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Remembering Barack Obama: 7 Memorable Things the ex-President Did

Did you like Barack Obama as president?

Some people say that Barack Obama was the best president America has ever had, while others say that Donald Trump was a better fit for what the US is. Regardless of which side you’re on, especially since they’re both extremely different and don’t have the same political views, some people can’t disagree with the fact that he did some impressive things during his time at the White House.

If citizens didn’t like him as a leader, why did he get elected as the head of the country 2 times in a row? Well, as we’ve previously said, there are some things that people absolutely loved during his time in the Oval Office, so we’ve thought about looking back at his political career and discussing a couple of things about the 44th president of the country.

So, do you want to know what were the things that made the population a little weepy? Let’s begin!

Barack Obama
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1. The new law: Obamacare

Is there a politician who doesn’t make a lot of promises during their political campaign? Whether they decide to respect them or pretend that they couldn’t do it, those promises exist, and people are proof of that.

However, it seems like former President Barack Obama wanted to keep his commitments when he became the leader of the country, so in March 2010, he officially signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is a health care reform law that is popularly known as Obamacare.

It’s hard to make things right from the 1st time, so this was also the case with this law because the politician received many threats and challenges from people who sympathize with the other political party.

But he didn’t give up, and people were happy to notice that the Affordable Care Act gave millions of formerly uninsured American citizens the chance to benefit from health insurance that they couldn’t previously obtain.

What do you think about Obamacare? Do you think that it was a good choice?

2. LGBTQ rights

Another thing Barack Obama did that made people consider him one of the best presidents ever was the fact that, in 2012, he became the 1st leader of the country to openly discuss and support marriage equality. What was the result, you might ask?

Shortly after he publicly made the statement, the Supreme Court ruled that people who are the same gender are allowed by the Constitution to get married and grow old happily.

Besides that, Barack Obama noticed that many states were not okay with the LGBTQ community, and in 2016, there were many attempts to decrease the civil rights of these people. However, the American president didn’t agree with other people’s opinions, so he became a vocal critic of their mean efforts.

As a result, the former leader of America issued many rules that were meant to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination, mainly prejudice based on gender identity.

Barack Obama
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3. He stated that he’s a feminist

This is definitely one of the things that made tons of people happy. While some people think that being a feminist is all about thinking that women are superior and completely neglect the rights and roles of men, you’ll have to think again; this impressive movement actually stands for equal rights for everyone, regardless of citizens’ race, gender, and even nationality, so you can think of it as a greater good for everyone.

There were many times when Barack Obama stated that he was a feminist, and it inspired a lot of citizens to analyze their values and think about what they wanted to present to their children.

Speaking of that, he 1st stated that he was a feminist while he was at the White House’s 1st United States of Women Summit. After that, he submitted an essay to Glamour magazine for their 2016 September issue, in which he talked about gender equality.

Barack Obama also mentioned that he and his wife, Michelle, did everything they could to raise their daughters well and taught them how to speak up when they feel that someone judges them based on their race or color, as well as in times when something like this happens to people around them.

The former president also added that it’s important for his daughters to see role models around them, and if they know that their dad is a feminist, they would expect no less for any other man.

4. He made efforts to combat climate change

Climate change is a huge problem for people all over the world, and Barack Obama observed that and tried to give citizens a wake-up call. As you probably know, the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 was very important for global efforts to get rid of climate change, and politicians made sure the results were good.

In 2016, China supported the US’s efforts regarding the protection of the environment, so they joined the activity. Therefore, the former president of the country developed his own engagement in preserving the country itself by forbidding offshore drilling.

Barack Obama wanted to say more about his initiatives and maybe inspire other people to do small things that in the end can help make the world a safer, more natural, and better place, so he said that his mission is to try everything he can so that all kids can have a beautiful and healthy planet.

Barack Obama
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5. Inauguration day

In 2009, when Barack Obama became president of the United States for the 1st time, he also became the 1st black person in this position. Millions of citizens huddled in the country’s capital to watch him take the oath of office. Many said that he delivered an impressive and heartwarming discourse that had the power to inspire even the most pessimistic citizens.

His discourse could be described as motivational because he tried to inspire people to have faith and patience and to be strong and brave even when things and times are uncertain and seem hard and painful. What do you think? Did you like his discourse, or do you think that it was too sentimental?

6. His response to the tragedy

Gun violence is definitely one of the biggest problems in the United States, and when 20 students and 6 teachers were killed in the terrifying butchery that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, Barack Obama immediately took action.

Plenty of citizens were devastated after the massive incident took place, and the president of the country didn’t agree with the bad things that were happening, especially since many other mass shootings took place on America’s territory.

When he noticed that things were on the verge of getting worse, he introduced a sequence of executive actions to add gun-control measures in 2016. What are your thoughts on the mass shootings and massacres that keep happening in the US? Do you see any solutions to how this problem could be solved?

7. The It’s On Us Campaign

Another big problem that Barack Obama identified in the country and wanted to put a stop to was the physical and intimate assault that was happening on college campuses. He wanted to raise awareness of the things that were happening during that time, so in 2014, he launched a campaign called It’s On Us, in order to protect women and men in the entire country.

When the campaign was launched, Barack Obama and the then-vice president Joe Biden called on lawmakers, students, and faculty members to take a step forward and raise awareness regarding the issue. He tried to provide better and sufficient resources to sufferers to protect them.

Barack Obama stated that it’s everyone’s duty to take action when something bad happens, and in 2016, he signed the popular S***al Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights into actual law, as a measure to combat the devasting things and protect the victims and survivors at the same time.

What do you think about the way Barack Obama presented himself as the president of the country? Did you like and agree with the things that he did? Whether you’re an Obama fan or not, write down your thoughts in the comments and let us know what you think.

If you’d like to discover the story of Barack Obama, here’s a book that will respond to all your curiosities! If you’re into politics and want to discover other things that happened in America, click here: What Has Biden’s Democratic Party Done Until Now?

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