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Still Believing These 14 Myths About GOP? It’s Time to STOP!

These myths about the GOP are pretty famous. Did you know them? 

Since the year 1824, when the two major parties in the U.S. split, a lot of rumors started to appear, and everybody was actively trying to find out which one was better. We say that on both sides there are ups and downs, and it’s the individual’s choice to vote for whoever they find suitable for the country.

In this article, we will try to debunk all those myths and stick to the essentials. Curious about them? Keep reading because a lot of the myths might be pretty new to you, while others are already rusted.

And by the end of the article, please leave us a comment with your personal opinion. We love hearing from you! But now, let’s start with the first one:

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1. The GOP wants to undo the New Deal

It wasn’t crystal clear to everybody how important Medicare and Social Security are for Republicans. A lot of people believe that they want to cancel the New Deal, the very well-known program started by Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1939 to combat the Great Depression and poverty in America. Paul Ryan’s budget didn’t reduce spending; it shows the rate of growth.

2. Republicans are in it for themselves

Another myth that’s been circulating is that the GOP is selfish and mostly for themselves. Republicans are made up of people, some of whom can be viewed as egotistical. The GOP is acting in a way that they believe is best for all parties involved as a whole. And that couldn’t be that bad; after all, all countries put themselves first and then the rest of the world.

However, the Republicans want to have financial independence and provide for their families as much as possible.

3. The GOP has issues with women because of the abortion law

There is no surprise that most Republicans (if not all of them) are true Christians who believe in the concept of family. However, that doesn’t mean they hate all women because of the abortion law. They are rather interested in why single women don’t feel the need to start a family and be like married women. Maybe independence is the problem; who knows?

The conclusion is that Republicans aren’t against women, and this is only a myth, otherwise, why is a Metro Republican Women’s group still available?

4. Republicans are against education

The majority of Republicans support education that is fact-based rather than politically correct, but that does not imply that they are racists. We will get to those few bullet points later on in the article.

For instance, history may not always be captivating, but at least it tells the truth about what happened in the past because fabricating the past isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Republicans mostly want to allow kids to succeed on their terms and with their initiatives, rather than being indoctrinated.

5. The GOP doesn’t believe in a tight community

For a long time, many people said that Republicans want everyone to be on their own, which for some sounds a bit selfish and self-centered. But this is far from the truth because the GOP put their families, churches, communities, and other institutions at the top of the list, calling them “building blocks” of a strong society.

They support authority in the government but at the same time, they also want to develop a close relationship with the people. That’s why they find the Democrats’ ways of ruling inefficient and pointless. Who might be right? Or wrong? What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

6. They are obsessed with social issues

Another myth about the GOP is that they’re obsessed with social justice, when in reality, at various congresses, the Democrats were those who started discussions about abortion or other related matters. Would it be more acceptable to be silent rather than stand up and raise the real issues that society has?

We can’t say yes or no, we let you decide, but this is another myth about the GOP we just debunked.

7. Republicans are racist

We go to the most controversial point of the article, which is yet another myth about Republicans that’s been going around for a while. But this isn’t true; the GOP isn’t racist. Because they believe in authority and liability for one’s actions regardless of the color of their skin, this was misinterpreted as racism. Republicans believe that if anybody is guilty of something (a crime or a robbery), they’re supposed to do their time because this is only fair for them and the community.

8. They are against regulation

Over the years, Republican presidents and Republican-controlled Senates and Houses have not acted to abolish the SEC, FDA, EPA, FDIC, or other regulatory agencies. They take issue with onerous and illogical regulations. Republicans are aware that regulations have a cost in terms of growth, jobs, and innovation. Republicans also think it is absurd to think you can eliminate the danger.

9. Republicans are divided

Republicans come in many shapes and sizes, and they all have different opinions. Even though it can be challenging at times, this diversity of thought can ultimately lead to better and longer-lasting decisions because all the possibilities are considered. Being independent might be a good thing, but at what cost?

What is your opinion about this myth?

10. The “Tea Party” captured the GOP

The least conservative politician was selected by Republicans in 2012. The Tea Party has assimilated into the GOP and agreed to follow party officials’ orders. The debt ceiling agreement and a continuing resolution were both approved with majorities thanks to former House Speaker John Boehner. The GOP still supports annual budgets that increase spending while praising Social Security and Medicare.

11. Republicans are negative people

When it comes to narrowing down negative traits, most people tend to say that Republicans are by far the most negative people. But is this true? Maybe it’s because they are so interested in the values of our country or because they don’t tolerate certain things.

12. The GOP’s entire agenda is about tax cuts

First, Republicans have a ton of other proposals, such as increased trade, entitlement reform, school choice, and domestic energy production. Furthermore, back in the day, Romney said that he favors revenue-neutral tax reform (flattening rates and expanding the base).

13. They want to hurt the poor people

Liberals are wary of the market system being free, whereas conservatives hold the exact opposite view and believe that welfare reform is the most effective social program for helping individuals transition from dependency to self-sufficiency.

14. Republicans are against immigration

Because most Republicans are true patriots, they believe in legal immigration. This means they agree to receive immigrants in America, but only if they come across the border legally with all the necessary papers. We say that’s fair…right?

Please keep in mind that these are unbiased opinions, and we’re here to discuss facts and debunk myths without interfering with or arguing with people’s favorite parties.

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4 Responses

  1. All those points are not without fault. And some are good for Americans. But the good ones are cancelled out by the GOP’s support for the last president who is.a racist, criminal, lying fool.
    I will never vote Republican as long as that party continues to support Trump.

  2. Well, the 14 myths are true, you can see it in how they run things now. From trying to change voting districts to controlling a woman’s body, the GOP needs to step back. Roe vs Wade should never have been overturned, a Republican is holding up military promotions over abortion, which all stems from bringing religion into politics.

  3. I don’t see that this article debunked any “myths”. All I read were some broad statements without any supporting ideas. As commentator Allen Fenderson states, …the good ones are cancelled out by the GOP’s support for the last president… who is not mentioned in this article. Perhaps the authors don’t want to deal with the uncomfortable fact that the former president wants to completely dismantle the constitutional norms that the government is not his personal empire.

  4. How can you point the finger at Trump without acknowledging that our current president and the democratic party is self serving, corrupt, and paid for in full by the far left,or by another national entity. People that has so much hate for the past can be so totally blinded by the corruption right in front of them.

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