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Top 10 Most Embarrassing Gaffes Biden Has Ever Said

How many gaffes did Joe Biden do?

Joe Biden’s political career started almost five decades ago. Needless to say, any one of us would make plenty of mistakes during that time – some worse than others. Aside from the questionable decisions he may have made politically, there’s just something that stands out so much about Biden: his verbal gaffes.

In fact, he even admitted to being a gaffe machine in 2018 – and I think no one can disagree with that statement. Whether we’re talking about inappropriate remarks he later regretted or totally unexpected affirmations, Joe Biden is definitely one to remember in terms of verbal stumbles.

However, he’s not the Delaware senator he was back in 1972; Biden has been our president since 2021. Will he be elected again? He’s the man who must lead the country through one of the toughest times in a century. Will his gaffes ruin his political decisions or his relationship with politicians?

We don’t know yet, but we do know some of his remarks are remembered even now, several decades later. Today, we’ll have a look at the top 10 most embarrassing gaffes Joe Biden made during his career. Ready?

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The Obama offense (2007)

In 2007, Biden was Obama’s right hand as the vice president of our country. Like any good ally, he was trying to praise the country’s 1st president of color… but no one could believe the words that actually came out of his mouth during an interview.

Biden stated that Obama was a sort of mainstream African American, a man who was clean, articulate, and also bright. I must admit that there are a few moments more embarrassing than this one in recent politics—or moments that have had the same impact at the time.

Luckily, Barack Obama approached the statement respectfully with very few comments other than that he didn’t take Biden’s comment personally.

The Higher IQ (1987)

More than thirty years ago, Joe Biden was attending a house party in New Hampshire to start his 1st campaign for the presidency. At the time, he was serving as a Delaware senator.

One of the voters attending the party, high-school teacher Frank Fahey, asked Biden which law school he attended. His reply? He told the teacher that his IQ is probably higher than his.

Unfortunately for him, the scene was caught by C-Span reporters who released the footage a few months later when Biden was accused of plagiarism during college. Shortly after the incident, he gave up all intentions to run for president.

The ‘stupid bastards’ (2016)

In 2016, Joe Biden was invited to hold a speech to the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing in Abu Dhabi. He began his speech by praising himself for having elected a group officer to the Air Force Academy. The troops weren’t as excited as Biden hoped, though, with some of them refraining from clapping enthusiastically.

That’s when Biden snapped. He added another remark and, quite literally, told everyone present to clap for that, and then he called everyone stupid bastards.


What’s worse, he even felt offended when many service members were giving him ugly looks during the rest of the speech. But hey, at least it was a memorable event indeed!

Poor kids vs. white kids? (2019)

Joe Biden has made so many racial verbal gaffes that some people are starting to wonder whether he knows how to treat this issue correctly. A gaffe is a gaffe, right? Well, not when everyone has their eyes on you.

In 2019, for instance, Biden gave a speech to several minority activists in Des Moines, Iowa. Everything was going great until a statement silenced the room instantly, and he stated that those poor kids were just as bright and talented as white kids.

The pause made Biden realize quickly just what he’s done, so he tried to correct his statement quickly by adding that he was referring to wealthy, Asian, or black kids too, not just the white ones.

But the damage was already done.

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The fat liar (2019)

It seems like 2019 was definitely not a good year for Biden in terms of spicy remarks. Another episode regards a retired Iowa farmer who was particularly honest.

When farmer Merle Gorman met Biden he told him directly that he was too old to become president; then, he also mentioned Hunter Biden’s scandal with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

Biden got angry and told him he was a damn liar. He responded so quickly, that nobody could even process what was going on. Then, out of the blue, the farmer challenged Biden to a series of push-ups insisting on the fact that he’s not sedentary.

At some point, Biden just exploded, telling Merle Gorman to look at him and then calling that man fat. It didn’t take long until the incident went viral. Symone D. Sanders, Biden’s advisor at the time, repeatedly declared that he actually said facts instead of fat, but her efforts were hopeless.

The lying student (2020)

Clearly, Joe Biden can’t stand liars – but was a 21-year-old college student lying when she asked the president a simple question? Just a week after his fourth-place finish at the Iowa caucuses, Biden attended a campaign rally in Hampton, NH.

There, student Madison Moore asked him why voters should believe he can win the presidential race and how he can explain his Iowa loss. Biden asked her if she’s ever been to a caucus, to which the student replied yes.

After that, Biden’s gaffe stated that the student was a lying, dog-faced pony soldier, which wasn’t exactly his best words. Shortly after the incident, Madison Moore declared that she felt humiliated by Biden’s words and pointed out his inability to answer a simple question.

The black argument (2020)

One of the most heavily debated topics of 2020 was racism, particularly the one targeted at Americans of color. Former President Donald Trump had a major influence in sparking racial conflict, which has convinced many black Americans to cast their vote for Joe Biden.

However, Biden became questionable too after an interview with radio host Charlamagne Tha God for his show Breakfast Club. At the end of the interview, the host told Biden that there’s still a long way until Election Day and that our nation has more questions.

Here’s what Biden replied, which shocked the world: he said that if the host is in doubt about whether to vote for him or Trump, he must not be black.

It wasn’t long until the argument became viral and many minority groups started wondering whether the Democrats were, in fact, racists as well. Biden later apologized for his words, admitting that he had made a mistake.

The Indian Accent (2006)

Before embarking on the presidential run as Obama’s running mate, Biden tried to run for president himself. During an early rally, he told a voter that the majority of the population in Delaware has an Indian-American descent. That was fine.

What was not fine was his following statement, saying that you can’t go to a Dunkin’ Donuts or a 7-Eleven unless you have a slight Indian accent. That surely was a big gaffe.

Several Indian-American local groups reacted quickly by declaring that Biden’s statement was embarrassing. However, Dr. Raghavendra Vijayanagar from the Indian-American Republican Council expressed his gratitude that Biden is thinking about his community as well.

The Vice-Presidential debate (2012)

If you’re looking for a debate to remember, just re-watch the vice-presidential talk between Joe Biden and Republican opponent from the time Paul Ryan.

In short, the 90-minute debate was mostly filled with Biden’s ironic remarks, interruptions, and eye-rolling – the same gestures that actually made Donald Trump popular in a negative way.

When Paul Ryan began to explain how the tax-cut plan issued by the GOP looked a lot like Kennedy’s plan from 1960, Biden snapped, asking him if he was Jack Kennedy.

News reports from the time said that Joe Biden interrupted Ryan a total of 85 times. Now that we think about the 1st presidential debate between Biden and Trump in 2020, the 2 moments seem nothing less than ironic.

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Developing some disease (2021)

Last, but not least, we just have to include this one in our list of gaffes. A little over a week ago, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were attending a CNN interview together.

At some point, reporters asked the president how he would resolve a serious disagreement with his vice president to avoid conflict. His response was that he’ll develop some disease and then tell everyone that he had to resign.

Kamala Harris was just standing there in bewilderment trying to figure out an alternative answer that would get the 2 out of the embarrassing moment. Looking at the other gaffes on this list, though, this one might be the most harmless one.

While some are still bothered by some of his racial gaffes, others are praising him for trying to improve our national situation during such difficult times.

But the real question that matters is what do you think about Joe Biden? Did you vote for him? Would you support him in a new campaign? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section and let’s chat, because knowledge is power! if you want to discover the story of Joe Biden, and probably more of his gaffes, check out this book!

If you still feel like you don’t know our current president enough to have a solid opinion, our other resources below might help you out:

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47 Responses

  1. Biden is a globalist and repeats everything from the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset. Globalists are ready to give away peoples rights so the rich can continue to exploit people and natural resources. The COVID plandemic is the way to usher in the globalist 4th industrial revolution and introduce totalitarianism. We need to fight for our constitutional rights given to us by the founders otherwise we will be slaves to the elite corrupt system. I did not vote for Biden or Trump.

    1. The founders are turning over in their graves. What a mess our world, our country has become from the far-right violent insurrection (the worst) and white supremacy ideology and voter supresdion and science deniers, to the far-left and their “woke” bullshit (transgendered people are not just born that way) and make it easy for people to become bums, hobos and call them homeless and pander to them.
      Biden is much better for the country than Trump , who wants to be president for life and will rape the country of everything. We all better wake up to the truth and look inward and heal the divisiveness in our country.

    2. Said it truthfully and clearly for any one who is a true American and lives our country!!! This Administration needs to go! One tear of 1 disaster after anitger – AND THEY KNOW IT; THEY STARTED ALL OF IT AND LOOK WHERE WE ARE NOW. LIES UPON LIES AND A WEAK, WEAK PRESIDENT HAS THIS COUNTRY WHERE IT IS TODAY

  2. None of these rank in the top 1000 of Trump’s uninformed, incompetent , cruel or dangerous to the country mouth farts

      1. The trumpeter was the.most ignorant and absurd president we ever had. He was a global joke. I am happy that he was overwhelmingl voted out of office.

    1. You do not know what your talking about. Our current president (Biden) has no intelligence and cannot speak in proper sentences. Also, after he says something, minutes later he forgets most of what he says. Most if not all he says is a lie. His son, Hunter is a crack head addict and funnels under the table money to the Biden family. Look at all of the rioting, stealing and destructions that have occurred in major major cities. If you like communism and socialism then Biden is you man.

    2. Biden is leading us into world war 3 . The only way to stop a truant is to stand up to him and call his bluff. Not sit by and watch genocide. He might want to do something but he cans complete a sentence to find out.

    3. It’s a shame so many are uniformed by watching prejudiced news outlets. Name just one of President Trump’s uninformed statements. Why are you against making America Great Again?

        1. Wow, incredible statement. Incredibly stupid that is. Trump sent mean tweets…haha. Trump is an asshole I’ll give you that but Biden is a complete blubbering buffoon. ALMOST as bad as Osama, I mean Obama. Two worst presidents in history, by FAR!!!

      1. Trump’s numbers? What numbers?
        Trump never said one number about anything in 4 years. He only said “Unemployment is the best, my rally turnout is the best, believe me” Never specific about anything. If you asked Trump unemployment numbers, he’d have no clue. He can sure use a sharpie though.
        Plus, Trumps theory about “how could I lose election to Biden, he says “look at this line of cars for my rally”.
        With that specific number logic, the lineup of cars after an Ariana Grande concert was miles long. #Grande2020

  3. I always thought Jimmy Carter was the worst president in modern history, then along comes Barack Obama & saved Carter from that distinction, but now we have by far the worst president in modern history. Biden is without doubt the most incompetent person to ever hold the office & obviously senile. Biden has done more harm to this country in one year than even Obama did in eight. Biden is also surrounded by the most incompetent cabinet personnel I can remember, I’m especially thankful we didn’t end up with Garland as a Supreme Ct justice, would be as big a catastrophe as the 2 worthless female justices Obama nominated. The leftist media (arm of the democrat party) is the only reason Obama & Biden could get elected.

    1. What label did you place on trump? He did not know the truth. Did not have a political agenda except to benefit the wealthy, and destroy the court system by appointing unqualified people. He did nothing good for this nation.

    1. I agree he is the worst president ever!! All he seems to want to help are other countries & illegial immigrants with Americans tax dollars. It’s like legal residents of the USA aren’t his priority: everything is going up in price. He keeps playing games with oil products because he wants all cars to be electric.

  4. I could not agree more Garret. Trump is a business man…not a politician. Those sheep just don’t understand that government IS a business. Should be run efficiently, generating lower taxes, lower prices, lower unemployment, and smaller government, etc. The Left just wants everything done for them and for free. Most interesting…they now have all the power and they STILL can’t stop complaining about everything. Unreal.

  5. The world is smoldering and the empty suit in the WH is where? Riding his bike in Rehoboth Beach. Way to go Joe. Absolutely the worst.

  6. Biden may not be the smartest man ever to be president but at least he’s honest, concerned and trying to help this country. NOTHING trump did was for anyone’s benefit but himself! Look at todays republicans in government, they do absolutely nothing for this country. Stop abortion, get rid of social security, medicare and medicaid, tax the middle class into extinction, who cares about climate change, try to stop us and we’ll bury you, set black lives back a 100 years, put a stop to LGBTQ existence, get rid of same sex marriage…… the list goes on! Those who spout Christian beliefs have no idea what the word Christianity means! You have idiots like Boebert, Green, Gatze, McConnell and dozens of others who have no moral fiber period and have no aim except to shout their bigotry and anger at the world. Maybe all of them should go live in Russia since they seem to think it’s so great! I’d rather have Biden any day!

  7. I am no big Trumpster, but this guy is something else. I cannot think of one of his policies that has helped the country. Incompetent is the word that best describes Joe Biden. Now that he is going to fix the baby formula crisis, I feel sorry for babies and their parents. It can only get worse. I hope he stays healthy to save us from the even more incompetent Vice President.

  8. It seems Joe is in charge of everything and responsible for nothing —guess America is responsible for electing a 50 year career politician that is old, corrupt and incompetent —–someone that has never signed the front of anyone’s paycheck only the back of many of Ameria’s checks.
    I only hope the American people realize they need to fix this—-its past time that Ameria was no longer run by the so called elites and the vocal minority of folks —its your country —do something positive to fix it—-takes a long time to build something by hard working people, it only takes one, like Joe Biden, to burn it down!!!

  9. I’m sorry. I have to disagree with this list. These are normal everyday occurrences for Biden. Not one of these even makes the top fifty times he made an ass of himself. If these were the worst, we wouldn’t all know he a he’s a drooling idiot. But I can’t blame the man. Even though he has been an international criminal for his entire career, we should not make fun of a dementia victim.

  10. If Biden continues in office, there will be no USA. He is not being honest with the American public. He is a coward who will let the other powers in the world walk all over us and he is totally incompetent. Should never be holding any office. What is with these old politicians who never want to quit…… We need some young fresh minds defending us and encouraging us to succeed…. He is not making these decisions; he is a puppet being told what to do and say. I hope his eyesight doesn’t get any worse or he won’t be able to read the teleprompters. He needs to retire and enjoy the rest of his life. His press secretary is a total waste and also totally incompetent.

  11. May I suggest that you who do not approve of our president – run for president! These comments are not about the president, but about being democrat or republican – that’s politics! If instead of criticizing, why not consider sending your suggestion that will make a better America for the people – not the democrats or republicans!

  12. Whether you liked Trump or not is not the issue. I was a Trump supporter because I thought he could help our country economically….and he DID, because he is a businessman, not a hacky, untrustworthy, politician! Biden however, is on the road to total disaster regarding relations between the U.S. and foreign nations. With his penchant for making social gaffes, as well as now looking mentally incompetent, we’ll be lucky to get out of his tenure without a war (perhaps most likely within our own country)! Put political party loyalty to the side and make an informed decision on which candidate can do more to advance the great U.S. of A. (Whether you like them as a person, or not!)

  13. No President in the History of this Nation has done more harm in so little time. Inflation, high gas and oil price’s, rampant unemployment, absolute failure in Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of 13 Service members, falling stock prices and higher interest rate. A Border that is wide open. Not to forget the epidemic of drugs flowing across that open border. Biden has weaponized the Justice Department and the FBI in an attempt to suppress anyone who disagrees with his agenda on education. He has used to FBI to attack those who disagree with his political advances and to protect his Son and himself from the corruption that the two of them were involved in when he was VP.

  14. I cannot understand why Biden is minority favorite? He insults them. racial slurs, He is always saying something to insult them his wife insulted them . Yet they follow like sheep. Take insults and put him in office again? He disregards them as soon as elections are won. Where is their dignity.? why is this OK with them? Can some one explain this? Please? No matter what is said, they except this. He makes them victims and they except being a victim. I don’t get it. They accept ,Being victims because he tells them they are? I don’t get this? I guess for some, it is a way of life?

  15. Without trying to evaluate these “gaffes” I would express my opinion that a president who commits gaffes is infinitely preferable to a president who knows not whether he is telling the truth because he is intellectually incapable of telling the difference.


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