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3 Ways the Chinese Try to Turn American Voters Against Each Other

Chinese intelligence
Photo by William Potter from Shutterstock

Only recently, Microsoft warned that China has been using AI-generated images to sow discord among US voters. Now, real people are sharing the same divisive images without realizing that they are, in fact, sharing fake content.

Naturally, the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C., hit back, claiming that there has been “malicious speculation” circling in the media against China.

But since March this year, there has been increasing evidence that China has been using generative AI to create viral content that divides US voters on social media.

In fact, they’re getting better at it every day. Various China-affiliated actors are leveraging AI-generated visual media in a well-taught broad campaign that mainly focuses on politically divisive topics, like gun violence.

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  1. Do what I do, stay away from all political news and then just vote for the Republican of your choice but vote. Ha ha ha. An old line from a 1960 JFK First Family comedy album that said “Vote for the Kennedy of your choice but vote. “

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