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These Are the 4 Most Dishonest Politicians in America

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When we think about politicians, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you’d to ask us, we would respond with power. Yes, they have power, and they can use it in many ways. They can do good for the community, or they can do good for themselves.

Sometimes, having too much power in your hands might not work in your favor. And you know what? You actually don’t need a lot of it. Even a little power will be enough for an American politician trying to make some money.

On this list, we will mainly focus on financial scandals of any type, from bribery to extortion and shakedowns. Stay with us and discover the most dishonest politicians in America.

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      1. really? so corrupt he didn’t even take payment for being president. My business prospered under Trump. I lost 30K a year and had to lay off 8 men under biden. our nation is flooded with illegals that have raised crime. we spent billions on Ukraine that can’t be accounted for. I doubt you see what corruption is.——– I, Grampa

    1. Trump is Golden. He brings what he has with him to the White House. He lavishly supplies our armed service men so they can protect our country and he treats them with the respect they deserve. He brings about law and order. He uses common sense to negotiate with foreign countries. He seals our borders so drug Lords get caught saving millions of American lives while preserving their better judgement. Trump knows that druggies can’t help themselves or their country.

    2. Open your eyes, Trump never took a paycheck, worked tirelessly 18 hours a day. Was condemned for playing one round of golf. Had the Dems constantly at his throat. Trump made everyone’s life better. Just looking at our child sniffing, old relic that has lived off the backs of Americans for half a century and never did anything to make our lives better. My challenge to you is watch a few hours of Fox for the truth. And please get your facts before criticizing someone.

    3. Boy, are you in for a biiiiiiiig surprise when you find out just how corrupt Biden and his family really are? It seems you only listen to or watch the MSM which is the left arm of the Democrat party. Many people in our country will be shocked to the core when they learn the truth.

    4. How can you over look the Clintons and Bidens. There are 71 mysterous deaths a ruled suicides surounding the Clintons. 71 how many suicides do you personally know. Bidens have been selling out America to Russia, China for big money last count $30 million. Biden had a Ukrainian investigator fired for investing his corrupt son or he would not hand over the money for support promised by Obama. Can you spell extortion. Funny how you over look that. Not to mention the Russia Hoax about Trump that didn’t happen and was set up by Hilary. Not to mention the Clinton & Biden child molestation

    5. Suzanne, you forgot the guy in DC, the current president. I think most every politician in DC had swallowed the “All for me ” pill and how they can benefit their own bank account.

      1. Wow. Biden has done more for the American people in two years than his predecessor did in 4 years. Tell me one thing 44 did for the benefit of the American people. I’ll wait.

        1. Yea he has put a million people out of work and flooded our country with illegals that cost us billions to support. weaponized the FBI the CIA and other agencies. the benefits of 44? well, start with nearly complete employment. under 4 percent unemployment is considered full. he lowered taxes and made it possible for many to buy homes. Our food prices were lower as well as fuel. he started no wars and brought our servicemen home so they were not killed to protect useless and ungrateful nations. But nothing I would say will change your mind. try putting either one of your functioning brain cells to work and become a productive citizen.———- I, Grampa

      1. “C:\Users\nm4no\OneDrive\Documents\all things gov\corruption\coruption\Joe Biden Pressures Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor\Joe Biden Pressures Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor (360p_30fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4” how is this? ____ I, Grampa

    6. I guess you’re not paying attention, lol. Hunter is the first of the biden crime family to be indicted, many more to follow indluding corn pop’s buddy!

    7. So wrong. He didn’t even take a pay check. He and his children are sqeaky clean. Otherwise with all the investigations they would have found something. On the other hand, Biden and his son are totally. Corrupt.

  1. OK,…Nagin was convicted of 20 outta’ 21 charges but there’s no mention of his jail time..[if any] Why ? Also be prepared to put Joe Biden as your #1 crooked politician. With all the proveable/accurate evidence that’s being amassed, if he’s not indicted, impeached and wearing orange by the end of `24, we no longer have a Judicial system or our USA.

  2. There was once a statement made by a politician that said “If I’m elected, there will be a chicken in every pot!”
    Tell the public what they want to hear. Tell them at least one very, very, big lie, and repeat it at every opportunity, and the down trodden, and unfortunate populace that feel cheated will believe almost anything!!!
    That type of politician, I guarantee, will rob and cheat you blind.

  3. When you have people who have possibly 4 indictments looming over him and he still is running for President, his party is afraid of what he can do to them if they oppose himm something is wrong When do Republicans wake up and dump him. I have changed my affiliation to independent I will vote for who I think will change the HATE, RACISM, and over all lawness going on. I hope enough people will join that URGE We are better than that and deserve that from the people elected.REL

  4. Exactly name the things he did that was corrupt! He cared for and fulfilled everything he promised to us. What is wrong with you! You are not a good judge of character knowing who is your president right now that’s what you call corruption.

  5. Trump is the ONLY one to take on the FAR, FAR, FAR LEFT – Politicians – Democrats OR Republicans! The Biden Administration is a Disgrace!!! Wake up! Don’t let your dislike for Trump cloud your head for saving this Country.

  6. I would like to know why every Senator leaves office with much wealth. As far as who is the most corrupt politician? What difference does it make who is the most corrupt. Corruption is corruption. Good Lord!

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