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7 Weirdest Things Joe Biden Does at the White House

Joe Biden
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It seems that “Amtrack Joe” is now “Marine One Joe”

One of the most unfortunate and trivial consequences of the Capitol events is that Biden, who took over 8,200 round trips on Amtrak, had to cancel his plans just to take a train to his inauguration. Luckily, now there are many other exciting transportation options, and sometimes he even invites friends to come with him.

President Biden doesn’t like living in the White House

We’ve heard it many times that the former president wasn’t very keen on living in the White House. Truth be told, it’s quite understandable why he preferred his gold-coated palaces. However, as Biden marks his third year as POTUS, we now find out that he tries to spend every single weekend away from the White House, more than any other president did.

In fact, in the first 29 weekends, since he became president, he only spent six of them at the White House. For 14 of those weekends, he was in Wilmington, Delaware, and for eight weekends, he went to Camp David, a well-known presidential retreat in Maryland.

Even if Biden repeatedly mentioned how flattered he feels to live in the White House and how he greatly respects the staff, you can easily tell that he would rather be in Delaware.

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