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Top 8 Government Conspiracies Ever Heard

Various regions across the United States have their own urban legends and controversial conspiracy theories that have gone down in history. Some people still believe that the government is hiding the truth from the public, and while this is not exactly the wildest accusation ever heard, it’s still a bit controversial.

However, we can all agree that now and then, it turns out to be true. Well, these well-known conspiracy theories strive to discover the real “truth” behind some of the biggest events in recent history, from the JFK assassination to secret governmental plans. Curious to know more? Let’s find out together!

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The Kennedy assassination

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy visited Dallas, Texas, in a motorcade. Out of nowhere, he was fatally struck by two bullets, dying at only 46 years old. As it turned out, Lee Harvey Oswald was the one who did it, being arrested for the assassination of the president.

Two days later, Oswald was killed on live television. At the time, a commission was gathered, known as the Warren Commission, to investigate whether he acted alone or not. Even if it turned out that he did act on his own, some couldn’t get used to the story.

Apparently, there are theories that would confirm that the CIA was the one that hired Oswald after the president’s response to Communism and the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Other people thought it might have been the Mafia, Cuba, or even the Soviet Union.

When videos of that tragic incident were finally released, people noticed that Oswald’s location made it impossible for him to have killed the president. However, a scientist concluded that Oswald was indeed the one who assassinated JFK.

American military installation, Area 51

If you’ve never heard of Area 51, you’ve got a surprise coming. Area 51 is located in the Nevada desert, and it is a military installation at the Nellis Military Operations Area. However, that’s not the reason why this military installation is so famous.

No, so many people got incredibly flustered about this place because there’s simply no map or government website that acknowledges its existence. Because of that, many believe there’s something fishy about this place.

Some might say that Area 51 is experimenting with aliens and spacecraft. But wait, there’s more: people think that a bunch of genius scientists gathered together to study a crash near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

To begin with, other people who never believed in the whole moon landing thing believe that this is where it was all “filmed.” The government explained that the facility is used only for experimenting with aircraft prototypes for the military.


As you might have found out by now, QAnon is a widespread conspiracy theory made by a group of aggressive people who think that Democrats and elites tried to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency. The group has a series of far-right conspiracy beliefs that claim former President Donald Trump secretly fought a “deep state” cabal full of satanic pedop*iles and cannibals.

It all goes back to 2017, when a supposed high-level government clerk decided to post on 4chan a series of details about the inner workings of the government. The person called himself or herself Q. As you can imagine, that’s when Qanon appeared.

As the group started a niche online forum, it soon became a mainstream belief system for many conservatives. Obviously, the evidence cannot sustain any of the claims within their conspiracy theories.

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The Safeguard complex in North Dakota is related to the Illuminati

The Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex in North Dakota was made to detect incoming missiles. The $500 million complex was built in the 1970s in the form of an unfinished pyramid, and it resembles very well the one you see on the back of a dollar, with a round circle on each face.

Somehow, the building was only open for one day. It opened on October 1, 1975, and closed the next day, on October 2, 1975, when Congress suddenly decided to end the program. As you can imagine, it led to many conspiracy theories.

Some might say that the building is used by the Illuminati (probably thanks to its pyramid shape, which is also known as a symbol of Freemasonry, the oldest teachings of a secret society).

The giant active volcano under Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is 3,500 square miles of pure wilderness, with many animals and wonderful landscapes. However, few people know what hides beneath the park—something a bit more sinister. Did you know that there’s a 44-mile-long active volcano underneath it?

Many say that if it ever erupts, it could wipe out America. The volcano erupted once, but 630,000 years ago. Some conspiracists are convinced that the next eruption might happen any day. Moreover, people think the US government is fully aware of this.

And it gets better: the ones who believe in this theory also have evidence: videos of animals running from Yellowstone, which they interpreted as a sign of imminent disaster. However, experts think that animals are simply running from tourists.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination

On April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. went onto his balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, and was fatally shot. The civil rights leader was rushed to the hospital but died at 39 years old. The killer, James Earl Ray, was eventually caught and pleaded guilty a year later.

Many people (Martin Luther King’s children included) believe that Ray didn’t act alone. Many believe that the FBI or the Ku Klux Klan was involved in the assassination, adding that, in their opinion, Ray was framed.

The US Justice Department thoroughly investigated the death three different times. At one point, they concluded that there was a high chance that it was all part of a wider conspiracy, but there’s still no evidence to support it.

People in Idaho believe that the government is poisoning them with chemicals

Some citizens in Idaho think that the state is the victim of government experimentation. They think that the government is constantly dropping chemicals from airplanes. They even have evidence pointing to chemtrails, or those white streaks in the sky that supposedly remain after a plane.

They say that those trails are full of chemicals. In fact, one man on YouTube even recorded a video of lengthy streaks in the sky as evidence, and many other folks backed him up, stating that they couldn’t see the mountainous landscape anymore because of all the chemicals in the air.

In 2015, 2,000 geese fell from the sky all of a sudden. They were found dead, and as you can imagine, many people thought it was because of those chemtrails.

Maine’s sixth governor, Enoch Lincoln, and the missing body

If you’ve never heard of him, Enoch Lincoln was a well-known poet and early advocate for black and women’s rights in New England. In 1826, he became the sixth governor of Maine, and throughout his term, he wanted the current site of Maine to become the capital. When he died in 1829, his body ended up in a crypt.

Well, in 1991, the crypt underwent an inspection, but nothing was found. Lincoln’s body was missing, which sparked a plethora of conspiracy theories. Some believe that state workers cleaned the tomb and forgot to put the body back (how could anyone forget such a thing?), while others think that the government was never buried. Up to this day, his body is nowhere to be found.

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