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I am capable of accessing information I want on my own and don’t welcome the junk mail I get from too many sources. I delete it all, block addresses, and unsubscribe but taking my time to do that irritates me. I specifically choose never to interact with any company, organization, or candidate that sends (or contracts a 3rd party to send) any unsolicited mail because I find their methods intrusive and disrespectful of my time. Remove me from all lists for any group, company and organization you shill for. Yes, I know you are unlikely to comply with my request, but it’s worth a try. Jeff guevarahttps://lightonpolitics.comkivgirl@comcast.netUnsubscribe Don’t want thisMichael Gilhulyhttps://lightonpolitics.commjgilhuly@comcast.netjunk spamPLEASE REMOVE FROM LIST.Donald Trumphttps://lightonpolitics.comheadfish@aol.comYour newslettersFuck you and fuck your spamMariehttps://lightonpolitics.commarieboyer2@comcast.netUnsubscribe Too many sites. Didn’t ask for subscriptions.DThttps://lightonpolitics.comdennistheo@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe meBob Schultzhttps://lightonpolitics.combsdds@comcast.netopt outPlease!! dont include me in all or any emailsDianehttps://lightonpolitics.comdburgy@comcast.netUnsubscibeI don't want any emailsJohn Houghtonhttps://lightonpolitics.comgriswold03079@comcast.netUnsubscribeTrash! All of it!!!! Sell this to some uneducated idiots.Robin Kanellhttps://lightonpolitics.comrkanell@comcast.netUnsubscribe me for all Need to be unsubscribed for all sites .Karen Morganhttps://lightonpolitics.comgaryandkarenmorgan@comcast.netUnsubscribeDid not request these messagesSteve Woodburyhttps://lightonpolitics.comsaluki4@comcast.netdeletePlease delete me. After reading your 8 worst presidents I've had it! This country was in the best shape ever with Trump. Now it's in it's worst ever with Biden. You figure it out.T Smithhttps://lightonpolitics.comtdsmi@comcast.netUnsubscribeI am overloaded with too many emails. Unsubscribe me from all if your publications.stevehttps://lightonpolitics.coms@gmail.comxxxxxxxxnever send me email again. you are a ass hole. Sally Allenhttps://lightonpolitics.comsallyannallen@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me from all items.Doreen Stankovitshttps://lightonpolitics.comdemingo@comcast.netWheelchair requiredI want to make sure i have a wheelchair to get me to gate B6. Needed for my difficulty in walking a distance due to neuropathy and back issues. Thank you. Doreen Stankivitshttps://lightonpolitics.comdemingo@comcast.netWheel chair neededI need wheelchair to get to terminal B6 because of neuropathy in my feet and back issues. Thank youSusan Bitnerhttps://lightonpolitics.comsusanbitner@comcast.netUnsubscribing Doesn’t Work?How many more times do I have to Unsubscribe before I stop getting these emails??.Carol Parikhttps://lightonpolitics.comcapcooks2@comcast.netUnsubscribe No more, please!!Dhttps://lightonpolitics.comdebbiede1@comcast.netNo emailNo emailssandyhttps://lightonpolitics.comfcs77@comcast.netrubbish stop sending me all these rubbish emails i have NEVER signed up for...NO significance to meEthel Lawsonhttps://lightonpolitics.combisilawson@comcast.netRe: emails Not interested, please unsubscribe me Thanks Lynnhttps://lightonpolitics.comlynnkey@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me. The buttons on your sight don’t work to do so.Robert Wielgoshttps://lightonpolitics.combob.wielgos@comcast.netToo Many Emails Take me off all your email lists. I get too many emails and I have not signed up for these lists. trudy szczesnyhttps://lightonpolitics.comtrudysez@comcast.netunsubscribeDelete me from all categories - not interested in receiving them!!!!william udyhttps://lightonpolitics.comudy3567@comcast.netunwanted emailsYour site out of Bucharest Romania keeps sending me unwanted emails even though i unsubscribe, or try to. i also route your emails to my Junk Mail folder but they keep coming from different senders. Please find a way to stop thisJohn Doehttps://lightonpolitics.comrenniksr@comcast.netNoneYou dirty bastards instruct me to press the YES - UNSUBSCRIBE ME button, only there is no YES - UNSUBSCRIBE ME button. Cute. Well, UNSUBSCRIBE ME.1234https://lightonpolitics.comvictorandann@comcast.netUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe MeChttps://lightonpolitics.comcyncrews@comcast.netUnsubscribe meI have requested to be unsubscribed from all your mailings at least 10 times. Please remove me for ALL your mailings or I will report you Mae McDonnellhttps://lightonpolitics.commae606@comcast.netUnsubscribe Trying to unsubscribe from all these emails, I am not interested inPenny Sheltonhttps://lightonpolitics.compennyshel@comcast.netWanting to unsubscribe to all of this junk.Did not subscribe to any of this junk and I don't have the time nor the desire to read it. Teresa Burrhttps://lightonpolitics.comtburr@comcast.netPoliticsI am eliminating information on politics because there is just too much discussion on politics in my life. I find myself getting too involved with the discussion when I need time to do other important tasks.Richard Wilson https://lightonpolitics.comrwwilson6@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Sherihttps://lightonpolitics.comsmoise@comcast.netUnsubscribe mePlease remove me from your list smoise@comcast.netStella stenroshttps://lightonpolitics.comthestenros@comcast.netYou won’t unsubscribe meI have for months blocked, and unsuccessfully unsubscribed. This is very frustrating.None of Your Businesshttps://lightonpolitics.comian.evans@comcast.netFuck offI never requested your emails!! I never gave permission to you, to inundate me with your rhetoric. I’ve asked to be removed from your mailers multiple times with no result. You’re now on a growing list of online companies that will sued for harassment.Wiehagenhttps://lightonpolitics.comjmrycol@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Charlene Ugwu https://lightonpolitics.comugwuc@comcast.netDO NOT SEND ANY OF YOUR PUBLICATIONS TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS All your publications have been marked as spam. TAKE ME OFF ALL YOUR PUBLICATIONS Charlene Ugwu https://lightonpolitics.comugwuc@comcast.netDO NOT SEND ANY OF YOUR PUBLICATIONS TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS Please Unsubscribe NOT INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!Dinhttps://lightonpolitics.comerty@camcast.netNone wtf does this mean sandyhttps://lightonpolitics.comfcs77@comcast.netstopplease stop sending me these useless rubbish emails geez William F. Dawson,https://lightonpolitics.comwfdawson@comcast.netunsubscribeUnsubscribe me from all your posts.Robin L Kanellhttps://lightonpolitics.comrkanell@comcast.netSite removalHave asked to be removed from all sitesJudith O'Donnellhttps://lightonpolitics.comjudithodonnell@comcast.netunsubscribe me from allI have repeatedly ask to be unsubscribed from all your emails PLEASE STOP SENDING THEM!!!!!!!Juliushttps://lightonpolitics.combusmanjr@comcast.netUnsubscribe Not interested Carolyn Muellerhttps://lightonpolitics.commuellerck@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Michael Nagranthttps://lightonpolitics.commnagrant@comcast.netunsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all of your mailings. Thanks.John Mendoeshttps://lightonpolitics.comjmendoes@comcast.netUnsubscribe DeceasefDorene Levyhttps://lightonpolitics.comdorenelevy1@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe John A. Shetterlyhttps://lightonpolitics.comjshetterly@comcast.netunsubscribeI am receiving ore email than I can deal with.John A. Shetterlyhttps://lightonpolitics.comjshetterly@comcast.netunsubscribeI am receiving more email than I can deal with.John A. Shetterlyhttps://lightonpolitics.comjshetterly@comcast.netunsubscribeToo many email messagesMelinda Clintonhttps://lightonpolitics.comclincon@comcast.netUnsubscribeOver several months I have repeatedly unsubscribed but after a short break continue to receive these unwanted emails. Please stop sending them!William Andresenhttps://lightonpolitics.comwafountain@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meLynne Whalenhttps://lightonpolitics.comwhalynne@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from your email list for all emails. Thank you.Lynne Whalenhttps://lightonpolitics.comwhalynne@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all emails Walter Pintalhttps://lightonpolitics.comwpintal@comcast.netNot RelevantThe information you provide in your literature/emails is NOT relevant to me.Annahttps://lightonpolitics.comaclark@themoneytizer.usAdvertising proposal Hello the team of, I’m reaching out to you to find out if you could provide the contact details of the person responsible for managing advertising spaces on your website. I have a compelling advertising proposal that I believe may be of interest to you. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Best regards, Anna A Hokehttps://lightonpolitics.comahokejr@comcast.netUnsubscribeUnsubscribeSmetana Johnhttps://lightonpolitics.commojo11821@comcast.netJunk emails Take me off all of your lists I do not want to receive any more of your bullshit emails. Thank you!Smetana Johnhttps://lightonpolitics.commojo11821@comcast.netJunk emails Take me off all of your lists I do not want to receive any more of your bullshit emails. Thank you!Smetana Johnhttps://lightonpolitics.commojo11821@comcast.netJunk emails Take me off all of your lists I do not want to receive any more of your bullshit emails. Thank you!Smetana Johnhttps://lightonpolitics.commojo11821@comcast.netJunk emails Take me off all of your lists I do not want to receive any more of your bullshit emails. Thank you!Sandyhttps://lightonpolitics.comSRolnick@comcast.netemails I have requested multiple times to remove me from your list. Please stop sending me emails.Jorja Ketchamhttps://lightonpolitics.comjfketcham@comcast.netIncorrect picture in article “8 Worst Presidents”You show a picture of Benjamin Franklin instead of Franklin Pierce. Disappointing. jk Nicole Barneshttps://lightonpolitics.comnmjbarnes@comcast.netBad PresidentsOpen your eyes! The worst corrupt president is Biden! The one who is ruining America is Biden! Quit lying to us! Enough of the Russia propaganda! Enough of the corrupt justice system! Let's get the corrupt democrat politicians out! Enough of lying and sleazy Adam Schiff! Enough of machiavellian manoeuvres from Pelosi! Enough of the segregation pushed by the corrupt democratic party! Enough of the crime spree! Let's get back to the kind and prosperous US! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!Bob Wassomhttps://lightonpolitics.comBobwassom@comcast.netSTOP!This is harassment! Knock it off!Doyle Rodenbeckhttps://lightonpolitics.comdrodenbeck@comcast.netUnsubscribe, please!I’m not interested in what you’re saying.Karenhttps://lightonpolitics.combraunchd@comcast.netUnsubscribeUNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL FUTURE EMAILSKen Harrisonhttps://lightonpolitics.comkenlharrison@comcast.netStop the mailsFuck your mails I’m getting sick of them shithead. w hemovichhttps://lightonpolitics.comwhemovich@comcast.netunsubsrcibePlease unsubscribe me from all your emails.J Millerhttps://lightonpolitics.comjoeandmariemiller@comcast.netUnsubscribe Yes! Unsubscribe me from all mailings!Susan Coylehttps://lightonpolitics.comshcoyle@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meSteven Harperhttps://lightonpolitics.comstevenharper01@comcast.netUnsubscribeDon’t want to receive this trashSharon Coramhttps://lightonpolitics.comshacoram@comcast.netStill receiving email PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME TO ALL EMAIL Robert McClaranhttps://lightonpolitics.combobandpatmcclaran@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEFor the second time, UNSUBSCRIBE me NOW!Kathy Voithttps://lightonpolitics.comk_voit@comcast.netDiscontinue EmailsSTOP SENDING THESE Emails. NOW!!!Dhttps://lightonpolitics.comdtbschmidt@comcast.netremoveremoveBob https://lightonpolitics.combobmski@comcast.netEmailsStop these emails!Corinne Lacichhttps://lightonpolitics.comclacich1@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE MEI never requested your email and I don't want it,Denise E. Mennahttps://lightonpolitics.comdmenna1511@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe me from all emails. I never requested any of them.Annahttps://lightonpolitics.comanna3446@comcast.netAnna3446@comcast.netNot interested in any types of politics Ralphhttps://lightonpolitics.comminitruk@comcast.netUnsubscribe Never signed up or wanted your emailsdo not usehttps://lightonpolitics.comj.okrzesik@comcast.netall emails removedremove allBob Stephensonhttps://lightonpolitics.combobstephenson@comcast.netUnsubscribe Yes unsubscribe merena carrhttps://lightonpolitics.commacmae8@comcast.netEmailing I NEVER SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR EMAILS. 3RD TIME THIS WEEK ALONE UNSUBSCRIBING. THIS IS HARRASSMENTSuehttps://lightonpolitics.comcrfts4fun@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Take me off of everything LarryLesserhttps://lightonpolitics.comlessismor@comcast.netUnsubscribe MeUnsubscribe MeHoward Hullhttps://lightonpolitics.comhhullafu@yahoo.comYes Unsubscribe meYes Unsubscribe meLindahttps://lightonpolitics.comlinda_k_jenkins@yahoo.comReason to unsubscribe Article about “Michelle” who is really Micheal, absolutely ridiculous. john wallacehttps://lightonpolitics.comiamjohnwallace@yahoo.comreal or make believehas barack drank that glass of flint water yet ? just another corporate dem fraud ; and he could have been a contender. sad.Cheryl Dotyhttps://lightonpolitics.comcheryl_doty70@yahoo.comPraising of Michele ObamaI’m sorry but when you stoop so low as to highlight the wife of the worst President in history I call it quits. I never subscribed in the first place but I sure as hell am not gonna keep getting that drivel in my inbox. Cheryl Dotyhttps://lightonpolitics.comcheryl_doty70@yahoo.comPraising of Michele ObamaI’m sorry but when you stoop so low as to highlight the wife of the worst President in history I call it quits. I never subscribed in the first place but I sure as hell am not gonna keep getting that drivel in my inbox. Zephylia Nassarhttps://lightonpolitics.comthezenaagency@gmail.comPrincess Post my message. John M. Hejnoszhttps://lightonpolitics.com52john@comcast.netDemocrats Democrats are ruining this country. They are fascists.John Maillardhttps://lightonpolitics.comjmaillard1@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE Please unsubscribe me immediately. Thank you…..Richard Federhttps://lightonpolitics.comrfeder@comcast.netUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me ASAP!Bobhttps://lightonpolitics.combeerman2424@comcast.netN/AYour spam and even unsubscribing is to muchRubyhttps://lightonpolitics.comRuby1957@comcast.netUnsubsidized meUnsubsidized meEd Turnerhttps://lightonpolitics.comturnered@comcast.netResponseYour list is total BS when you don't have tRUMP first. 91 count indictment for attempting to overthrow the CONSTITUTION, a judge ruling he raped a woman, a judge finding trump guilty a financial fraud. I could go on and on, but already know of his crimes, don't you? But since you obviously think these crimes are witch hunt by virtue of your silence, you also don't believe in the very Constitution that protects your right of a free press. Keep supporting this want to be dictator and you may find yourself locked up because that very First Amendment will be suspended by the want to be dictator.Ella Bialekhttps://lightonpolitics.comrbialek1717@comcast.netNo more emailsToo much political bullshit! I am tired of hearing it! Email someone who fucking cares!Stephaniehttps://lightonpolitics.comstephyseuferling67@yahoo.comEnoughYou have inundated my email. Enough, I am tried of hundreds of irrelevant emails. Have a nice day, especially since these crazy emails will stop.Sarah Donovanhttps://lightonpolitics.comsarah012283@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe Patricia Pilgreenhttps://lightonpolitics.comp.pilgreen@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubsidized me from all your email lists. Thank you.Debbie DePoysterhttps://lightonpolitics.comdldepoyster@yahoo.comUnsubscribe pleaseUnsubscribe. Don Miller https://lightonpolitics.comdmillertha@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I don’t want to receive messages that I can’t tell who it’s from, including organizations that I basically support. Brian Prylonhttps://lightonpolitics.combprylon@yahoo.comyes, unsubscribe meyes, unsubscribe me.Judith Ann Hillehttps://lightonpolitics.comhille802@comcast.netdiscontinue emailsdiscontinue emails - don't wantRobin McCord https://lightonpolitics.comArtMomT@aim.comUnsubscribe I never signed up for these emails. Please take me off ALL email subscriptions associated with this site.Jeff Ahttps://lightonpolitics.commichigan11465@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEHello!! I amnrequesting that you unsunscribe me from all of your emails at this time. There are just too many emails. Thank you.timothy theriaulthttps://lightonpolitics.comtimtheriault4@yahoo.comToo liberal/leftwingI am a Christian conservative with no tolerance for any article/site/publication that praises/condones/lauds ANY liberal/leftwing ideologies. I have not turned my TV on for over three years because ALL of MSM is corrupt, biased and fake. After seeing the article in 'Light on Politics' where they extol the virtues of the purely evil criminal, HRC, I decided to purge my inbox of all of your filth-praising, trashy articles before you put out some fun-loving article about John Podesta or even Barrack Obama and his husband. Carl Ruggleshttps://lightonpolitics.comruggles.carl@yahoo.comunsubscribeunsubscribeJohn Ruckaufhttps://lightonpolitics.comjcruckauf@yahoo.comRemove me from your email list Please remove this email address from your account Framkhttps://lightonpolitics.commusicsoundguy@yahoo.comPlease unsubscribe me from ALL email lists.Good Morning, Please unsubscribe from ALL email lists, ALL newsletters and ALL corespondents. Thank you.Billhttps://lightonpolitics.comwlinstru@yahoo.comInscribe No moreSudiehttps://lightonpolitics.commbattaglia41@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeBonnie wolcotthttps://lightonpolitics.combonnie_wolcott@yahoo.comAll mail from youPlease unsubscribe me from allJeff Ahttps://lightonpolitics.commichigan11465@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEPlease UNSUBSCRIBE me from your emails. I do not wish to receive them. Thank you.Michele Osierhttps://lightonpolitics.comshellyo80@yahoo.comYou are a hate group!You’re a hate group! Shame on you! Biden doesn’t want to give immigrants social security. Immigrants get NO benefits but they do pay taxes on what they earn!Barbara Bischoffhttps://lightonpolitics.combscb27@gmail.comunsubscribe me from allplease unsubscribe me from all this mailJohn Fraserhttps://lightonpolitics.comjohnfraser98077@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe me. Jeff Ahttps://lightonpolitics.commichigan11465@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE MEP!ease UNSUBSCRIBE me from your emails. I do not wish to receive them. Thank you.Dianehttps://lightonpolitics.comdouglastallieu@yahoo.comToo many EMails.I receive way too many emails and don’t read or am interested in any of them. Please unsubscribe me.Dwight L Hallhttps://lightonpolitics.comlightningvett@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me from alllinda johnsonhttps://lightonpolitics.comlindaj1021@aol.comunsubscribeunsubscribe Walt Muellerhttps://lightonpolitics.combrdbreck@aol.comItemsLousy itemsRobin McCord https://lightonpolitics.comArtMomT@aim.comUnsubscribe I HAVE UNSUBSCRIBED MULTIPLE TIMES FROM ALL OF YOUR COMPANIES! YOU ARE SPAMMING MY EMAIL AND I AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANY OF THE COMPANIES YOU REPRESENT! TAKE MY ADDRESS OFF YOUR LIST IMMEDIATELY! ROBIN MCCORD triciahttps://lightonpolitics.comtkoulesser@yahoo.comunsubscribeplease remove me from ALL mailing lists.. I don't remember signing upLurleen https://lightonpolitics.comlurleengrant@yahoo.comBeing to pushesI didn't subscribe to any of the advertisements, you got them off the internet, this is an invasion of my province. Thank you Kayehttps://lightonpolitics.comkayeb62@yahoo.com8 Worst PresidentsYour article was full of b.s., and I don't appreciate your biased opinions. Just report facts, not opinions, and let your reader determine how they feel about it. Your website is crap!Cathyhttps://lightonpolitics.comgraylady1300@yahoo.comWhy I don't want your crapI don't want your crap. I didn't subscribe to it. I don't want to read it. I deeply resent having to waste my time deleting it. STOP SENDING ME YOUR CRAP!!!!!!Stuarthttps://lightonpolitics.comstumann_61@yahoo.comSpamI never signed up for anything how come i have to unsubscribe to 20 different sights Not to mention that your sites suck put the content on 1 page instead of ripping off your advertisers And based on your readers comments I don’t want to be associated with a bunch of fucking idiots Robert lehmannhttps://lightonpolitics.combtbandnl@yahoo.comUnsubscribeToo much emailJoanne Wolff https://lightonpolitics.comJwolff34@aol.comYou are foreign trollsYou reek of Putin stink and trump shit. Take your foreign trash and shove it up your collective asses, Comrade.Billy Belthttps://lightonpolitics.combpbelt@aol.comUnsubscribe Yes. Unsubscribe me from ALL NOTICES!John S Hozinezhttps://lightonpolitics.comivankuhoz@yahoo.comNo more emails.Please unsubscribe me. Thank you.Mhttps://lightonpolitics.commlester913@yahoo.comRemove me from this bias rag!I have never read such bias garbage! Here’s a novel idea… why don’t you investigate the truth and use actual facts the way “journalists” used to do! But there are no “journalists” left today, only shills for our corrupt government! You should be ashamed! No thank you. Kindly remove me from your list and NEVER use my email to send anything to me again. Nancy Woodhttps://lightonpolitics.comnwoodfl@aol.comImproving your siteYou need to honor the request of unsubscribing to yours and other sites associated with your site. You are only creating angry, uninterested, and wanting nothing to do with any of the information you seem desperate to get out to potential voters. Your email and site is responsible for this negativity.