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7 Weirdest Things Joe Biden Does at the White House

Photo by Stefan Holm from Shutterstock

If you find out that Biden has a Peleton, then he’ll have to kill you

As you read that President Biden’s favorite snacks are ice cream and taffy, if you’re anything like me, the first thing that you thought was, “Where does all that fat go?” Well, we’ve tried to solve that mystery, too, but it seems that this is the kind of secret that he will take with him to the grave.

According to The Post, Biden works out every single morning, but the White House vehemently refuses to tell the world if a Peleton is involved or not. All we know is that he lifts weights with a personal trainer. Also, throughout his 2020 campaign, he biked a lot, both with a traditional bike and a Peleton.

But overall, it seems that his current Peleton preferences are a state secret. In fact, the West Wing staff isn’t even allowed to reveal whether the president brought his stationary bike with him. It’s a mystery that remains unsolved.

Jokes aside, there’s a very good reason why President Biden doesn’t want the world to know if he uses a Peleton or not. The famous stationary bike brand has built-in cameras and microphones, and the last thing the White House wants is for the Russians and Chinese army to snack in front of a television where President Biden is on full display.

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