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Biden, Trump agree to debate on June 27 and Sept. 10

  • The first debate in the presidential race is expected to take place on June 27.

U.S. President Joe Biden and Republican challenger Donald Trump are closely tied in the race to win the November presidential election, as Trump fights criminal prosecution and Biden manages to weather criticism over his support for Israel’s war against Hamas militants.

Around 40% of registered voters in the eight-day poll, which closed around Tuesday, declared they would vote for Biden, a Democrat if the election would be tomorrow, with the same share allying with former President Trump.

The dead heat was a bit different from a 1-point lead that Biden held in the latest Reuters conducted on April 29–30. The survey had no less than 2 percentage point margin of error for registered voters.

Plenty of voters remained on the fence, only six months left before the big day on November 5. Around 20% of registered voters in the poll declared they hadn’t picked a candidate, but were leaning toward a third-party option.

Others declared they didn’t plan to vote at all. The poll also discovered that 13% of respondents would go with Robert Kennedy Jr., a well-known anti-vaccine activist running as an independent. His support seems to have increased since in April he scored only 8% support.

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As nationwide surveys give a lot of signals on American support for political candidates, only a handful of competitive states tilt the balance in the U.S. Electoral College, which will hold the ultimate decision on who wins the presidential election.

Both candidates carry plenty of liabilities in the first U.S. presidential election rematch in almost 70 years. Trump also spent the majority of last month in Manhattan courtrooms, attending the first of his four pending criminal trials. This trial could also be the only one to go before a jury before the big election day.

The main liabilities when it comes to our current president revolve around concerns about his age, as he is 81 years old, but also strong (and increasingly stronger) criticism from a slice of his Democratic Party over his support of Israel’s war on Hamas militants. In the most recent weeks, protests have roiled in most U.S. universities, fueling ongoing concerns among Democrats that young voters could turn against Biden.

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