palm readings, cards, and “any other scheme, practice, or device.”.

If anyone reports you for using your tarot deck with some friends, you can end up arrested. The wild thing about this law is that if you are found guilty, it is classified as a misdemeanor and punishable with a fine of up to $500 or even some jail time.

They definitely took scammers seriously!

These are just some of the weird, crazy-sounding laws in the United States. If you are craving to know more, this book here can help curb your curiosity until we make part two!

Laws have always been a testy subject, especially among those who live in the states where such weird laws exist. However, have you heard about this year’s most controversial laws that are about to come into effect? Check them out here and see if and how you will be affected!

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