These Are the Worst 8 Presidents America’s Ever Had

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Can you tell who was the worst president of America?

If you take a minute to analyze your thoughts and opinions, you’ll notice that everything that exists in this world is actually subjective. And the political world is no exception to that.

While some people think that Donald Trump, for instance, was the perfect man to be the leader of the country, others think that a Democratic candidate might’ve been better for America.

Historians say that few presidents moved to the White House and left such an impressive mark on the country’s history as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington did.

Whatever your thoughts are, we can’t argue with the fact that every leader America’s ever had was special in their own way and did a couple of things that made the people and the country proud.

But the sad thing is that, regardless of how many good things they did, these politicians are still remembered for their mistakes. At the end of the day, we’re all attracted to things that shock us, right?

We decided to go down memory lane and actually talk about the presidents America has had since 2000. The good, the bad, and the ugly—we’ll talk about all of them in today’s article, so don’t go anywhere, and let’s take a look!

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  1. Sometimes, people voice their opinions and are just giving out false information. If Trump was so bad, why are you not including Obama and Biden on this list, ahead of him? They both have made or are now making things hard on the American people. That is a fact and you’re opinion doesn’t count! You need to go back and check why both were not indited for crimes against the people. Biden lies every time he opens his mouth and so did Obama. Do you remember one of those dirtballs stating that they were going to bring back the military from the wars and once in office, increased the number?

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