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Key Trump Donor Mellon Gives RFK Jr Super PAC $5 Million More

A great PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign just got $5 million in April from Timothy Mellon, which is the latest donation made by the 81-year-old banking heir to the newest independent candidate.

The donation made by Mellon, who has been one of the key backing figures of Republican candidate Donald Trump, comes after another $20 million to the Kennedy SuperPAC. American Values 2024 ended a month ago in April, with $20.85 million cash on hand, according to the filing with the Federal Election Commission, after spending a huge amount of money to get Kennedy on state ballots and other expenses.

Mellon is the heir of the Pittsburgh-based banking family. He has given the pro-Trump super PAC, also known as MAGA Inc., at least $16.5 million since 2022. During the 2020 presidential election, Mellon gave a minimum of $20 million to another pro-Trump super PAC, America First Action Inc.

RFK JR Mellon
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According to another Reuters/Ipsos poll, Kennedy is bound to draw around 13% of national votes in a three-way matchup with Democratic President Joe Biden and Trump. It’s still unclear whether he would draw more from Democrats or Republicans.

Nevertheless, Reuters interviews would point to the fact that his voters are both Democrats and Republicans. Mellon’s contributions to the RFK superPAC, which can still get donations of unlimited size but can’t coordinate with campaigns directly, are basically an effort to siphon away votes from Biden and help Trump, according to the Democratic Party.

As Matt Corridoni, a well-known spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), explained, “MAGA Republicans are hellbent on portraying RFK Jr. as a spoiler in Trump’s race.” American Values 2024 seems to have disputed such contention.

Tony Lyons, co-chair of American Values 2024, added, “The RNC (Republican National Committee) also thinks Bobby Kennedy is a spoiler.”

In his own platform, Truth Social, Trump took aim at Kennedy, calling him “a Democrat Plant” and a “Radical Left Liberal.”

RFK Jr.’s candidacy has been bankrolled by his voice presidential pick, Nicole Shanahan, a well-known, wealthy tech lawyer from California. She donated to his campaign $8 million in April, according to the most recent campaign filing. In March, she gave another $2 million to the campaign.

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