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Trump’s Promises for 2024: What You Need to Know

Trump's promises for 2024
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5. Foreign policy

How many of Trump’s promises for 2024 are you familiar with? Another thing he mentioned is that he wouldn’t follow NATO’s collective defense provision and that if a member nation didn’t meet expenditure caps, it would encourage Russia to do everything it wants. Long story short, if a country doesn’t pay the taxes imposed, it would have NATO offering zero protection to the nation in trouble.

The former president has already promised to stop the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but he hasn’t provided any specifics on how he would accomplish this. In 2023, he stated that he would end the war in a couple of days if he’s elected president.

To implement his plan to terminate the “never-ending wars,” Donald Trump promised to replace the national security professionals who would uphold American interests with “warmongers,” “frauds,” and “failures in the senior ranks of our government.” In a campaign video, the former president also promised to stop the efforts of government contractors and lobbyists to persuade senior military leaders to go to war.

Furthermore, after President Joe Biden reversed the ban in 2021, Trump declared he would reinstate his “wonderful” travel restriction on citizens of several countries with a largely Muslim population to keep potentially radical foreign terrorists out of our beloved country.

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