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50 Strangest State Laws In America (Part Two)

If you thought we were out of strange laws you’re wrong! This is the second part of some of the strangest state laws in America 

As we showed in our last installment of strangest state laws, the United States may be a nation of law and order, but some of those laws fall on the bizarre side of the fence. We’ve already had a look at some of the strangest laws from Alabama to Missouri, now we are going to take a look at some of the strangest state laws from Missouri to Wyoming.

And rest assured, if you thought part one had some downright bizarre laws on the books, it just keeps on getting weirder and weirder. So, let’s carry on looking at some state laws that’ll have you dropping your jaws.

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26. You Can’t Give a Rat As a Gift In Montana

Who doesn’t love to receive presents from their loved ones? Some people do like to keep rats as pets, however, if you live in Big Sky Country, you’ll not be receiving this long-tailed rodent any time soon as it is unlawful to raise, sell, or give away rats. The only exception is food for reptiles, birds of prey, or both.

27. People With Venereal Diseases Can’t Marry In Nebraska

Speaking of presents to give your significant other. In Nebraska, if you have had the misfortune of catching a venereal disease (another way of saying a sexually transmitted disease) then don’t expect to be walking down the aisle any time soon as it is illegal for people with these afflictions to get married.

28. You Can’t Sit On The Sidewalk In Nevada

For a state that never sleeps, you could forgive people for wanting to rest their bones, even for a moment. Not if you’re in Reno, Nevada. There is some logic to this law in the Silver State as resting your weary self by sitting on the sidewalk might be great for you, but is a bit of a public nuisance for those just going about their day.

29. Don’t Touch The Seaweed In New Hampshire

Who doesn’t love a romantic evening stroll along the beach? Well, if you happen to be doing that in the Granite State, then you better keep those hands away from the seaweed that lines the shore. The reason it is illegal to carry or pick up seaweed off the beach at night goes back to colonial times when seaweed was used as fertilizer, so taking it off the beach meant you were essentially stealing a valuable commodity.

30. Bullet Proof Vests Are Illegal In New Jersey For Criminals

Committing a crime is bad enough, but if you happen to be committing (or even attempting) that crime in New Jersey then you better not be wearing a bulletproof vest when you do it. If you get caught then not only will you be charged for the initial crime but you’ll be charged separately for wearing the vest.

31. ‘Idiots’ Can’t Vote In New Mexico

This law can be rather cruel in its wording as in New Mexico it is illegal for an ‘idiot’ to vote. Essentially the law states that any ‘insane persons convicted of a felonious or infamous crime’ does not have the right to vote. Just say that then???

32. Slippers Are Banned In New York After 10 pm

There’s nothing more relaxing than slipping into a comfy pair of slippers after a hard day’s work. If you happen to live in New York you’d better enjoy that before 10 pm as it is against the law to wear them after that time. Why? No idea.

33. Drunken Bingo Is Illegal In North Carolina

Whether it’s charades or even beer pong, we all like a good game when we’re enjoying a few tasty beverages. That’s not the case in North Carolina if you are a fan of bingo as it is against the law to sell or consume any alcohol in a room while a bingo game is being played.

34. No Fireworks After 11 pm In North Dakota

If you’re a pet enthusiast then you will surely love this law. However, if you love celebrating the 4th of July, then you’ll probably not want to do it in North Dakota as those celebrations get cut short at 11 pm. They don’t call it the Peace Garden State for nothing.

35. It’s Illegal To Sell Dyed Chickens In Ohio

Where to begin with this one? Why on earth you would want to dye a chicken (the law applies to rabbits as well) in the first place is beyond us. But if you find yourself in Akron, Ohio, it is considered animal cruelty to do so.

36. Horse Tripping Is Illegal In Oklahoma

Another animal-related law that has us scratching our heads as to why you would want to in the first place, is horse tripping. The intentional roping or lassoing of the legs of an equine, followed by the intentional causing of the equine to trip or fall is outlawed in the Sooner State as it is seen as animal cruelty and for being a bit of a jerk.

37. You Can’t Hunt In Cemeteries In Oregon

While most people bring flowers to the graves of their dearly departed loved ones, in Oregon, you’ll be breaking the law if you also bring a gun with you as well. The law was established in Beaver State after a hunter was charged with harvesting an animal on cemetery grounds. No respect for the dead then?

38. Paying a Psychic Is Illegal In Pennsylvania

The Keystone State doesn’t look too kindly on those practicing the dark or mystic arts as it is against the law to engage in things like fortune telling, tarot card reading, and other such practices in exchange for payment. I guess no one will be crossing anyone’s palms with silver any time soon in Pennsylvania.

39. You Can’t Race Horses On Highways In Rhode Island

The Ocean State doesn’t horse around when it comes to the safety of the citizens using the highways because if you want to test the speed or race your horse over a public highway, you’ll be looking at a $20 fine and up to 10 days in jail for this filly infringement.

40. Minors Can’t Play Pinball In South Carolina

It would appear that lawmakers in the Palmetto State believe that playing pinball is a gateway game to heavier games as if you are under 18 years old, it’s illegal for you to partake in this arcade game. While we understand the law itself is rarely, if ever, enforced, what did they think would happen if a minor did start firing those metal balls around?

41. You Can’t Sleep In a Cheese Factory In South Dakota

We all know that it is illegal and dangerous to fall asleep behind the wheel, but we think lawmakers in Mount Rushmore State might have taken it way too far as apparently it’s also illegal to fall asleep behind the wheel….. of cheese! The logic behind this, as with any factory work, is it’s probably not a good idea to sleep in any location operating large machinery.

42. No Sharing Netflix Passwords In Tennessee

From old laws to something a bit more modern. In those days, the Volunteer State decided in 2011 to pass a law aimed at hackers who sell log-in credentials in bulk. Although admiral, if you happen to ‘volunteer’ your login details to a friend, this law applies to you as well.

43. You Can’t Sell Body Parts In Texas

While it is encouraged to become an organ donor so that you can help others after you pass, if you are looking to do it while you’re still alive to make a quick buck, you’re out of luck in the Lone Star State. It is illegal to sell your kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, eye, bone, skin, or any other human organ or tissue. For those desperate to sell parts of themselves, hair or blood, blood components (including plasma), blood derivatives, or blood reagents are just fine.

44. Don’t Bite a Boxer In Utah

Slamming your fists into the face of an opponent has been accepted for as long as the sport of boxing has been around, adding teeth to the mix is a big no-no (looking at YOU Mike Tyson). If you happen to be exchanging blows in Utah and decide to taste your opponent while you’re at it, you’d be breaking state law, and most likely the other person’s skin.

45. Women Have To Ask Their Husband’s Permission To Get False Teeth In Vermont

Yea, our jaws dropped open when we read this one….. This bizarre one goes back to a specific case in 1856 when a man was ordered to pay for a plate of mineral teeth’ his wife had ordered without informing him. Since then, women in the Green Mountain State had to provide dentists with written permission from their husbands to wear dentures and no one has thought to overturn this law.

46. Over 14’s Can’t Go Trick-or-treating In Virginia

We all remember going trick-or-treating when we were kids, but if you find yourself in Chesapeake City at Halloween time, there is an age limit. If you’re over 14, you are banned from partaking in this great tradition. Why? If you have teenagers you’ll understand. The ban was implemented after a slew of complaints about older teens wreaking havoc in the city.

47. Vending Machines Can’t Be Attached To Utility Poles In Washington

Although this seems an oddly specific law, the reason why it is unlawful to attach a vending machine to a utility pole is that it is considered a hazard to the lives of electrical workers. However, if you get permission from the company who owns the pole, that’s perfectly fine AND their workers get a tasty treat while risking their safety.

strangest, laws
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48. No Hats In Theaters In West Virginia

This may be an old law in the Mountain State, but we are sure it is one that cinemagoers appreciate to this day as there is nothing worse than sitting down to watch a movie only to have your view obscured by the hat-wearing person in front of you.

49. It Better Be Butter In Wisconsin

You’ve probably heard of the product I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Well, if you live in the Badger State, you won’t….. because it definitely WILL be butter (unless you ask for permission). This butter-loving state all but banned butter substitutes unless requested by the customer in fear of sudden allergic reactions.

50. Building That Cost $100,000+ Must Have Art In Wyoming

The Equality State might be known for its beautiful nature with its seven national parks, but it should be equally known for its apparent love of art. A law passed in 2013 states that if you construct a building that is worth more than 100k you are required to have 1% of funds allocated to art for the building.

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