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10 Strange Florida Laws Not Even Locals Know About

Do you know these strange Florida laws?

Many of us have heard about the bizarre laws that exist in different states. These laws are predominantly found in midwestern frontier states.

In the 17th and 19th centuries, cattle rustling was punishable by death, whereas today it would be considered a minor offense. Today, we have lengthy court appeals that can last up to 20 years, whereas in the past, the “trial” would take just two hours.

During those centuries, North American settlers were expanding westward, and the need for a society with improvised legislation increased.

Since we often hear about these strange laws, it’s worth discussing those that exist in Florida, which residents may not even know. That remains to be seen!

We have selected 10 of the strangest laws in the state of Florida. Click next to read them and don’t forget to tell us your opinion!

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Illegal to fart in public spaces after 6 PM

If you ever plan to visit Florida, my suggestion would be to stay away from baked beans unless you’re planning to stay at home or in your hotel room that day.

Because, as the law in the Sunshine State tells us, it is illegal to fart in public places, but only after 6:00 PM. I don’t know if it’s more amusing that someone actually took the time to write this law or the fact that, for some reason, the state deemed it appropriate for the law to come into effect.

You can’t sell your children

Well, yes, you are not allowed to sell your children in Florida, in case you were wondering. But what’s really funny is that this law doesn’t mention anywhere that it’s illegal to sell someone else’s children.

The peculiar thing about this law is that it specifically states that it’s illegal to sell them “for cash,” and although I don’t like how it sounds, from a legal standpoint, I’m sure there are some who would argue that this “loophole” opens up possibilities (a thing I really don’t want to happen).

Let’s hope it wasn’t an intentional oversight by the Florida legislators and that they rationalized that the sale of other people’s children is covered under another statute, so it didn’t need to be mentioned here. However, of course, I cannot be sure about this.

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Don’t offend your granny

Not everyone may understand exactly what it means, but we have all heard of “disorderly conduct” or even “disorderly person offenses.” Generally, they refer to offenses such as public alcohol consumption, fights in the streets or bars, or gun threats. In general, that’s what comes to mind when you hear those terms, but in Florida, it’s a different story.

Florida Statute 877.03 states that you can charge a person with a second-degree misdemeanor if it is concluded that the person was “outraging the sense of public decency” or “disturbing the peace and quiet of persons who may witness it.”

The law itself is not bad; I believe a sense of decency should exist everywhere. However, what if absurd accusations are made? What if a person who is easily offended finds any minor activity offensive? Let’s say they are offended by someone chewing gum on the street, would the accused be found guilty?

However, if resorting to accusations such as shooting a firearm in public spaces, playing excessively loud music, or the typical street fights, then yes, Florida’s law could be something to consider for more states.

Unmarried women are not allowed to parachute on Sundays

It’s time to return to the obscure laws we don’t have an answer to. Apparently, unmarried women are legally not allowed to go skydiving on Sundays.

We all wonder why, and unfortunately, you won’t find the answer from me. I would love to discover the answers to the questions: why are unmarried women and not men? And why specifically on Sundays? Whoever finds this answer will be closer to unraveling the secrets of life.

Porcupines are not for intercourse

And now for something even more bizarre! This is one of the strangest laws in Florida that, unfortunately, I have heard of it before.

I know it doesn’t sound very amusing but rather sad, considering the fact that the law must have originated from someone who engaged in romantic relations with a porcupine.

Perhaps we should still be glad that this law exists and that porcupines are safe. I’m sorry for all the porcupine lovers out there, here is a t-shirt you might like.

Don’t accuse a man of being your baby daddy

If you don’t know who the father of your child is, don’t go around and accuse men of being your baby daddies because you can get yourself into trouble.

According to Sta. 742.108. criminal penalties will be applied if you wrongly accused a man of being the parent of your child. My advice is to be sure 100% before you accuse someone.

We have made an article for those who are interested in knowing the law, click here to find more How Well Do You Know the US Constitution? (5 Myths Debunked)

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Keep your pigs free

Because of the request made by extreme animal rights activists, which protects the mobility of pigs, especially pregnant females. Today in Florida, you are not allowed to confine your pig.

You might think that potbellied pigs are exempt, but it applies to any kind of pig. Only if the pig requires confinement with the approval of a veterinarian is it permissible. Otherwise, it must be free.

I’ll refrain from making bacon and sausage jokes, so I’m off to grab a bite to eat.

Straps for men!

If by any chance you know men who wish to wear dresses or do so regularly, please inform them that it is prohibited in Florida for men to wear strapless dresses in any location, whether public or private.

Is this discriminatory? Does anyone actually want to see a man in a dress? To each their own, right? However, the good news for these men is that they are free to wear any other type of dress, just not the strapless ones.

Should there be a law for men wearing dresses to also shave? Or…

Don’t fall asleep at the beauty salon

We, ladies, love going to the hairdresser, it’s a soothing zone that sometimes relaxes us so much that we fall asleep. Well, try to stay awake because it’s illegal to fall asleep under the hairdryer, and the fine is steep both for you and the hairstylist.

I’m sure many people get away with this fine at beauty salons, but be careful if there happens to be a police officer nearby who might actually penalize you.

No singing while in a swimsuit

Because the state of Florida has a stretch of 825 miles of beaches, many people spend time in their swimsuits on the beach while consuming alcohol. This is likely the reason behind this peculiar law.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying drinks on the beach and having a good time, but if you’re the type of person who starts singing as if you were on a stage after a few beers, you should know that it is illegal to sing while wearing a swimsuit.

But what does it mean to be intoxicated? Well, if your blood alcohol level exceeds 0.02, then you’re not allowed to do karaoke on the beach. Watch out for your vocal performances on Florida’s beaches!

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