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Biden’s Re-election: Taxes, War, and 3 Other Things to Be Changed

Have you heard about the changes that will happen in case of Biden’s re-election?

Is Biden’s re-election coming up soon? This is not something any of us can predict right now, but the possibility is just as high as having Trump go for another term. One thing is for sure: Biden’s pitch is that he is here to go for another term and ready to “finish the job.”.

However, we do not yet know what his plans are for the next term if he is re-elected. Contrasting with Donald Trump, who has not been shy about making statements about his political agenda if he is elected president, Biden has been more reserved, and he hasn’t yet released his plans as a way to push his campaign.

Despite this, we already know some of his goals, what he could deliver from his first term, and what he could not, along with areas of interest and things he would like to push forward. Given everything we know, we can infer what his plans for the next term could look like, and we have made our suggestion here!

Keep on reading to discover what Biden’s re-election campaign could look like, what you can expect, and some of the things that would definitely be prioritized on his agenda!

What are your thoughts on Biden’s re-election? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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1. Gun rights

Buden has been active when it comes to gun laws and legislation, and the White House has also announced the new office was made specifically to deal with and prevent gun violence.

The president has also signed legislation that aids officials in barring domestic abusers and other types of dangerous people and criminals from being allowed to carry and keep guns.

Yet, when we look at Biden’s goal of banning assault weapons, the issue has reached a stalemate due to Republican opposition, so a continuation on this issue is expected. Assault weapons were banned between 1994 and 2004, but the extension was not written in the text.

The proposal for the new ban has not been spelled out, but it will likely ban high-powered yet popular weapons such as the AR-15 and other similar guns and modifiers, universal background checks for those who wish to own a weapon, and intense scrutiny on gun shows and the sale of weapons.

2. Climate

Biden’s election has brought about good changes when it comes to tackling global warming, and his re-election is also set to bring about important changes. The Inflation Reduction Act has been seen to give a lot of resources to stop climate change, with the $375 billion going in part towards incentives for clean energy, financial aid for electric cars, and many other initiatives.

The next move when it comes to climate change on Biden’s agenda is to push stricter regulation on power plants and vehicles.

However, the U.S. is not on track to meet the targets when it comes to reducing greenhouse emissions, according to Biden’s plan. Independent analysts have looked at the numbers and found that the country is falling behind, while also warning that for the new programs to be effective, there will be a lot of work to do.

The biggest hurdle when it comes to climate change with Biden’s re-election is the red tape for energy projects.

The White House has been vocal about how hard it is under the current legislature to build new infrastructure (for example, transmission lines), but any change in legislation comes with a likely compromise with Republicans. Given their support of fossil fuel development, it is likely they will want to get more ground on this in this exchange.

There are a lot of things we still do not know about climate change, but specialists are trying their best. To understand Biden’s policies for climate change better, we recommend you read more about the topic. This book from Amazon (which has an updated edition coming up in June 2024) is the best gateway book to knowing more about climate change!

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3. Taxes

Taxes are bound to be increased after Biden’s re-election, but not in the way you may think. He is looking to do a lot of things, which means there would be a need for more money for the budget, so some taxes are predicted to increase. And by that, we mean the taxes on the wealthy.

During this first term, Biden has managed to implement a 15% minimum tax on all companies that have an annual income over $1 billion, and if he gets re-elected, he plans to implement more types of taxes on the wealthy.

The plans include raising corporate taxes, with the corporate tax rate going up to 28%, the top tax rate to 39.6%, and the stock buyback tax to 4%.

Bidean also wants to tax the wealthiest Americans, with a minimum of 25% for them—a levy that would be applied to both income and unrealized capital gains.

He called it the “billionaire minimum income tax,”  yet it would be difficult to implement due to opposition from the 1% along with a pushback from Congress due to Republican opposition to high taxes.

4. Policy regarding Ukraine and Israel

Biden will have to continue to tackle the two ongoing wars on two continents if he wins the election, including the potential fallout and the ripple effects we will see from that.

No matter if the fighting stops on either front, there will be fallout, and this is bound to shape the next presidential term, no matter who wins the race.

Despite the difference in duration between the two wars, with Ukraine going on for two years plus and Israel and Palestine going on for a couple of months, Biden is going to look to send military aid to both countries. He justifies it by saying it is vital to “U.S. national security interests”.

However, this is going to come with congressional negotiations, which are bound to be extremely challenging. We already know how Republicans are opposing the Ukraine aid bill and how it has been blocked for months before, and these plans Biden has will probably be met with the exact same opposition.

No matter what, the two conflicts are looking to need years of U.S. aid and involvement, with the newest news being that Biden wants the two-state solution to prevail in the Middle East.

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5. Civil rights

When Biden took office, on the smoke trails of the George Floyd protests and national upheaval about the racism present in policing and how that shapes the future of our democracy and the violent January 6 insurrection following his election victory, he vowed to address these issues.

Yet, it seems like he did not meet his goals, and a future term for Biden might seem to address these shortcomings and add other civil rights to his agenda.

On the policing issue, there have been bipartisan negotiations that have led nowhere, so Biden signed an executive order with input from police and activists. In the end, federal law enforcement rules changed, but it did little to change the lives and rules of local police departments.

Voting was supposed to be made easier for everyone, but the Democratic legislation backed by President Biden did not pass due to some members of the party refusing to sidestep Senate filibuster rules.

We will likely see Biden push for changes so that he gets what he wants on these fronts, with the abortion laws being a new area of interest. Biden has been noted to say that if Democrats end up picking more seats in Congress (where these issues have not been agreed upon inside party lines), he will push for legislation that codifies at a federal level the right to abortion.

There is also a chance that Biden will lose the election and that Trump will be president again. But what would happen if Trump was re-elected and he was also charged in one of his multiple trials? We have looked at all possibilities and created a few scenarios for what could happen! Check them out here!

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