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Top 7 Most Notable Lies Donald Trump Said as President (Part. I)

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Years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that it would be so difficult to pick 14 lies from a president’s career. Yes, all presidents lie, but most of them have a modest list of untruths which mark their years in office.

As for former president Donald Trump, ranking the lies he said while at the White House can easily turn into an endless, depressing read.

However, CNN has somehow accomplished the impossible and chose 7 of the most notable lies Donald Trump has said during his mandate. These statements were chosen based on their absurdity, their impact over our country or how they speak actual truth about Trump’s character.

If you’re ready to embark on this not-so-pretty journey, it’s time to have a look at Trump’s most notable lies as we get ready to face their consequences:

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36 Responses

  1. Why is not anyone keeping track of the incompetent Biden’s lies, which he does quite often? And if he makes it the full 4 years which I doubt, he will easily surpass Trump’s supposedly lie count, like he is easily going to surpass any Presidents time away from the White House.

  2. Who gives a flip, all I need to ask myself is was I better off when Trump was president or am I better off now That Biden is president? Humm I know the answer to that and it is not Bidens pitiful ass. he is not a friend to anyone .

  3. This is where psychological exams would be helpful, especially for personality disorders, such as narcissism and psychopathy, as well as neuropsychological exams for people of his age. Regardless of his age, though, his refusal to believe that it was raining, when it really was, is just plain bonkers and in complete denial because of the lack of people on the mall during his inauguration as compared to Obama’s.

  4. He is no better than anyone else and they shouldn’t hesitate to throw the book at himfor what he has done and for what he is doing to this country.Like he said about Hillary Clinton lock her up ,thats what they need to do to him.

  5. I am amazed that people focus on things that did not affect our economy and did not realize that our country prospered because of Trumps policies. I’m sure that many of his advisors cringed when he ran his mouth in public about incorrect things, but he followed their advice on things that allowed our country to prosper. Cut regulation and allow capitalism to raise all of our standars of living. I think he would keep his mouth shut and just enact commonsense policies to limit the reach of govewrnment control, we would all be better off. (maybe not the excess government employees that we don’t need)

  6. and biden saying he would stop the virus. this was a new virus and remember he had the liar fauci telling trump what to expect. biden lies every breath and has for 50 years. trump was not a dr and listened to the liar fauci . he did more than idiot biden has. he tried to get the vaccines, he closed our doors to china and if he had been in office we would not have lost our economy with all of the mandates biden has imposed. trump did a great job comparing his to bidens. I worked h1n1 and never heard a word from biden and they left nothing for T rump to work with.

    1. Lady you must forgot over 600,000 people died before Biden was elected!! Those deaths are on your boys hand and you know that!! He did nothing about it until it was too late,but he knew about it and did away with the plan the Obama administration left him and you are defending this guy and he’s gives a 💩 about you

    2. You really should do some homework and put down the kool-aid. Fortunately biden doesn’t pat himself on the back with everything he does.

    3. You are so mistaken about President Biden, you overlook all the positive things that he accomplished! Just look at all the lies that Trump said while in office and compare! USE YOUR BRAINS!

  7. Oh, and the rewriting of history begins. I can only imagine the truthful statements by the current illegitimate President will be reported in the same manner.

  8. now that trumps lies have been published–when can I expect too the same report about biden–he has some really good one in his short time.

  9. If you look at Joe Biden s career, he lies constantly. He’s plagiarized people He’s lied about jobs he had He’s lied about bills he passed he lies about the border daily the economy. Plus he’s completely lost his mind so if you’re going to be fair do a similar story about him and Kamala Harris because she never tells the truth either and instead of them being called liars they say he misspoke or she was confused. So be fair and let’s do the same thing for them and I bet it would be far more than 14 or 40 or 400.

  10. when you refer to trump refer him as the anti-christ. Anyone who praise Putin for invading ukraine is the anti-christ, We are talking about a man who stood in front a church holding a bible upside down is the anti-chirst.

  11. Perhaps the Veterans Choice was a law in 2014. But it didn’t get enforced until President Trump pushed for it. Just like the Border. We had the laws in the books, but Obama didn’t enforce them. Only when Trump came into office was it actually following the laws.

  12. Wow ! President trump just picked this figure out of his hat. or did it come from the many researchers that were looking into covid. he had to rely upon data he received. getting data from each of the vaccine makers he just did the simple math and by the way that number was low. I dont remember him saying it was under control that was biden.———— I, Grampa

    1. what this story also fails to mention is when covid first came out every disease, death, cut, bruise, runny nose and splinter was filed under covid. We had, in my city, a guy who died on his motorcycle after being struck by a car. It was listed as a covid death. Same with the guy who came in second in a fatal knife fight. Yep, covid. So if you put any and every death under the covid umbrella, of course you are gonna meet your quota to continue your agenda. Funny now that covid is winding down, they are talking about a bird flu strain that will have Americans forced into mandatory masks again if Biden and his cronies get their way. Can’t escape the stupidity of this administration. And I thought Jimmy Carter was bad.

  13. When will we see all of Bidens lied printed. I’m thinking a democrat wrote this article it’s pretty much explanatory.

  14. How is the answer to Trump is a liar, Biden is a liar too. So Trump’s lies are okay?
    Does this mean you agree Trump is a liar but it doesn’t matter? Because someone else is also a liar?
    I mean clearly you hate Biden’s lies. What are your views on Trump’s lies?

  15. Disgraceful how even the tiniest insignificant white lie is magnified if Trump misspells something or miss states some trivial fact. The fact is Biden actually tells big lies everytime he opens his mouth.

  16. You guys remind me of a bad breakup you just cannot get over. Trump just haunts your dreams and thats hilarious! Let me remind you of just a sample of lies you conveniently overlook and I’m just shooting from the hip. I feel confident you won’t have the fortitude to read the examples below. At least half of this nation knows of your imbedded corruption, lies and racism. Change is coming!

    1. No tax increase on people who make under 400K as we watch his programs increase inflation by double digits.
    2. Biden told Americans he did not trust the COVID vaccine. Once in office he became a forces vaccine advocate.
    3. Biden called election laws “Jim Crow 2.0. Not only a lie of deception but Biden supported Jim Crow laws as a Democrat because thats who passed them!
    4. Biden has never spoken to his crackhead son about his overseas business deals.
    5. Hire 85K IRS agents to audit rich people. We’re supposed to believe this?
    6. Our half black VP called him a racist before she sold out to him for her own political gain.
    7. Biden eulogized a dead KKK member and called him his mentor.
    8. Putin is responsible for the gas prices after he shuts down domestic production and caused 10s of thousands of unemployed workers.
    9. Biden was a truck driver.
    10. Biden will be a president for all Americans. Then he calls people like me a COVID spreader and chooses Ukraine over a small town in PA.

  17. Bidens lies are more enormous. Trump boasts, Biden flat out lies. Like he never knew about his son Hunters business deals when he was VP. He was involved in one that can be proven and it involved China with Chinese intelligence agents but CNN claims the laptop is all about porn pics, far from it. Biden is without a doubt compromised by China.

  18. So Trump lied. Wow, what a revelation. A sitting President or politician stretching the truth or outright lying. Funny you never mentioned ‘if you like it you can keep it’ from Obama. ‘I did not have sex with that woman” by our famous Billy Boy. Every President lies or stretches the truth. You zeroing in on Trump just makes you a bad and one sided reporter. Most politicians lie to get into office with promises they know they can’t or won’t keep. Trump made a lot of promises on his campaign trail. He’s also one of the few Presidents who made good on a vast majority of them. So maybe it’s just your biased opinion and your blatant overlooking of the other side reporting. You might go back to journalism school and this time PAY ATTENTION when they talk about bias reporting and how a reporter should not have an opinion when they go to do a story. You failed on this one. Trump will eventually go down in history as one of the greatest AMERICAN Presidents. He also probably will go down in history as the second President ever elected twice with non-consecutive terms. Because if this country is happy with the way Joe Biden is running it, there is no hope for America.

  19. I’m constantly amazed by all the individuals who support Trump after all he has done to this country. I feel sorry for all of you who continue to believe not only THE BIG LIE with all of the conspiracies related to it and the perpetuation of the lies by FOX FAKE NEWS!

  20. The way Trump provoked the attacks on government buildings and employees is a disgrace to this country. Him and all who was involved should be deported. Who cares about a lie, they’re politicians, they all lie.

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