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7 Trump Kids Facts That WILL Shock You

Trump Kid
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Light On Politics Discovers The Scandalous Lives Of The Trump Kids!

You may know some aspects of Donald Trump’s private life. And this includes the fact that he’s been married to 3 different women…so far. But, you might not have been familiar with some of the nitty-gritty details of his family life.

While he’s been in the public eye for what seems like forever, there’s one thing we don’t talk about often enough. If we scale back from the man behind the podium, that signature hair, and Twitter, of course, we get to see his family.

Donald Trump is the father of 5: Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric, who are all from his marriage with model and socialite Ivana Trump. Then you have Tiffany from his marriage to Marla Maples. And finally, we have the youngest, Barron, who’s from his marriage to Melania.

Their ages all range, and while some Trump kids have been in the public eye, creating a name for themselves, there’s still so much to learn about this allusive family. On that note, here are 7 facts you didn’t know about the Trump children!

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