Trump vs. Biden: 8 Key Differences You Should Know

Trump, Biden
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These are the most unbiased differences between Biden and Trump 

There have been more than two years since Joe Biden became the 46th American president. A lot of things have happened since then, some of which are marked somewhere in history. A big majority said that Trump was a better president because he is part of the Republican Party, while others said they would rather have a Democratic president.

We’re not here to judge who is better, because this ain’t our job! We’re here to write about some straightforward differences between the two, and by the end of the article, we kindly invite you to comment with your opinions.

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  1. To even comment on Donald Trump is an insult to my intelligence! But, you asked, so here is what me and my tribe think; He is a nasty, sickening, FAKE, unfeeling, loathsome, cheating, cry-baby whiner, who puts blame and destroys lives on ANYONE who calls him out, who truly needs to pay for ALL his years of deceit and criminal everyday behaviors, and the millions of lies he’s told to the very people who he begs money from, while lying about EVERYTHING that comes out of his mouth to his supporters!! EVERY WORD!!! This man has NO soul…..he is all that we know about evil!! Do you believe God enjoys what he’s doing to His people turning all of them against the very deepest values of what our country was built on? He thinks he can ignore the courts, the truth, and the punishment he deserves…..but it’s coming!! He is a sick human…an embarrassment and a fraud! The Devil in plain sight!

    1. God extremely concerns about the following things: safety of Isreal, obedience of children to parents, marriage between Adam and Eve, prayers everywhere, the sanctity of life, justice, freedom of religion, and God says, a country without walls is like a man whose spirit without restraint.Proverb 25:28

    2. Hello Guys,

      Thank you so much for citing my thoughts and observations about this [Trump] abomination. I am in total agreement!
      Bob Michaels

    3. 1,000 times I thank you for saying what “We the people” believe! I don’t put much stock in polls, since I have NEVER been in one. I’m tired of seeing his face, listening to the whines and watching his tiny hands wave everytime he speaks. He caused his puppets to follow what he told them. I think I’m still traumatized by watching these “patriots” use MY FLAG as a weapon to inflict harm on another American on Jan 6th,2021. I call him Teflon Man, because he gets everyone to do HIS bidding, he never lifts a finger to help anyone but his cronies. They all do his dirty work, and his hands are always “clean”, because he says he’s going to do something, and he doesn’t. When he turned on General Milley, and said what should happen to him, insinuated that America’s top general deserves to be put to death. You KNOW there is a “wacko” out there in MAGA land that will try to do just that. The “boy child” loves putting ideas in others heads, they do the crime, and he comes up smelling like a rose. SHAME on the GOP that wants to put his name on the ballot! SHAME on anyone who reelects him!

    4. Exactly how I feel about Biden except Biden is also incompetent. I bet a dollar to donuts that you are not a christian.

    5. Your description definitely fits Manchurian Joe Biden to a T-How’s that inflation and mortgage rate– Hard to imagine Joe Biden could conjure up enough dimwit votes to become a fake dummy POTUS
      Even with the aid of the ignorant and uneducated TDS dummies. Although majority of Dems now realize dummy Joe was the worst mistake of their life and are now remorseful for their stupidity to vote for the worst POTUS in American history with blood on his hands of 100’s of thousands in less than 3 years—Amazingly 25% of the dumbest of the Biden America hating dummies still support that likes of the total Moron Joe Biden. Stupid is as stupid does—-Congrats—LOL

    6. Another term with the Biden administration…..the puppet on a string and I fear for our country. Biden isn’t running it. The poor man doesn’t even know where he is.

      Our country is in trouble. I pray God opens the door for the leadership we need.

    7. Actually it sounds like you are talking about the Bidens…… I am shocked at all of the brain washed Americans that cannot see the facts. The Bidens have many million dollar mansions and they do not have a business and the income for a sitting senator is just 174,000 and Jill does not work.. So if you all think this family is not corrupt then there is no informing you of the truth. Even as a VP of the US he did not make enough to buy these homes. He is taking bribes and selling us out, Trump on the other hand made America safer, low to no inflation and energy independent. Cut regulations and stopped the invasion at the border.

      And for all of you that just cannot get past the TDS just remember that BIDEN is responsible for the disaster of AFGHANISTAN!!!!! And 13 dead military soldiers that were killed not to mention the 85 BILLION dollars worth of equipment and munitions that he just left for the TALIBAN!!!!!

    8. You are so right. Electing him again will totally ruin our country. Tha republicans are out to destroy everything our country represents and Trump is the ring leader. So vote NO on Trump.


    10. Sorry but you are wrong. Trump understands the value of human rights and how hold people accountable to work for a living and not just buy votes by giving government money to ellegal immigrants and young people without them earning the money the old fashioned way “First”. Get and keep A Job! Paying taxes long before getting hard earned benefits like medical, social security and public services. I see a current government destroying the future of our children by their easy handouts for free. They are “dumming down” our children.
      The mentality of our youth and the ellegals has now developed to an “You owe Me” attitude. They think that free money is something owed to them for being born and it does not cost them anything. There is no such thing as FREE money. Someone must pay for that with interest. In order to attempt to balance the growing Nationsl debt: The current government is taking away benefits for seniors who earned by people who actually worked hard all their lives to pay into taxes to support the government and programs. My heart goes out to the businesses that are struggling to get and keep employees in order to run a business. The new attitude of the young people is they do not actually want to work since they can get what they want from the government without earning it. Quality of customer service from those who actually go to a job has declined. MANY SIT OUT and SMOKE OR WORSE while on the clock; while customers just want to be served at that business. TRUMP may be a little rough in the political forms ; but believes in people who are responsible and want to actually work for money.

  2. I hope that Biden wins in 24,because if trump wins we as a nation are doomed. Trump is a fraud and
    an indited ex president and has no right to be anywhere near the oval office period. He has lied
    more times than i could count and has supported an armed attack on the USA.

    1. Are you nuts?? Everything you said about Trump is Joe Biden. He’s the biggest crook that’s ever been in our Government.

    2. Look Around. Really?
      We are already already doomed
      Brink of WWIII due to incompetent senile presidency where every enemy of the US is challenging our country. Trump may have many narcissistic flaws but at least he put this country first and the nations around the world respected his leadership. Can’t say that about our current president Get over your TDS and wake up. Weak inept president equals world chaos. Let’s hope your hurt feelings over mean tweets are the worst wounds you suffer.

    3. Biden has dementia. Why would you want him as president again? He has been the worst president we’ve ever had.

  3. Biden is doing the best he can given that he’s fighting an uphill battle against republicans and far right nut-bags. trump doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and cozying up to dictators who he wants to emulate.
    Biden is not as strong at fighting the right as I’d hoped he’s be and I do believe he’s getting too old to stay in this job, but come hell or high water, I’d vote for him anytime over a damned republican! Especially trump!

    1. Obviously, most Americans are onto you Marxist America haters. Your strategy of (projecting) on Trump and his 75 million intelligent Patriots exactly who you are and your own intent is not working anymore. The RUSSIA, RUSSSIA, RUSSIA hoax against TRUMP when it was proven with evidence that it in fact was the DNC, FBI, and Hillary Clinton herself that were in bed with their Russian counterparts—-Although I assume you wouldn’t know that since to the zombie noncognitive voter base not bright enough to consider facts. So, Lori tune into MS—LSD to get some more talking points and outright lies—So run honey get your daily download—-lmao

  4. I was once a Democrat but after seeing what’s happening at the border, lax laws (if any) lawlessness throughout our cities (smash and go mobs), general lawlessness (motorcycles on sidewalks), rampant homelessness (I see it live not on the news), rise in Fetanyl fatalities ( I work in the recovery field) and President Binden stance on foreign affairs I will not be voting for him. Financially I was better off under Trump. I think Trump is a loud mouth New Yorker and obnoxious but considering all that’s occuring and the lack of police , laws more and more although I don’t like guns I am thinking of getting one for my own protection.

  5. I rarely say never but… I can never in good conscious vote for Trump! Again and again he has been proved to be a liar and immoral person! He was voted in because of the dumbing down of America! Americans have become too busy trying to get money for “stuff” that they do not research the candidates. So many people are only out for themselves and admire him because that is his attitude!
    Heaven help us if Trump is re-elected. I will strongly consider moving my family to Ireland for the duration of his term! My grandchildren do not need to be subjected to the “s—- show that will begin again! Hopefully there will be a USA to come back to!

    1. Everyone said that they would leave the country the first time!! Lmao Biden doesn’t know where he is, on far too many occasions. Anyone who votes for him is putting the final nail in our country’s demise. The damned demo-libs are destroying this country from within. Everyone’s hate for Trump is blinding them to all the many things that the Democrats are doing. The media, from magazines to TV to radio and online is owned by the Democrats and unbelievably biased against any Republican, and cozy up to all the Democrats. Trump was attacked repeatedly from his running for president and all through his presidency. Biden has been supporting the middle east as he forgets all the Americans that need that help. Does Trump need to keep his mouth shut? yes he does. Does he need to act more responsibly when he talks? Yes he does. The Democrats are paying illegals by giving them medical, welfare, places to live, and straining our educators and getting translators, which is more money. I just truly don’t know how anyone can support the Democrats and their insane overreaching “laws” that will be shoved down our throats, whether we the people can afford it or not. There are many Democrats with shady backgrounds, and many affairs etc. But the media is quiet for those indiscretions. If Trump screwed around on his partners, why is that making you all sick with hatred? Besides, I didn’t vote for him because of his PERSONAL actions and his behavior before becoming president. Times were much more peaceful, prices of everything weren’t going through the roof, illegals weren’t seemingly welcomed like they are now. What has Biden done for God’s sake? His family is corrupt, and he’s no better. Just don’t expect to see stories about it, because he and all media hides it, and TaDa, it’s buried. Trump at least really loves America and wants the best for her. So do I. That is why I’ll vote for Trump.

  6. Trump isn’t the best choice, but Biden has shown he doesn’t belong in office. He has left the southern border wide open and who’s to say terror cells are not in the country right now planning an attack like they did in Israel? Biden needs to go.

    1. Are you for real? You must live in a cave in ALASKA!




    2. Just curious , were you as strong in disagreeing with seperating the children from the parents at the “wall”. Do you know that over 5,000 children were taken from their parents on Trump’s watch? Did you know that there was no documentation done for these children? Did you know that Biden has tried his level best to bring these families together? Did you know that there are still over 1,000 children STILL sepearated from their parents? Hate to say that the only thing I agree with in your post is that “Trump isn’t the best choice.” But, if there is no “better” candidate, the GOP WILL put his name on the ballot. If that doesn’t strike fear in your heart, then nothing will.

    3. Agree. Biden is not the answer. So many mixed feelings on both parties. Sadly, we have lost our confidence as Americans because of the poor leadership we have had.

      Many prayers that God will protect us. We are in trouble.

    4. I agree about your comment on Biden, but not Trump. Our country was in far better shape with him in office. He is rough around the edges, but gets the job done.

    5. I respect everyone’s comments and concerns. Whether you are a Trump supporter or Biden supporter isn’t my greatest concern.

      My greatest concern is that we learn to stand together ” One Nation under God”.
      We need God and prayer to be our first leader.

      Satan wants to divide us. The evil is from the enemy. Not God. Satan is having a great time and loving all this division and inability to focus on what really matters.

      My comments are not to critique others thoughts or beliefs. These are difficult, challenging, frightening times. We need each other.

    6. Is the southern border wide open? Define wide open, please. Does it look like Ellis Island in the 1890’s -1920, or more like this hemisphere in the 15th to 19th Centuries
      Terrorists have been here, pretty much forever! Salem Witch Trials. John Wilkes Booth. Sacco & Vanzetti. The 9/11 bombers didn’t just enter the Country that morning, they learned to fly in this Country. And anyone who participated in the January 6th riot did not have peaceful intentions.
      Trump has proven that his only interest is in himself, family, and a select group of loyal sycophants. Compare that last sentence with the regime that ran the Third Reich: Trump is a Fascist! Biden may make a lot of mistakes, he may appear weak; but he has our best (yes, yours & mine) interests in mind. Trump, as I’ve already stated, has only his own interests in mind. Trump only cares about what you can do for him, not how he can better your life. My choice is for Biden.
      Anyone who thinks they’re qualified to be POTUS should be automatically disqualified!

    7. Ignorance running rapid. Study, read, investigate. These things may not be your strong suite, but listening to so called news that has been deemed entertainment by the courts leaves one ignorant to truth.

  7. I want the former Republican Party back!

    Trump is a con man and I am stunned that he has any followers at all.

    Therapy and prison are what I would elect him to.

    1. What part makes him a con man—-working for no salary?—-Across the board tax cuts to the poor?
      Maybe no wars?—-Would it be his support of GOD?——Support for troops?—-How about not letting terrorists come into America’s wide open Southern border?—-maybe that he didn’t allow Mexican drug cartel to get filthy rich poisoning Americans with fentanyl.—-How about wa it because he had a high enough IQ to know the difference between X and Y chromosome? Maybe he was and is intelligent. Or because he stood for women’s rights and would never allow the (sexist policies of Democrats with their war on women as they have declared on women’s sports?—-maybe he’s not a monster and a masochist with a lust for butchering children promoting whacking off their anatomy? Then again how about he supports (parental rights) ?

      So why would anyone support DNC? antisemite? Their racism? Their sexism? Their support of Satan? $6 a gallon gas—-$12 a pound ground beef?—-8% mortgage rates?—runaway inflation?
      open borders importing terrorism?—-I could go on but to summarize for you haters it appears you all agree it seems you support JOE’S obvious goal of nuclear holocaust as he is doing his best to start WW3 as a result of his and your cowardness and tyranny??

  8. I could not disagree more with all of these comments, Trump is the best! His policies were good for America.

    1. Trump applauded both Putin and Hamas has done and is doing to Ukraine and Israel respectively. If you think that is a good thing then you do not have American values. Trump is a thief. He has been convicted in the State of New York for setting up a children’s charity for children’s cancer research then took that donated money for his personal use. Is that your values? You have no idea about American values!

    2. Where did you grow up in RUSSIA with a DICTATOR?

    3. Agree 100%. We better hope and pray Trump gets re-elected. Biden (or whoever is running the country) has made one heck of a mess of things and we are in trouble.

    4. Lawrence of course President Trump was the best .The ones who dislike him are usually the ones who think with their feelings not the brain. Trump is a leader & a no nonsense person & a non politician . What he did for this country in 4 years was amazing ,employment ,military,all but defeating ISIS .economy ,workers 104 retirement plans making money & doing it all while fighting the hate & the lies from the loons on the left! as they spend our tax dollars on proven fraudulent claims .These loons are like children who get their feelings hurt & are willing to give up their country to a buffoon who can barely form a sentence let alone run a country! Unfortunately the demise of this once great country will be at the hands of the left wing loons & some of them are not even aware their doing it !

  9. Trump is better than Biden in every respect. No contest. Trump better man and a better leader.
    Biden is a venal man. Corrupt to the core. He only cares about enriching himself and his immediate family. He (Biden) has destroyed this country with his policies. Under Biden we’ve seen wars break due to his policies; national strife; economic woes; a country divided. Biden was never a leader; is not a leader and never will be a leader. 2024: out with a fraud; in with DJT a true leader.

  10. After reading the above 4 comments, I agree with all of them! I wouldn’t vote for Trump if he was the last possible choice! Biden is doing his best and, obviously, he is getting old and looks and sounds it. However, he has our country’s best interests at heart and is a decent human.

    1. Biden is a fool and corrupt. HE isn’t running our country….he is just a puppet controlled by ‘someone’s’ money and personal agenda. Biden needs to be in a memory care unit…..not leading our country and making a fool out of it! We are in big trouble with him in office.

  11. Joe Biden has moral and values. I’m proud of the way he represents America. He’s knowledgeable and God fearing.
    Go with Joe! That’s my slogan. He’s doing the best he can.
    God be with him and America!

  12. We need to STOP using the former presidents name, and stop giving him a forum. He has singlehandedly destroyed our country by dividing us. He is a threat to our constitution. He is a sex offender, speaks horribly about people who don’t like him and uses inflammatory rhetoric. He has stolen from Americans by cheating on his taxes FOREVER. He is disgusting, fat, sweaty, greasy…wearing old suits that are threadbare (must not have found a tailor to steal from). He doesn’t pay for anything, just leaves the poor people who worked for him penniless. He is heartless, narcissistic and evil. He brought all of the snakes out of their holes. He tried to steal Americans votes (likely had help from Putin in getting the votes that he got) He sent people to destroy Capitol building.
    He had 91 indictments pending. He ruins the lives of everyone he touches. He follows the Mein Kampf book of how to be like Hitler. He should never be on the ballot. He stole and shared our country’s secrets.. he should be in a federal penitentiary for the rest of his miserable life.

  13. Wow, lots of TDS among this group. Biden is rotten to the core. On the record, because it is history, Biden gave the eulogy for a KKK leader, he has made numerous racist comments. Were you not completely floored about the Obama comment? Or are you too young to know history? Or calling adult black men “boy”? He smells and inappropriately touches young girls ON CAMERA! Before AI! Seriously!! But that is secondary to how he is destroying our nation. His family has laundered OUR tax money and made him and his family rich! You’re rooting for someone who came into politics poor and is now rich!! DJT came in wealthy, donated his salary to charities, and left the office with less wealth.. he was not perfect but much better than Biden. Bidenomics is a total failure, our borders are wide open with an untold amount of cartels just walking on in, deaths by fentanyl are up 300% and many young teens!, we are on the brink of WWIII. If you are not feeling any pressure or stress of what is happening in this world under this doddering fool, then you are complicit. The press in the 80’s was honest, they called him “Lyin Biden” that man wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him!

    1. So you are going to ignore how Ivanka and jerad made billions of dollars while working for the US government? I guess you didn’t see Trump’s tax returns and see how little taxes he paid..? Let’s look at all the corrupt individuals he brought into the government who resigned or convicted under Trump’s leadership.

  14. I wasn’t going to comment because I do not see this as an “unbiased” article. Definitely biased! The article is very well written yet does not share the details and facts rather it only shares half truths that are manipulated at times against both men and always slanted in favor of President Biden……yeah very biased. I was raised to be a Conservative Christian Democrat which my Democrat party now calls “Kennedy Democrats” and says we’re no longer welcome in the party or that those “Kennedy Democrats” remaining will soon “die off”. While I have never voted straight party line always did my own research to vote for the individual. Yet I voted for President Clinton, Vice President Gore and President Obama actually spent alot of my time campaigning for President Obama and I have even served in Democrat Party leadership at municipality and county levels. While I have always supported even encouraged open political discussions and civil respectful debate (will continue to do so) I have never and will NEVER be hateful, disrespectful or unkind in common discourse as well as I will always condemn and speak out against hate of any kind in anyway. My Democrat Party doesn’t exist anymore we’re no longer the peoples party the “big tent” party where ALL opinions an ideas are heard and seriously considered in respectful, kind and intelligent thought provoking discussion………that once great party started dieing in President Obamas second term to NO fault of his rather the power hungry, control freaking megalomanic unhinged narcissist’ behind the scenes trying to usher in a very real one world government. These people don’t want to lead us and definitely don’t want to really hear and consider what “we the people” have to say…….NOT lead us they wanna RULE us. This no longer proud to be a member of the Democrat Party U.S.A. Patriot has no use for the Republican Party or my own Democrat Party both major political party’s have long ago abandon “we the people”. It’s my hope that every American will register to, research the INDIVIDUAL candidates (Not citizen useless political party’s) and cast their INDIVIDUAL vote this election cycle. Now for ALL you mob rule, mob groupies who scroll the Internet to spew your HATE in order to discredit and discourage ANY voice that doesn’t follow, agree with or tow your views line of agenda…….please feel free to HATE away on my comments. You see I know that’s your right as it is my right to choose NOT to spread hate. Hoping all of us have a great day!

  15. Biden is the worst president I have ever seen.
    Biden left billions in American arms in Afghanistan, some of which is now being used to attack Israel.
    Biden has an open border policy which has crippled our country in finances and safety.
    Biden has run up a lot of debt for our country which will lead to higher taxes for generations.
    Trump is one of the best presidents I have ever seen.
    Trump strengthened our military, not weakened it.
    Trump started building our important border wall, to save American lives, safety and funds.
    Trump worked to cost savings and cut taxes for American people.
    Trump is the smarter choice!!!

  16. Even if Biden were to die in office he has surrounded himself with highly experienced people who know what they are doing and how to do it. With Trump, who is almost as old as Biden, we would be stuck his bunch of sycophantic, inexperienced crazies.

  17. As bad as Trump may be Biden is far worse.
    Highest inflation since Carter. Loss of energy independence. Ceding control of the border to drug cartels letting in over 6 million illegal immigrants and tons of fentanol and the list goes on and on.
    There is far more evidence to impeach Biden than there was for Trump.
    Corruption at the least.
    BTW Biden lies more than Trump did,
    He gets a pass because of his senility

  18. The Republican Party has went down hill since TRUMP took over the party .Trump should be nowhere near the White House . He is not only bad for his party but bad for our country . Because of TRUMPS control the republicans can not even elect a house speaker because the election deniers are blocking everything . If they caint even elect a speaker how can they expect to run the country . If they really want to drain the swamp . Get rid of TRUMP and all thr TRUMPERS . .

  19. I was born a Democrat and I will die as one. The Republicans are greedy people interested in power and reversing so many freedoms we as Americans have. I don’t choose to return to the dark ages! The color white is just a color. It doesn’t mean all opinions are smart.Personally we are all beyond the good old “boy” years who have never done anything the the Average American period.

  20. Considering the sh!tshow he walked into, Biden had done an exceptional job at taking on the plethora of catastrophe that he’s been faced with. The economy has stabilized far sooner than expected, a remarkable amount of stout legislation has passed, and he has unified NATO and our allies against our adversaries. This is all while the Nectarine Narcissist keeps throwing gasoline on the MAGAToddler fire.

  21. If there ever was an essential democratic(small d) to be at the right place at the right time to totally correct the absolutely correct, repair, and assist in this nation’s needed healing, it is Joe Biden! Although the framers of the Constitution could never fully anticipate what a catastrophe Trump’s election(including a minority of votes compared to Hillary), the contracted was totally UNPRECIDENTED(a word way to used to described his totally Unamerican time in office! I am so proud of President Biden’s current accomplishments in office and am very grateful that he may be deemed “the chosen one” in a real spiritual sense.

  22. At the moment I am unsure on who I will vote for as Biden’s age is a concern and Trump has
    become bombastic in his rhetoric. I am looking at the other candidates for now and will
    decide when the roster is completed.

  23. Im sick of liberals and their puppet Biden. They hate America and let illegals and terrorist in our country. We are no longer respected as a nation bc of the Dems. Just ask the democratic mayor of NYC how he feels about illegals coming to his city. There are no longer American values. The only thing Dems can think about is their hatred for Trump. Trump loves America even though he doesn’t have a good bedside manner.

  24. Come on folks! From the beginning of time, no man has ever been considered to have been perfect, not even Jesus who shunned family and asked everyone to obediently follow him.
    In terms of “corruption”, simply do the math and chart the differences between the two men: Biden vs. Trump. In doing so consider the legal indictments and the immoral allegations brought against each over the span of their entire lives.
    Then make your best moral and considered choice in the next presidential election!

  25. Not sure whether there is enough space to comment about each of the paragraphs listed above, but in aggregate, I will support the President over Trump if they both appear on the ballot in 2024 for a variety of reasons:

    First, Trump wants to be king, not president. Everything he did during the 2020 campaign starting with his claim that he could only lose was if the election was rigged set the baseline for his subsequent loss. As it turned out, the 2020 presidential election was probably the more free and fair ever. Everything he did subsequent to the election and resulting in the insurrection at the Capitol on J6 and still 147 Republican members of Congress voted to not certify the Biden victory tells me all that we need to know about what will happen if Trump is re-elected in 2024, and the Republicans take control of both chambers in the Congress. I am afraid that, due to the hyper-partisanship, tribalism, and Trump’s control of the Republican party apparatus plus his personal desire to be king, that should that happen, there won’t be a presidential election in 2028, and the republic known as the United States of America will cease to exist.

    Beyond this, everything else pales.

  26. Really, old man Biden sux and Kamala more sux-anyone who can’t see that Trump is the best choice ain’t living in reality; given the other candidates you Dems will never see what’s good for our country and if more of the same is our future-no comment is necessary !

  27. Joe has shown he has no morals , he is of the devil with his values, he is as crooked as they get, we are doomed either way, but GOD will be the judge of both men, with Trump we were beginning to pull ourselves out of a hole, now we are deeper than ever, we need a President that cares for what America needs not themselves

  28. President Biden has done nothing but hurt this country and the people of it. I don’t vote for Trump, I vote for the Republican party. Why? I vote against socialism. I vote for the 2nd Amendment. I vote for the Constitutional Republic. I vote for the police, law and order and the military and the right to bear arms. I vote for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored. I vote for secure borders. I vote for the right to praise God without fear. I vote for unborn babies. I vote for liberty, freedom and the American dream. I’m voting for the future of this country that the Democrats are trying to take away. I spent too many years fighting for this country to see the far left piss it away.

    1. Right on. Millions of democrats feel the same way but are afraid to say. For fear of being dragged out of their house at 6am by Bidens FBI.

    2. Everyone said that they would leave the country the first time!! Lmao Biden doesn’t know where he is, on far too many occasions. Anyone who votes for him is putting the final nail in our country’s demise. The damned demo-libs are destroying this country from within. Everyone’s hate for Trump is blinding them to all the many things that the Democrats are doing. The media, from magazines to TV to radio and online is owned by the Democrats and unbelievably biased against any Republican, and cozy up to all the Democrats. Trump was attacked repeatedly from his running for president and all through his presidency. Biden has been supporting the middle east as he forgets all the Americans that need that help. Does Trump need to keep his mouth shut? yes he does. Does he need to act more responsibly when he talks? Yes he does. The Democrats are paying illegals by giving them medical, welfare, places to live, and straining our educators and getting translators, which is more money. I just truly don’t know how anyone can support the Democrats and their insane overreaching “laws” that will be shoved down our throats, whether we the people can afford it or not. There are many Democrats with shady backgrounds, and many affairs etc. But the media is quiet for those indiscretions. If Trump screwed around on his partners, why is that making you all sick with hatred? Besides, I didn’t vote for him because of his PERSONAL actions and his behavior before becoming president. Times were much more peaceful, prices of everything weren’t going through the roof, illegals weren’t seemingly welcomed like they are now. What has Biden done for God’s sake? His family is corrupt, and he’s no better. Just don’t expect to see stories about it, because he and all media hides it, and TaDa, it’s buried. Trump at least really loves America and wants the best for her. So do I. That is why I’ll vote for Trump.

  29. I agree with Biden supporters. He beats Trump hands down! The issue with the Second Amendment also is better with Biden. The right to bear arms, while I support it, was written when it took 15 minutes to reload after a single shot. And single shots were all that existed. I wonder if our founding fathers would have more to say in that Amendment if they could see the future atrocities committed with automatic weapons on innocents, and having those weapons justified under that Amendment!

  30. Donald J. Trump should only be running for dog-catcher. He makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. When ranking our presidents he should be ranked about 100th. He has ruined our country and should be behind bars for his misdeeds.

  31. Biden is the worst president we ever had. A corrupt pedophile.
    AND Im A DEMOCRAT. Most of my democrat friends and family feel the same way.
    Also this survey reads like a propaganda piece from CNN. Lots of fake news. Why on earth would voters be outraged by tax cuts ,are you serious?

  32. If you think you will always get what you always got, do not be shocked if it is gone;

    Ever participate in your freedom – military, police, first responder, education;

    Freedom costs – look at our national debt- everyone wants but no one wants to pay;

  33. Trump is a business man , forget his personality and see that he has a great plan for this country , the middle east would not attempt war if he was in !
    The current president spent his life mating money for his family , he is a talking head for his last boss

  34. I get it, its really hard to admit you made a mistake, or admit that you were tricked into something, so you are trying so desperately hard to justify your choice, do you really need this clearly one sided poll to tell you what to think??? All you had to do was be alive between 2016 to present, and if you were paying attention AT ALL during that time, your choice would be CRYSTAL CLEAR!! You don’t have to tell anyone who you voted for, its all secretly done, because of course we know if you told your friends you voted one way, they might beat the crap out of you, and we don’t want that!! So admit you were wrong, even if its just to yourself, you don’t have to say it out loud, and lets come together to fix this mess we are in, stop these unnecessary wars, bring peace and stability back to this once great Nation!! USA!!!

  35. President Biden has tried every way he knows to work with a broken Republican Party. If we ever want to get this country back on track we need to elect House members that are willing to work as a bipartisan group to correct the many problems we have. As for gun laws, why should any upright citizen in good standing have any objection to an expanded background checks before purchasing a gun. We also need to remove the right to sell guns by traders and online. One more thing, the instructions for making ghost guns needs to be removed from social media and book shelves.
    As for Trump, he has proven to be an unlawful, self-serving person. He deserves to go to prison for the crimes he has committed. Especially for the attack on the Capitol on January 6th.

  36. It is a sad reflection of the country I served 10 years in the Navy for during Operation Desert Storm, that there would be ANY citizens of this country that would want a criminal authoritarian to be president of the United States. I read some of these posts and shake my head at the deprived state our country currently resides in. I am an Independent that realizes the extreme danger Trump represents to Democracy itself and the saddening support he has from a frightened Western European Anglo-Saxon slice of populace dreading progression to a unified America with Liberty and justice for ALL, not just a sector of the populace. I was horrified that he got so many votes in the last election, truly end times following for a man that could well be the Antichrist

  37. Most republicans got their heads up somewhere where they can’t see the light. Backbone is not in their vocabulary. Trump has them running scared. You have to wonder the stupidity of a huge number of Americans. Trump is doing nothing but leading them to barrels of kool- aid. Any american who thinks Trump cares about them or the people they love is a fool. He is a disgrace as an American, a human being, as a man, and a disgrace to our Constitution as president. I look at character to judge. He has had at least 20 prior officials under indictment, gone to prison, or crooks that have been pardoned, and now a group have been pleading guilty almost daily. No shame. The southern border, guns, etc etc are all secondary to me, those have been a problem for decades. Did mexico pay for the wall?!? That’s just ONE of Trumps fact checked 37,000 lies! And you could go on and on about the deficit. Trump raised it by 4T, some say more like 8T. The shitlist, could go on and on and on. And internationally?? He is loved by thugs. Overall, he is one scary man.

  38. I think it’s sad, Joe Biden looks like he belongs in an assisted living facility. Donald Trump the worst president in the history of the United States, belongs in Jail.

  39. In order to know who and what Trump is just read the book PSYCHOPATHY as it gives you the 20 personality traits that helps a doctor determines one a Psychopath and how dangerous he is. I read the book when he was running for President and make no mistake, he would “take care of Biden” before he would let Biden live to beat him out again. Trump’s neice has been right all along!!! Trump is the most dangerous man in the!

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