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These Are the Worst 8 Presidents America’s Ever Had

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Can you tell who was the worst president of America?

If you take a minute to analyze your thoughts and opinions, you’ll notice that everything that exists in this world is actually subjective. And the political world is no exception to that.

While some people think that Donald Trump, for instance, was the perfect man to be the leader of the country, others think that a Democratic candidate might’ve been better for America.

Historians say that few presidents moved to the White House and left such an impressive mark on the country’s history as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington did.

Whatever your thoughts are, we can’t argue with the fact that every leader America’s ever had was special in their own way and did a couple of things that made the people and the country proud.

But the sad thing is that, regardless of how many good things they did, these politicians are still remembered for their mistakes. At the end of the day, we’re all attracted to things that shock us, right?

We decided to go down memory lane and actually talk about the presidents America has had since 2000. The good, the bad, and the ugly—we’ll talk about all of them in today’s article, so don’t go anywhere, and let’s take a look!

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56 Responses

  1. They didn’t even put Richard Nixon on the top 8 worst presidents.
    Donald Trump was not the worst president we’ve has. He should not be on this list. He did alot of good for this country and he created more jobs, he turned our economy around for the better. He was not perfect but he did more good for this country than bad.

  2. Dissagre with President Trump being one he cared for the Nation and not for the money he could make.

    1. Are you serious? Donald Trump never did a single thing unless it enriched himself or his family. Foreign delegations had to stay at Trump hotels. Government receptions, other functions at Trump hotels, etc, etc.

  3. Whoever came up with the list of the eight worst Presidents did it before Joe Biden was in. The Biden crime family is the worst Presidental Administration in US history. Out of control immigrants, record inflation, sold the nation’s soul to China . Those are just the most noticeable disasters. Joe Biden is a pathological liar and most of the mainstream media goes along with him.

  4. Donald Trump is the very worst, no question. The thought of him possibly being reelected in 2024 is insane, what’s wrong with people???

    1. you listen to MSNBC and the lying democratic party, that’s what’s wrong. You point out his faults, he does have some, but you don’t point out your own candidate. And Biden, Obama and the rest of the (D) list candidates are much worse. Look down, your bias is showing.

  5. President Johnson FAILED on many policies BUT he was NOT a traitor and led BLOODY Insurrection against the USA because he REFUSES to accept the results of a FAIR and LEGAL election that HE LOST…like Donald Trump did

  6. If you think for one moment that Joe Biden shouldn’t be on this list then you are crazy. He barely talks to the American people, and he may not have dementia, but he certainly has serious cognitive issues. Trying to make us by $60,000 electrical cars. And I could go on and on. Please quit with your bias!

  7. These comments about President Trump are total BS. He is one and f the best: best market ever, stopped the acceleration of migrants at the border, best economy, low inflation, lower crime, improved our military after Onbam decimated it and I could go on. You are so biased!

  8. Sometimes, people voice their opinions and are just giving out false information. If Trump was so bad, why are you not including Obama and Biden on this list, ahead of him? They both have made or are now making things hard on the American people. That is a fact and you’re opinion doesn’t count! You need to go back and check why both were not indited for crimes against the people. Biden lies every time he opens his mouth and so did Obama. Do you remember one of those dirtballs stating that they were going to bring back the military from the wars and once in office, increased the number?

    1. Why must the Trumpeteers ALWAYS say Biden is a crook when someone (like the United States of America) accuses TFG of crimes? Can you think of nothing original to say? How could you? You all just parrot TFG because you have no sense to think on your own.

    2. That is most IGNORANT MAGA statement ever. No one used this government to aid in their personal lives than than crook tRump. A guy that railed about Obamaand to this day is far less respected WORLDWIDE than than that orange jackass. Go back to your racist news outlets .

  9. Trump was the best. Biden is a traitor with a mission to destroy America as we know it. There should be only one name on that list because no one else comes close.

  10. Well for one thing Obama or Biden never attacked, sent a mob to attack our capital, or attacked their vice president. Either you support your country or you attack it, anyone supporting Traitor Trump is just as guilty as him in attacking it.

  11. Lou, to begin with learn how to spell. How are Obama and Biden making it harder on the American people? See you say this, you say that, but cannot produce any evidence.

  12. IOU should make comments when he has given up his emotional commitment to ignorance and self-delusion. And his understanding of Politics, International Affairs and the History of America is at best limited. They (Obama and Biden) both have respect for our Institutions and the rule of law. Trump has shown he has contempt for anything which does not personally benefit and glorify him. I have learned not to make judgements on anything until I am sure I know what I’m talking about. I suggest IOU take some time to read from credible sources in the above areas.

  13. I would agree, this seems to be a targeted piece aimed at Trump. Where is mention of Carter? And Biden who may not have a Secretary of State as a foreign agent but is one himself. And gifts from foreign countries, what about the millions Biden has brough in through being an accomplice to his son? I don’t like Trump, but his accomplishments are far too many to ignore.

  14. I think it’s obvious that they are left wing mainstreamers, and are not so great at determining the bad from the good. As bad as Obama was, Biden is far, far worse. The crime syndicate he has brought with him is absolutely horrible. From deals in China and Ukraine towards his families, his atrocious behavior is unbecoming the United States and the presidency. And going after Trump is turning our nation into a banana republic. Each one of the indictments of Trump follows the day after whistle blowers, and his sons own partner in crime, says a whole hell of a lot about how big of a loser he is.

  15. Who are the judges here? You mean to tell me that Obama, Biden, even George W. Bush were better than Trump????? Anyone can run for President. It does not need to be a career politician. For some reason these good kissers up believe that you should work your way up to the top. Not true. We need intelligent business people who understand the economy. America needs to regain her respect. Obama set race relations back 50 years for his own gain. Thankfully intelligent people saw right through the Liberal motives. So, since a bunch of liberals made this list only makes it more of a joke.


  17. Some will defend evil, lies and corruption to the very end…

    Donald J Trump is and will be the WORST
    President ever ever and ever! TRUTH..end of discussion !!!!

  18. Disgraceful! Probably written by Democrats. Biden has brought us into a recession, bordering depression! He and his son and family stole millions of dollars! Biden is clearly not of sound mind and his handlers guide him. Let’s not forget about Fauci overseeing the Wu Han Lab and our tax dollars used to create the covid virus, killing millions! Obama wasn’t much better. What did he do? He enriched himself. He did nothing for the Veterans, Black and Hispanics! Obamacare was a mess and increased in 3 fold!
    This entire article is designed to portray Trump in a terrible light. Our country was in great shape, when Trump left office. The wall was helpful, while Biden extended an invitation for all to come here! Gasoline, electricity, food, etc., have all become unaffordable. Illegals given cells, food stamps, money, housing, education, etc., while we the tax payers pay for all this. There is so much more to write, but there is not enough room here, to mention all the corruption of this current president and his predecessor, who apparently runs him. I am totally disgusted. Thank you.

  19. Where a person is the worst president is a reflection of how he performed his job, not whether you like him personally . Using the correct standard there is no question that Biden zkearly belongs on a worSt list The author of this piece has allowed his prejudice to overrule his common sense. Not to worry though, he is in good company
    Michael Halberstam

  20. Mr Trump in my opinion is not a good role model . He is a sore loser who refuses to believe he lost. We taught our children to be good sports when they lost hockey games that they really should have won but the referee made bad calls. Mr Trump is like a child calling everyone he doesn’t like stupid names. Mr Trump is a bully. Mr Trump is a liar. He is arrogant and Narcistic.
    He is too old to be President (so is President Biden). I will not be part of his cult. I truly wish a better Republican candidate will get electrd

  21. You are right. The subject matter is very, very, subjective. What’s the point. Many voters don’t know who the current President is, let along the likes of Franklin Pierse, John Tyler, and James Buchanan.
    This is simply an exercise in futility.

  22. This is a bullshit survey. Trump should go down as the second best President under Reagan. He called out the SWAMP and everyone attacked him. He is the change this Country is starving for.

  23. According to the National Debt Clock, 25% of our National Debt. was created under Donald J. Trump in only 4 years..
    The greatest increase in our countries history. That makes him #1 in this poll.
    Is this one of the polls that he’s always bragging about leading.

  24. Wow! Jimmy Carter, Ulysses S. Grant, Benjamin Harrison, John Adam, and John Quincy Adams didn’t make this list? Do y’all know anything about history? Anything at all?

  25. I still can’t believe that people voted for Biden over Trump. Biden is controlled by Obama, is, known for plagarism and lies, and never came up with a single idea on his own. Trump was not perfect, but at least he had the country’s welfare at heart.

  26. George W. Bush deserves a high place of dishonor on this list. With towering ignorance of the Middle East, he tried to remake the region, bringing the US into two regional wars (Iraq, Afghanistan) with no strategy to get out or figuring out what to do after we destroyed much of the region. The US will be paying for the stupidity and incompetence of his administration for a very long time.

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