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7 Interesting Facts About Jen Psaki – Former Press Secretary

jen psaki
The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Has the opportunity to shine

Because Donald Trump had four White House press secretaries throughout his tumultuous tenure, which did not last long and did not make a significant impact in terms of their fame, Psaki seemed to have a bright future ahead.

The first press secretary in the Trump administration was Sean Spicer, who had an interesting start by falsely claiming the crowd size at Donald Trump’s inauguration and later shouting at reporters for not asking relevant questions.

Next came Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who seemed to be more popular with the public through her appearances on Fox News, as she rarely held press briefings at the White House. She went 94 days without holding a press briefing.

The next in line was Stephanie Grisham, who never held a single press briefing during her nine months in this important role for the American public and beyond.

As for Psaki, she was very present at the press briefings. She enjoyed engaging with the public and answering questions from journalists, and she even encouraged them to ask her questions.

30 Responses

  1. She was an excellent press secretary; calm, non combative, assertive without being rude, and knowledgeable. She is missed!


    1. Spoken like the hater so many Republicans have become. You have chosen to be so uninformed, that you don’t want facts to get in way

    2. What did Jen Psaki lie about? Sarah Sanders sure did. That women lied and then had to admit she lied when she was interviewed for the Mueller Report. White House correspondent April Ryan said and I quote “she should be fired, end of story”, meaning Sanders. Sanders is an embarrassment to the office she currently holds and was also an embarrassment to the position she held in the past. Jen Psaki was 100% better than the garbage we had to listen to during the Trump administration.

    3. You’re threatened by her intelligence and strengths I see.
      I can tell because you used all caps and bad grammar. Just like a 300 pound former president.

  3. I’m arepublican, turned Democrat after the last president. I liked Jen, from the first press meeting. She was direct, never seemed paniced, very knowledgable and when she wasn’t sure or didn’t know something she sid so. Admitting you don’t know something is a strength not a weakness, e.g Biden -he makes a great point and then “drones” on with facts, (employment statistics, etc.) that noone hears or cares about. I love Biden and will vote for him again but those that advise him in his presentations should be fired. Make your point, in a few words people remenmber and shut up. Don’t drone go on and have republicans say you sound old and feeble. Churchill, Reagan -make a point and leave.

    1. no republican in their right mind would ever vote for Joe Biden. He was never very bright, but now he is a mess. He will also prove to be corrupt. For you to even consider voting for him again especially with the state of foreign affairs and the economy, I give up on your judgment.

  4. This woman is hand selected by the globalist cabal. She can lie at the drop of a hat. Paid hired gun that must be stopped. EVIL– no truth !!

  5. I never cared much for Jen Psaki as Biden’s press secretary. After she stepped down and we got KJP to replace her I gained a great deal of respect for Psaki. She always seemed prepared to answer questions posed by reporters. Her responses may not have been wholly truthful but at least they weren’t inane like those of her successor. I feel I could discuss topics for which we have differing opinions with candor. Jen, please come back and replace KJP. I may not agree with you but at least you don’t make me sick to my stomach as KJP Does.

  6. I really liked Jen Psaki. I wish she were still the press secretary. But let’s face it this is a very difficult job that burns most people out. What more can be said…

  7. How did Psaki maintain her balance with so much “circling back”…? Lying Communist Democrat.

  8. Why is it these Republicans can only use such disgusting adjectives for their response?? You can disagree without calling someone a liar. To what are you referring when you do so??
    I like Jen Psaki a lot and am grateful for this piece of information.
    The true liar in this country that I love is Donald Trump and the Republican Congress and Trump followers. It seems that if you don’t like someone you threaten to kill them or call them a liar. Really???

  9. After I watching the news yesterday and witness an idiot President that I voted for nibble a little girl in Finland that squirms away from him was the last straw. I can see the reason that Jen resigned she continued to lie because what he told her what to say. This 95 year old first vote was for a great president Harry S Truman that was a business man and Democrat from Independence MO, owned a men’s clothing store. Now we have a president to never worked a day in his life and thinks his dictatorship is the best for we the people. I’m changing my party as of today. It took me after 95 year of age to see what the Democratic Party has come to, yes dictatorship. I’m so glade that I watch different news channels one that is truthful and it not what I use to watch NSBC. It open my eyes. My food Bill since Biden is horrible there is times I can only eat a banana for dinner to make it for my next unemployment check. I’m happy I don’t have a car anymore I would not be able to drive it gas in Calif over 450 cents a gallon but enough is enough from 95 year old that finely came to his senses. Your young people if you were fishhooked like me be ware.

  10. Jen Psaki lied from the first day she took the podium and never looked back. Now spewing her propaganda on the leftist network. She is smart, I’ll give her that

  11. Jen Psaki never answered relevant questions, her replay was mostly “circle back” to that and never did answer questions.

  12. Strange that you do not mention Kayleigh McEnany who was an excellent Press Secretary for the previous president.

  13. For anyone who reads a respectable newspaper (i.e., The New York Times) or has a decent high school education and who doesn’t watch only Fox News, Jen Psaki is intelligent, forthright, sensible, and impresses everyone with her veracity and knowledge.
    We probably wouldn’t have millions of people following a cult leader like the former guy who lacks all the positives that Jen Psaki has. I want us to continue to have a democracy which we nearly lost with the narcissist who lies, steals, and lacks any semblance of morality.

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