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Top 12 Worst U.S. Vice-Presidents

Photo by Evan El-Amin from Shutterstock

12 Worst Vice-Presidents America Ever Had

Elections are coming up at the speed of light, or at least that’s how it feels. We’ve barely had time to acknowledge the presidency of Joe Biden and his administration, right?

Okay, that might also be due to the fact that both he and Kamala Harris haven’t done much since they won the elections, but that’s just another story. However, it got me thinking: What would be the worst vice president this country ever had?

Not to sound harsh or anything, but there are numerous jokes circulating around that Kamala is on vacation 24/24. These rumors might be a bit mean; that’s true, but it still makes you wonder how many of our vice presidents did something good for us or just waited in line to become the head of state. Let’s see the list, shall we? Also…quick question: who you would give this T-shirt to?

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